The "swoosh" logo, one of the most iconic brand symbols in the world, representing the most valuable brand among sports businesses with a revenue of $46,710 million in 2022, had a humble yet compelling beginning. Designed by graphic designer Carolyn Davidson, a student, in 1971, the swoosh represents the wing of the Greek goddess Nike, who personified victory. Funnily enough, she was paid $35 for her work. 


Over the years, the swoosh has seen subtle refinements, but its essence has remained unchanged. It has graced the uniforms and products of countless athletes and sports enthusiasts, becoming synonymous with the pursuit of greatness.


Brand Identity: More Than Meets the Eye


Nike's swoosh became a symbol of excellence, motivating athletes and consumers alike and contributing to the company's remarkable financial success, underscoring the immense importance of a well-crafted brand identity for businesses. 


Brand identity is the visual and emotional embodiment of a company's values, personality, and promise to its audience. It includes elements that create a distinct and recognizable image for the brand — logos, color palettes, typography, design styles, and even the tone of communication. For businesses, cultivating a strong brand identity is essential. It acts as the face of the company, helping it stand out in a crowded marketplace, build trust with customers, and drive brand loyalty.


Businesses and Designers

A strong brand identity is more than a luxury; it's a strategic necessity for businesses. Companies are placing an ever-increasing emphasis on creating and maintaining a compelling brand identity in today's competitive landscape.


As businesses prioritize their brand identities, there's a growing demand for skilled designers and design firms who can craft and rejuvenate these identities. This trend opens up opportunities for designers and design firms to showcase their expertise, creativity, and strategic thinking. By partnering with businesses looking to establish a strong brand presence, designers and design firms play a pivotal role in shaping the visual landscapes of industries across the board.


To leverage these opportunities, designers and design firms can use the most effective tool to form a partnership — a proposal or, here, a brand identity proposal.


A brand identity proposal is a structured and persuasive document that outlines a designer's vision, strategy, and creative concepts for a client's brand identity. These proposals demonstrate a clear understanding of the client's objectives and showcase the unique value the designer or firm brings to the table.


Brand Identity Proposal Templates


The brand identity proposal acts as a visual and conceptual blueprint, instilling confidence in potential clients by showcasing how their brand can come to life. Our brand identity proposal templates are the perfect tool to streamline client pitches and win more projects. These content-ready PPT Slides are designed to provide a much-needed structure that makes it easy for you to convey your creative ideas and strategic thinking to potential clients. The 100% customizable nature of these PowerPoint Layouts gives you the desired flexibility to edit your brand identity proposal as per client requirements and present it to impress.


Let's explore these must-have brand identity proposal templates now!



Brand Identity Proposal Templates Bundle


Download this complete brand identity design proposal templates bundle


1. Cover Letter for Brand Identity Proposal PPT

Including a cover letter in your brand identity design proposal offers a personalized introduction to your potential client and helps you create an excellent first impression. Use this well-crafted cover letter PPT layout to send a warm greeting with a brief but impactful overview of your brand identity proposal's key points. Use this template to demonstrate your understanding of the client's needs and objectives, along with a compelling call to action. It will help you set the tone for your proposal, establishing a connection and conveying your enthusiasm for the project. The cover letter slide will ensure your initial communication is professional, engaging, and aligned with your proposal's objectives. Download it now!


Cover Letter for Brand Identity Proposal PPT


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2. Project Context And Objectives for Brand Identity Proposal Presentation

This PPT Design plays a pivotal role in conveying the essence of your brand identity proposal to the clients in an effective way. It comprises two distinct sections, each serving a crucial purpose. In the project context section, you can provide a comprehensive overview of the project's background and context. It allows you to set the stage, helping your client understand the unique circumstances, challenges, and opportunities that have led to the need for a brand identity. The project objectives section articulates the clear, measurable, and attainable objectives you aim to achieve through your brand identity design. It provides a roadmap for you and the client, outlining what success will look like once the project is completed. This versatile PowerPoint Layout can help graphic designers, branding agencies, and creative professionals streamline stating project context and objectives, ensuring brand identity project proposals are well-informed and goal-oriented.


