A strategy is the force that drives visions into reality. Out-of-the-box thinkers of Apple and Microsoft have added another facet to it. A strategy according to them is knowing well in advance what needs to be AVOIDED to arrive at your destination. Naturally, this intuitive extrapolation calls for judicious utilization of resources as teams resolve to achieve major and minor organization goals. 



However, strategy alone cannot drive organizations to success. It takes an elaborate strategic plan that lays down clear goals, defines roadmaps, allocates efficient and dedicated professionals with responsibilities, and has a review system at intervals to keep operations in check. Thus, maintaining timelines of activities, matching experts to their responsibilities, establishing, revising, and pursuing growth-propelling objectives will be crucial. 


Having a strategic planning chart that can be put up for display, shared with relevant team members or pinned to the meeting board and desks will do the job of keeping teams focused. Members will have an exact sense of direction about where they are and where they need to go while being accountable to their respective duties. Our 100% editable strategic planning chart templates will save you time and effort in this. With these completely customizable presentation templates, leaders can become better planners and vigilantes of their teams while members will experience autonomy in navigating the project process to completion. 


Download the best of strategic planning templates presented in this blog that comprise Gantt Charts and flowcharts to simplify the process and make the plan easy to comprehend. 


Template 1: Strategic Planning Complete Deck


Invest in this 59-slide strategic planning presentation and craft a well-planned toolkit to propel your organization toward growth and success. Delve into the intricacies of all that goes into strategic planning as you analyze your business from PEST, SWOT, and value chain analysis. Apply a seven step strategic analysis framework to incorporate plan, do, act, and check in achieving perfection. Finally, after thorough analysis, create a business model that empowers you to think and act strategically. Download this compressive set of presentation templates now! 


Strategic Planning Complete Deck


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Template 2: Strategic Planning Process Flowchart With Key Techniques


To implement strategic planning, you must answer three questions: where you are, where you want to be, and how you get there. This PPT Template will help you answer these questions. For each of these three questions, share answers in terms of brand position and perception. Finally, to transition into the best state of your business, suggest well-researched techniques and actions as shown in this well-described, fully editable strategic planning template. Download now. 


Strategic Planning Process Flowchart With Key Techniques



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Template 3: Strategic Business Plan Flow Chart With Key Goals


Use this ready-made and fully customizable strategic business. Plan flowchart templates to understand the different pillars of your brand that need to be planned. Popular aspects requiring strategic evaluation are marketing, goals, business SWOT, documentation and USPs, and organization teams. Further, elaborate on these prominent business areas as you aim for calculated growth and improvement in each domain. For instance, under marketing, you can focus on target customers, exiting users, new users, etc. Similarly under documentations, you can evaluate the company's executive summaries, review the project management tools, etc. 


Strategic Business Plan Flow Chart With Key Goals


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Template 4: Three Levels Strategic Planning and Customer Service Software Org Chart


While planning and executing an effective strategy for software development, division of roles and responsibilities among teams is a crucial aspect. Execute this task with this well-explained three level strategic planning organization chart. Specify the hierarchy and flow of responsibilities with this organization chart template. At the top will be the duo of Board of Directors and President,watching over the sub-departments and their executives. Mention the precise roles of each profile and align their position with respect to execution of a strategic plan. Download now. 


Three Levels Strategic Planning and Customer Service Software Org Chart


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Template 5: Strategic Plan Phases With Mission and Vision


Invest in our strategic planning template to create a one-piece guide for your team. Point out the vision and mission of the newest strategy and highlight the other aspects of this undertaking. These include target customers, market needs, Communication challenges and strategic goals. With this one-page PPT Design, you can also list your priorities and targets for a particular financial year. Specify the estimated time and budget of executing this full-fledged strategy just as you wrap up this strategy planning sheet. Download now. 


Strategic Plan Phases With Mission and Vision


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Template 6: Project Timeline for Strategic Planning Ft. Gantt Chart


After designing a strategy, it's important to keep track of its runaway so that there is calculated consumption of resources. With this PPT Layout, monitor all the operational projects over time and their span. This Gantt Chart representation can also act as a reference for future projects especially when re-defining their efficiency and time consumption. Meanwhile, you can tally the course of projects annuals as well as quarterly with this PPT Design. Download now. 


Project Timeline for Strategic Planning Ft. Gantt Chart


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Template 7: Hoshin Kanri Bowling Strategic Planning Chart


Adopt this Hoshin Kanri Bowling Chart to analyze your projects and organizational work. Bowling chart aspect will be used to track the KPIs of your project or work activities and the Hoshin Kanri Method will help you set short and long term goals while you measure progress to reiterate the pre-established steps. Use this PPT Design to define mission, and vision, alongside annual objectives. Finally, anticipate potential roadblocks and apply this chart to different management levels of your organization. Download now.


Hoshin Kanri Bowling Strategic Planning Chart


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Template 8: Gantt Chart For Strategic Planning Proposal One Pager Sample Example Document


Here's a practical PPT Layout that will come in handy while working on strategic planning. Use this Gantt Chart representation to monitor primary tasks and track their progress over the course of months. Use 1-29 code for weeks of the year to further track the weekly progress of your activities. With the editable nature of this presentation template, depict the span of each strategic planning activity with a color-coded scheme. Download now! 


Gantt Chart For Strategic Planning Proposal One Pager Sample Example Document


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In conclusion, as Steve Jobs quotes, "Manage the top line, your strategy, your people, and your products, and the bottom line will follow.” Invest in our strategic planning chart templates today and direct the process of how success should greet your path. 


PS Apply dedicated templates featuring in this blog on lean processes to create efficiency in manufacturing and production operation of your business.