Writing a project conclusion report? Rather than drafting a long written report, why not present a presentation on the same? It looks professional, neat, precise, handy and straightforward.


Take a look at the below slides that you require in your project conclusion presentation.


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6 slides that you need are:


  • Project Health Card:

Project Health Card


Give an overview about the status of the project. Add a project health card template to showcase milestones, risks, issues and concerned key stakeholders. Discuss factors and concerns associated with the project. This template gives a clear picture about whether the project is on time or running late.


  • Project Dashboard:

Project Dashboard


Showcase a project dashboard including the name of the project, objective, issues and risks related to the project. Also, share the timeline of the project and its status.


  • Performance Analysis:

Performance Analysis


Capture the overall performance of the project with this slide. Showcase whether the project was able to achieve its objective on time or were there some potholes?  Reasons causing the project delay and the deviation can be mentioned using this slide.


  • Deadlines and Milestones:

Deadlines and Milestones


This is an analysis carried out to capture the milestones of the project and the deviation between the planned and actual dates of achieving the same.


  • Budget Analysis:

Budget Cost Analysis


Track the actual and planned cost involved in the execution of the project using this template. Also, list down the reasons of the deviations causing delay in executing the project.


  • Open Issues:

Open Issues


List down all the issues which still need to be resolved in completing the project and mention the names of people responsible in resolving those issues.


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