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Top 11 Fundraising Templates to Get Your Venture Off the Ground

Top 11 Fundraising Templates to Get Your Venture Off the Ground

Smriti Srivastava

Smriti Srivastava

October 13 2021

While surfing through social media, I stumbled upon the most positive post, which read, “Airport pianist got more than $60,000 after a passenger waiting for his flight called on his Instagram followers to support the musician.”


If only fundraising for your startup was that easy. Instead, it has to go through the following stages to even get off the ground:


  1. Idea generation
  2. Co-founder stage
  3. Family/friends
  4. Seed round
  5. Series A
  6. IPO


And if your objective is to raise funds for taking your existing business to the next level, the road is equally challenging.


Research shows that only 25% of startups actually get ‘venture-funded.’ You need to prove your worth to fit in ‘the’ percentage. Therefore, in this blog, we take you through the 11 best PowerPoint templates that are sure to kick start your venture.


Templates for your fundraising pitch


Fundraising is no less than entering a warzone. You must bag the best partner or investor who truly believes in your idea as much as you do, especially in the early stages. Only with a captivating presentation can you achieve this goal. You can impress your audience with the solutions you hope to provide in your niche through a perfect presentation. And our templates let you tailor your pitch according to the investor. Let’s explore them now!

Template 1

Pitch your business idea to gain financial contributions in an attractive and informative way with the help of this 43-slide complete deck. This PowerPoint deck will help you build strategic partnerships for capital investment and funding effortlessly.


Business Fundraising PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Download now!

Template 2

Present your startup idea in a visually compelling manner with our impressive 41-slide PowerPoint deck. Pick this all-inclusive PPT template to highlight the business problem and the solution you bring clearly and concisely.


Start Up Fundraising PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Download now!

Template 3

Our completely customizable PowerPoint deck gives you the opportunity to create your unique fundraising process and benefit abundantly. You can access the entire PPT deck in various formats like JPG, PDF, or PNG. So go ahead and download the template now!


Fundraising Process PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Download now!

Template 4

Seeking and gathering funding can be really challenging. You need to put your business objectives in a way that stands out. Therefore, employ this 46-slide PowerPoint deck designed explicitly to engage your potential investors.


Capital Fundraising From Banking Institutions PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Download now!

Template 5

Take advantage of our thoroughly researched PowerPoint template to entice investors and raise funds. Display future goals and objectives of your business innovatively through this attention-grabbing PPT template. Click the download link now!


Business Plan For Fundraising PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Download now!

Template 6

Go through each and every method of fundraising to make smart decisions by employing this content-driven PowerPoint template. Additionally, this adaptable template lets you edit pr add any information effortlessly. So go ahead and grab the template now!


Fundraising Methods For Organizational Cash In Flow PowerPoint Slides


Download now!

Template 7

Prepare a list of all the ideas for your fundraising initiative using this color-coded and organized PowerPoint template. This eye-catching template is equipped to give your proposal the required appeal. Without further ado, click the download link!


List Of Ideas For Fundraising PowerPoint Infographic Templates


Download now!

Template 8

Create a six-months roadmap to achieve your fundraising goals on time with the assistance of this PowerPoint template. Our readily available template will help you cover all the bases, such as setting up, promoting, reminding, inspiring, thanking, and engaging. Download the template now!


Non Profit Organization Fund Raising Program Six Months Roadmap PowerPoint Slides


Download now!

Template 9

This is another expertly designed template that lets you explore the wide range of methods for fundraising without any hassle. Deploy this template to plan your course of action for gaining investors easily and efficiently. Download this template in just a few steps by clicking on the link below!


Methods Of Fund Raising PPT Images


Download now!

Template 10

Fundraising has become easy with our ready-to-use PowerPoint slides that allow you to persuade prospective investors efficiently. You can present each and every aspect of your company in an organized format with this 40-slide complete deck.


Company Fundraising PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Download now!

Template 11

Elaborate on the six main principles of fundraising, including reciprocation, commitment, authority, liking, scarcity, and consensus, by utilizing this PowerPoint template. This template will help you achieve maximum investors by illustrating your ideas creatively.


6 Principle Influencers For Fund Raising In Business PowerPoint Slides


Download now!


Bonus fundraising ideas:


  • Document every aspect of your proposed business clearly in these templates.
  • Templatize calculations until the cost of a pencil, so your investors know the reason behind the number of funds asked.
  • Lastly, be confident with your pitch!


P.S: Crowdfunding is emerging as the most prominent source of fundraising, especially for big amounts. So check out our crowdfunding templates to plan your moves wisely. Click here!

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