Project Context And Objectives for Brand Identity Proposal Presentation


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3. Plan of Action for Brand Identity Proposal PowerPoint Presentation

Including a detailed plan of action in your brand identity proposal demonstrates professionalism, clarity, and commitment to your client. This presentation design provides a clear roadmap for the brand identity design project, ensuring you and your client are aligned. It highlights four stages, starting with Discussion, where goal-setting and key points are addressed. The next stages in shows are sketching and refining for concept development and iterations, a review that emphasizes client involvement and feedback, and sign-off indicating project completion. Our plan of action template also includes durations for each phase, helping to manage expectations and timelines. This template, with the in-built Scope of Work and Project Timeline Slides, offers a holistic view of the project's trajectory. Get it now!


Plan of Action for Brand Identity Proposal PowerPoint Presentation


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4. Additional Service Offerings for Brand Identity Design Proposal

Additional services shown by graphic designers, branding agencies, and creative professionals in their proposals are the difference between a selected and a rejected proposal as per client needs. These services are strategic offerings to get competitive advantages and give clients one more reason to choose you. This PPT Slide presents a compelling array of supplementary services, including brochure design, product photography, animated design, and poster design, available to clients at reduced or complimentary rates when collaborating on a brand identity proposal. It empowers presenters to enrich their proposals with attractive incentives and communicate the added value clients can enjoy by choosing their services. By leveraging this PowerPoint Layout, designers can enhance the appeal of their brand identity proposals, fostering client engagement and securing more projects. Download it now!


Additional Service Offerings for Brand Identity Design Proposal


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5. Client Investment Estimate for Brand Identity Proposal Presentation

This PPT Template itemizes expenses and pricing for each project stage. It provides clients with a transparent breakdown of the financial investment required for their brand identity design project, with tax considerations. The investment section of this presentation has two additional templates. One outlines activities, durations, and detailed costs for each project stage, offering a comprehensive financial estimate, and another presents pricing for additional services in conjunction with brand identity design. These PowerPoint Designs empower presenters to convey financial aspects enabling clients to make informed decisions and reinforcing trust in the financial transparency that the firm maintains. Get it now!


Client Investment Estimate for Brand Identity Proposal Presentation


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6. Why Choose Us Template for Brand Identity Proposal PPT

This presentation layout allows graphic designers, branding agencies, and creative professionals to distinguish their services from others. It offers a structured space to communicate a robust brand strategy tailored to client needs, emphasizing components that will drive success. The PowerPoint Slide provides a platform to showcase the design firm's expertise, strengths, and unique value propositions that it can integrate into clients' businesses. Our presentation also includes "About Us" and "Team Introduction" templates that, along with this slide, form a company overview section. It empowers presenters to convey their strategic prowess and share more profound insights into their business and the skilled team behind their brand identity services. Designers can use this to craft a compelling narrative, fostering client trust and making a persuasive case for why they are the ideal choice for brand identity projects. Grab it today!


Why Choose Us Template for Brand Identity Proposal PPT


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7. Case Study Template for Brand Identity Proposal Presentation

Branding agencies and creative professionals can substantiate their expertise through real-world examples using this PowerPoint Layout. It simplifies the creation of compelling case studies by offering a structured approach divided into three easy-to-understand sections. You can outline the client's challenges, detail the innovative solutions and strategies implemented to address those challenges, and, finally, showcase the tangible results achieved. Our PPT Design has space for client testimonials or comments, complete with the client's/business name, confirming consent for information sharing and enhancing the credibility of the case study. The case study template and client testimonial designs allow designers to showcase their track record of success, providing clients with concrete evidence of their capabilities and strengthening their proposals. Download it now!


Case Study Template for Brand Identity Proposal Presentation


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8. Statement of Work And Contract In A Brand Identity Design Project

The statement of work and contract is a pivotal component of a brand identity proposal, underscoring the importance of clarity and professionalism in business agreements. This PPT Slide provides a comprehensive framework for structuring the key aspects of a brand identity project proposal. At the outset, it features a concise statement of work summarizing details such as firm and client names, location, date of acceptance, and estimated cost, ensuring immediate clarity. The contract is then divided into six well-thought-out and digestible sections, including services rendered, cooperation, payment terms, cancellation policy, confidentiality, and terms of termination. Designers can streamline the contract creation process, making it accessible and understandable for clients and fostering trust with this PowerPoint Template. Get it now!


