You as a service design company work toward improving the quality of the products and interaction between the clients and its customers. You operate to make changes to the existing service or creating a new service from scratch. You understand the needs of the customers, clients and their competences to provide the best services.


However, knowing just this is not enough for a client. You need more to prove your worth. You are one among many service design companies who want to win over this client. With a content-ready presentation service design proposal, you can ace the game. Get ahead of your game using ready-to-use service design proposal PowerPoint templates.


We have covered all the essential slides for you to add in your proposal to showcase your work, experience, services, case study, and more to give clarity about your work to the client. Present your professionally designed presentation service design proposal with confidence and determination.


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Top Presentation Design Service PowerPoint Templates:


  • Cover Letter for Presentation Design Service Proposal:

The Cover Letter

Begin your proposal with a cover letter which is basically an introduction to your company. State how your company is going to ease the work for your client. Mention your specialty and forte to showcase that you are the best choice to pick among others. Your cover letter should be short and brief, but it should be gripping at the same time.


  •  Project Context Presentation Design Service Proposal:

Project Context

Discuss the needs of your client. Jot down their requirements and concerns for a better understanding. As a presentation service design company, they might want to hire you for advertising their products, branding, promoting, etc. Once their problems are clearly understood then showcase the proposed solutions. Solutions that meet their requirements and solve the issue. We have shown some of the problems and solutions in context with the service design project. You can tweak the content and make changes to the slide.


  • Our Services and Offerings for Presentation Design Service Proposal:

The Services

Use this slide to showcase the offerings you should provide to overcome the problems of your clients. If they want to get some even promoted, then flyers are the best option. If they want to advertise their brand, outdoor hoarding is effective. Mention the services in detail such as why they need them and how they will help your clients. This slide already covers some of the services. You can change it as per your requirements.


  • Our Packages for Presentation Design Service Proposal:

The Packages

Mention different pricing packages that you have to offer so that the client can decide whether they want to hire you part-time or full-time. Showcase various pricing models with tasks and the cost of each model.


  • Your Investment for Presentation Design Service Proposal:

The Investment

Once the selection of the pricing package is done, you can discuss the investment of your client in the project. Mention the tasks that you will be responsible for with their cost. Not just this, add additional costs if there are any. Add terms and conditions as well. Finally, quote the final amount to your client. We have given an overview of how you can showcase the investment. Change and add the content as per your discussion with the client.


  • Project Schedule for Presentation Service Design Proposal:

Project Schedule

This slide outlines the steps involved in the project execution. Discuss the steps, stages or phases that a project has to go through to be successful. Mention each phase along with the tasks that need to be executed. For instance, we have added some of the steps which you can alter as per the project need.


  • Project Timeline for Presentation Design Service Proposal:

Project Timeline

Set a timeline for each step involved in the project. The project timeline lets you organize your steps, keeps you on track and has everyone informed and aligned at every step of the project. Let your client know by when they should expect the project completion using the project timeline slide.


  • About Us:

About Us

Take a few minutes to give the background of your company to your clients. Your proposal must have a few slides showcasing your work and experience in the industry. Introduce yourself using this slide. Talk about the history of your slide. When was it founded and how it started? Give a brief about your company goals, values, and mission. Talking about your company may increase the client’s trust in you.


  • Case Study for Presentation Design Service Proposal:

Case Study

Showcase some of the work that you had done earlier. Present your various design services projects such as brochure designing, flyers, presentations, card logo designing, and more. Mention your client’s name, project timeline, budget, workforce involved, etc.


  • Our Team:

The Team

Take pride in introducing your team. Mention their responsibilities, highlight some of their prominent projects and flaunt their achievements.


  • Client Testimonials:

Client Testimonial

Let your client know that you are the best choice among your competitors when it comes to design services in the market. Showcase some of your client testimonials with client and company name. Give their designations and work experience. Client testimonials are a great way to attract more clients. You must add client testimonials in your slide.


  • Next Step for Presentation Design Service Proposal:

Next Step

Once everything is settled and your client is satisfied with your proposal, take it to the next level by bringing up the contract. The contract must be signed by both parties to initiate the project.


  • Terms and Contract of Payment:

Terms and Condition

Your contract should cover points such as service and payment, terms of contract termination, notice and renewal, etc. We have added some of the major contract terms and conditions. You can change them as per your convenience.


This ends your proposal. This proposal has all the essential slides which you need as a service design company to present to your client. However, you might have to change the content as per your needs.


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