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Top 10 Training Matrix Templates to Deliver Valuable Learning

Top 10 Training Matrix Templates to Deliver Valuable Learning

Deepika Dhaka

Deepika Dhaka

June 11 2022

In the highly competitive world of today, organizations spend a lot of money to train their employees. With benefits such as improved employee engagement, productivity, and retention, training is a priority need for all organizations. It plays a valuable role in driving businesses forward.


Yet, most corporate training programs fail to achieve their goals.


A Harvard Business School study found that only 10% of training programs deliver results. Therefore, every nine of 10 programs are a waste of resources. Why?


The answer is that the training given wasn’t mapped properly, either to employee needs or roles. Misunderstanding the trainee’s needs and delivering inapplicable learning is another cause of the ineffectiveness of training programs.


As a result, employees don’t participate, with the common lament that the training is useless for them. All of this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan training programs. Enhancing employees’ skills is essential to help your business gain a competitive advantage. The key step is to analyze your competencies and organize training programs for the right employees at the right time.


This is where the concept of the training matrix comes into the picture.


What is a Training Matrix?


A training matrix helps organize and track the training needs of employees with specific skill sets and job roles. It is often multi-dimensional, meaning that sometimes you’ll want a grid to show which job roles need which training; then the grid should also be able to answer which employee needs which training.


Benefits of Using a Training Matrix


  • Storing training records in one place
  • Easy tracking of employee training
  • Saves time and effort for managers
  • Streamlines learning and development process
  • Automation of training

Creating a training matrix can be tedious and daunting, especially when there are too many dimensions to cover. That is why we present an exclusive collection of training matrix templates to assist you in developing practical and valuable training programs to upskill your staff. All these PowerPoint templates are easy to edit, and you can customize them as per your needs.


Let’s enter the world of training templates.


Template 1: Safety Training Matrix


Presenting a 12-slide PowerPoint presentation for the safety training matrix. It covers essential health and safety training aspects for chemical industry employees, such as hazard and risk assessment. With the help of these content-ready matrices, you can build a strong and informed workforce. Download it now!


Safety Training Matrix


Download this presentation


Template 2: Training Matrix


Here’s a training matrix template suitable for all departments of the organization. It provides department-wise training status, schedule, skills evaluation, proficiency, etc to maintain an effective training process This comprehensive plan entails nine informative PPT slides. Grab it now!


Training Matrix


Download this presentation


Template 3: Cross Skilling Training Matrix


This simple training matrix template helps to analyze employees' basic, advanced, and required skills. It allows you to evaluate many employees on one page. In this PPT design, you can assign different colors to competency levels for an easy-to-understand insight. Get it now to encourage your staff to attend the learning & development sessions.


Cross Skilling Training Matrix


Download this template


Template 4: Skills and Responsibilities Training Matrix


This PPT design is ideal if you want to cross-skill your employees to ensure they have a well-rounded understanding of all your departments. It assists you in analyzing the training needed for a specific essential skill, and the level of employee proficiency for the needed task. It assigns five levels: untrained, in-training, trained, seasoned, or a trainer. You may plan future sessions with these levels in your mind. Download this classic way of maintaining a training matrix.


Skills and Responsibilities Training Matrix


Download this template


Template 5: Health and Safety Training Matrix


This advanced health and safety training matrix template help you assess everyone from top management to lower-level employees. Using this PPT graphic, you can design a fool-proof plan and educate your staff about all kinds of technical and manual handling. This way your staff can avoid any risk from hazardous material and equipment used in your manufacturing business. Download this template now!


Health and Safety Training Matrix


Download this template


Template 6: Employee Skill Matrix for Training Program


Presenting another well-structured training matrix template to check the skill competencies of employees. With this PPT chart, you can plan training courses and sessions about machine and equipment operations, supply chain management, raw material management, etc. This design allows you to assign colors to different values for easy identification. Get it now.


Employee Skill Matrix for Training Program


Download this template


Template 7: Security Training Programs


Here’s a training matrix for deciding programs you need to deliver to select employees. It outlines the requirements of a security training program, target audience, content source, and metrics. This PPT slide includes a tabular format to present information at a glance. Isn’t it convenient to use? Download now!


Security Training Programs


Download this template


Template 8: Software Development Training Matrix


If you want to enhance the skills of your software development professionals, consider using this accessible training matrix template. It includes columns for skills required, duration of training sessions, required and current skill level, and action to be taken. It divides proficiency levels as expert, practitioner, and novice, and you can denote these levels with the help of colors for easy understanding. Get it now!


Software Development Training Matrix


Download this template


Template 9: Cross Skill Matrix for Training


Introducing another handy skill matrix template for training that includes all ingredients of a successful learning program. It works as a systemized tool that streamlines learning and development. It has space to mention a job role, competency level, percentage of mastery, and risk score. Download this PPT slide to build a competitive team for your next project.


Cross Skill Matrix for Training


Download this template


Template 10: Skill Management and Training Matrix


Here’s a unique PowerPoint slide that functions as a framework for the skills and training matrix. It considers diary management, stationery ordering, minute taking, monthly work reports, and data privacy concerns as new learning opportunities. It defines employees’ competency level as: Does not require; no skills in this area; currently being trained, and competent trainer. Get your hand on this skills matrix now!


Skill Management and Training Matrix


Download this template


Training matrices are essential tools for any company that has data as one of its key drivers. that is driven by data,  and project management team leaders. If planned and designed well, they can train your teams in the skill sets required for today’s business. These qualified and skilled teams can then complete projects in a cost-effective manner.


Now that you know training matrix templates provide such wonderful upskilling assistance, download the most suitable PowerPoint template for your business right away.


Contact our design services team today if you want a customized training or skills matrix template for your specific business needs.

P.S: If you want your employees to hold good key learnings, here’s a handy guide with stunning templates.



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