Statement of Work And Contract In A Brand Identity Design Project


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9. Next Steps And CTA In A Brand Identity Proposal Presentation

This Next Steps template in a brand identity proposal is a catalyst for advancing the deal and a compelling call to action (CTA). It facilitates the progression of the proposal process with a clear and persuasive approach. You can present a well-defined pathway for clients, starting with a request to review the contract and a commitment to transparent collaboration. The PPT Layout outlines the subsequent steps, including discussions for proposal modifications, proposal acceptance, contract signing, and initial payment submission. Clients can personalize the template by adding their signatories and contact information, signifying their interest in moving forward with the submitted brand identity proposal. This PowerPoint Design allows branding firms to guide clients through the next stages of the project, ensuring clarity and aligning both parties for a successful collaboration. Grab it today!


Next Steps And CTA In A Brand Identity Proposal Presentation


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10. Contact Us Template In A Brand Identity Proposal Presentation

Proposal submitters should create a vital communication bridge to enhance accessibility and facilitate seamless interaction with potential clients. This Contact Us PPT Slide is designed and included in the presentation with the same thought. It provides a spacious, organized layout for sharing essential contact details, including phone numbers, email addresses, and office locations. Tailored for presenters and clients, it ensures easy reachability and fosters prompt responses to the submitted brand identity proposal. Designers can use this presentation template to establish a direct line of communication, allowing clients to initiate discussions, seek clarifications, or express acceptance with ease. It serves as a user-friendly resource that promotes transparency and strengthens client relationships, contributing to the success of brand identity projects. Download it now!


Contact Us Template In A Brand Identity Proposal Presentation


Download this template


Exceptional Brands Identities!


With a well-crafted brand identity proposal, designers and design firms can secure more business and foster stronger client relationships, setting the stage for successful collaborations that elevate brands to new heights. Our brand identity proposal templates give designers a structured canvas to paint their creative vision and strategic acumen. The PPT Designs enable you to communicate your experience and expertise in guiding clients towards a brand identity that resonates and endures.


Download these brand identity proposal templates to get your firm where innovation meets opportunity, and you help transform businesses into exceptional brands.


FAQs on Brand Identity Proposal 


What is a brand identity design proposal? 

A graphic designer or branding agency prepares a brand identity design proposal to outline its services and approach for creating or refreshing a brand's visual identity. It is a formal presentation of ideas, concepts, and strategies related to logo design, color schemes, typography, and other visual elements that will represent and distinguish the brand.


How do you write a brand identity proposal? 

To write a brand identity proposal, follow these steps:


  • Begin with an introduction and client background.
  • Describe your approach and methodology.
  • Outline the scope of work, including specific deliverables and timelines.
  • Detail your design concepts, explaining the rationale behind each.
  • Include a pricing or cost estimate.
  • Provide information about your team's qualifications and relevant experience.
  • Add a timeline for project milestones.
  • Conclude with terms and conditions, such as payment terms and revisions policy.
  • Encourage the client to take the next steps with a call to action or contact details.


What should I include in a branding proposal? 

A comprehensive branding proposal should include the following:


  • Introduction and client background.
  • Project objectives and scope of work.
  • Methodology and approach to brand development.
  • Design concepts for the brand identity (logo, color palette, typography, etc.).
  • Estimated costs and pricing details.
  • Timeline with project milestones.
  • Team qualifications and relevant experience.
  • Terms and conditions (payment terms, revisions policy, etc.)
  • Call to action, inviting the client to proceed with the project.


What does branding design include?

Branding design encompasses the visual elements that represent a brand and create its unique identity. It includes:


  • Logo Design: The central visual symbol or wordmark that embodies the brand.
  • Color Palette: A selection of colors that evoke the brand's personality and values.
  • Typography: Fonts and typefaces are used consistently.
  • Visual Style Guide: Guidelines for maintaining visual consistency across all brand materials.
  • Stationery Design: Business cards, letterheads, envelopes, and other printed materials.
  • Marketing Collateral: Brochures, flyers, posters, and promotional materials.
  • Website Design: Ensuring the brand identity is consistent in online presence.
  • Packaging Design: For products, ensure that packaging aligns with the brand.
  • Brand Imagery: Photography and graphics consistent with the brand's style.