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Top 10 Issue Tracker Templates for Quick Rectification

Top 10 Issue Tracker Templates for Quick Rectification

Deepika Dhaka

Deepika Dhaka

June 24 2022

Leaders in every sphere know it in their bones that there is always a high probability of a low probability event spoiling their chances of success. Their response to this truism is to work extra hard and double-check their preparation.


The same kind of attitude holds true for a project life cycle that you are commandeering in some way or the other. You cannot have your clients baffled and angry if you want to maintain their trust in your company.




How can you prepare to resolve these issues in a prompt and effective way?


The ultimate solution is to deploy an issue tracker for a quick resolution of problems and errors. This is a systematic way to win over the law of probability and emerge as a winner against the vagaries of luck and time.


Why use an Issue Tracker?


An issue tracker helps you capture details and the status of each problem and also lets you pinpoint individuals responsible for resolving the issue. When you add this tracker to your company’s issues management framework, you get a comprehensive plan to deal with pain points plaguing your project. This organized approach to managing problems provides valuable insights that can help refine and improve current and future project development and implementation.


The issue tracker can address concerns on material shortages, technical issues, scheduling conflicts, customer complaints, and other challenges that come to the fore during product development.


Benefits of Tracking Issues


  • Improves communication between team members
  • Makes it simpler to assign tasks and create accountability
  • Encourages teamwork and collaboration
  • Develops a proactive approach to problem-solving
  • Improves record-keeping
  • Saves time and improves productivity
  • Improves the overall project quality


If you are wondering how to create a convenient issue tracker for your business, SlideTeam has a solution at hand.


We present an exclusive collection of Issue Tracker templates to assist you. These are the finest and the latest templates on Issue Tracking and are not available anywhere, even in the online world.


Let’s go exploring!


Template 1: Project Issue Tracker


Presenting a consolidated issue tracker template that allows you to rectify the bug in your software project. It lets you describe and categorize the error and determine the status, due date, and the assigned individual on the same sheet. Grab this PowerPoint slide today for effective team coordination.


Project Issue Tracker


Download this template


Template 2: Issue Tracker Chart


If you are struggling to keep a record of issues and monitor progress towards resolution, here’s a unique PPT framework to assist you. This design is suitable for a website development project and helps in resolving bugs before its launch. The pie charts make this layout easy to understand for your team. In this document, you can assign tasks to employees depending upon the urgency of action needed for resolution. Your download right now is also urgent and important.


Issue Tracker Chart


Download this template


Template 3: Issue Tracking Sheet with Summary and Business Impact


Here’s an extensive PowerPoint framework for creating an Issue Tracker that elaborates on manufacturing and delivery problems and their impact on business. Besides the standard information, you can also add a summary of concerns in this slide. Grab it today to collaborate with your team and fix the issues at the earliest.


Issue Tracking Sheet with Summary and Business Impact 

Download this template


Template 4: Project Issue Tracker


This is a standard template for Issue Tracking of any venture. Be it operations, logistics, IT, marketing, etc.; this design is fit for all departments. You can add multiple points to it and share them with relevant team members to maintain transparency and avoid confusion. Download it now to streamline the process of Issue Tracking.


Project Issue Tracker..


Download this template


Template 5: Issue Tracker Chart with Module Impacted and Severity


This PPT table will suffice if you look for a simple solution to settle e-commerce website backend problems. It allows you to highlight website-related bugs and the modules it impacts. You can track issues like slow loading website pages, payment API crashes, wrong product uploads, and many more. Get it now for easy optimization of your website.


Issue Tracker Chart with Module Impacted and Severity


Download this template


Template 6: Project Issue Log


If you want to consolidate issues department-wise, this PowerPoint template meets this need to the T. It lets you mention the cases, the department, priority, initiator, open and closed date, and descriptions. You can add issues from different departments, giving you a clearer picture of resolution time, and the total number of problems the business faces. Download it now!


Project Issue Log


Download this template


Template 7: System Issue Tracker Sheet for Transition Project


Is your organization ready for the transition? Ensure you have an Issue Tracker with you beforehand because many challenges and problems will emerge in this phase. Using this handy template, you can prepare your team to report and resolve errors with speed, and focus on the implementation of the new system. This design assigns colors to the severity and priority level, making it easy for employees to recall details.


System Issue Tracker Sheet for Transition Project


Download this template


Template 8: Issue Tracker Dashboard


This Issue Tracking template is a perfect fit for project managers who want a detailed, all-in-one tracking system. It offers a dashboard view, so you can keep tabs on the information, see the big picture, and make informed decisions. The dashboard includes daily, weekly, and monthly data with severity and priority levels. Isn’t it convenient? Pick it up now.


Issue Tracker Dashboard


Download this template


Template 9: Project Issue Tracker with Resolution Date


Employ this Issue Tracker in your project to locate the problem that has persisted for a long. Find out how and why it has not been resolved, and just get it done. This design is informative and innovative at the same time. It also includes a sticky note to mention critical points and an additional column to spell out the escalation options, if need be. Get it now!


Project Issue Tracker with Resolution Date


Download this template


Template 10: Systemic Issue Tracker Sheet


Coordinate with your team and maintain transparency in your process for easy response to problem areas. This Issue Tracker template is easy to use and update. You can use it for software projects and ensure that they are bug-free in a short time. It is appropriate for all types of issues. Download it now!


System Issue Tracker Sheet


Download this template


Project Managers ensure that their projects are completed on time and within budget. It is a challenging job because problems are expected, even inevitable. Complete documentation of issues is critical to mitigate risks on current projects and prevent similar issues on future projects.


Now that you know how the Issue Tracker template can help, it’s time to bring your knowledge into practice. Download the most appropriate PPT slides today and customize them as needed.


If you find this information useful, please let us know in the comment section below. Contact our Custom Design Services Team here to obtain a bespoke Issue Tracker for your projects.


P.S: If you want to develop a Requirements Traceability Matrix for your upcoming projects, here’s a handy guide with stunning templates.



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