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Team Introduction Slide
How to Create a Team Introduction Slide for Your Next Presentation (10 Editable Templates Included)
Kritika Saini

Kritika Saini

December 16 2021
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Philly Reps, a consultancy in Philadelphia, gave their business an accessible face by providing a cleaner and minimal approach to their team introduction page. They present their team members using grayscale images on their official website, displaying a pleasant and consistent look. 


Most people might overlook this detail on the first visit, but this strategy helped them gain maximum readability for this page. 


In light of this, it’s no puzzle that adding a “team introduction slide/page” to your proposal, website, presentation, or report can provide a crisp idea to your prospects about who exactly they will work with. It can also show them how proud you are of your team members. A team introduction slide is a perfect tool to introduce a panel or group of speakers to the audience. You can also use it to present organizational charts, milestones, hierarchies, and more.


But how can one create an invigorating team introduction slide for their business?


Step 1 – Open a new PowerPoint slide and start creating a visually attractive graphic design by inserting icons, pop-ups, shapes, diagrams, smart-arts, and more. 


Step 2 – Insert text holders in the created graphic slide and add your employee's name, designation, duties/responsibilities, image, contact details, company email address, phone number, or social media profile. 


Step 3 – Once the slide is complete, you can share it on your company’s website, service desk portals, business proposals, and more. 


These steps can be pretty insightful for someone who has basic knowledge about PowerPoint presentations. 


But what about those who are short on time to be their creative best?


We understand that creating a team introduction slide from scratch can be a daunting task. Therefore, to help you amaze your audience, we have shared 10 editable team introduction PowerPoint templates. These pre-designed slides will make your presentation process much easier. Besides, you can customize these PPT designs conveniently and introduce your team in a professional and polished manner. 


So download and start editing them with your employee information.


Let’s dive in!


Template 1


Why start your team introduction with a dry presentation when you can have an exciting and engaging one that leaves people wanting more? Get started today by downloading our content-ready 56-slide PPT design. With this template, you can share insights about the goals, objectives, and milestones achieved by your team. So download it right away!


Introduction design


Download this template


Template 2


You can deploy this PPT template to make a good first impression in group meetings, seminars, or conferences. The design can be used to highlight your team's professional and personal achievements. Besides, you can use this employee introduction PPT theme to share your team’s work experience, educational background, and award recognition at different job levels. Grab it immediately!


Employee Introduction


Download this template


Template 3


Designing an engaging team introduction PowerPoint presentation is not an easy task. Luckily, you can use this attractive design to illustrate insights about your team members and their goals. So download once and use it multiple times!


Team Introduction Template


Download this template


Template 4


This is another impressive team introduction PPT template. This preset has been crafted by our team of professional designers. So you can download it without any second thoughts and change the font, size, color, or text as per your requirement. 


Team Slide


Download this template


Template 5


A single person never achieves great things in business; it is always a team effort. Pick this amazing PowerPoint template and recognize your team members by sharing their achievements and experience in your company press conference. Download now and make the desired changes!


Our Team


Download this template


Template 6


Are you a marketing, event management, or consulting firm? We encourage you to pick this well-structured PowerPoint design and introduce your clients to your agile team members. You can download and share this design using Google Slides.


Introduction Of Team Members PowerPoint Slide Designs


Download this template


Template 7


A team can only succeed if all the members respect, trust, and care for each other. You can pick this PowerPoint template and motivate your employees by sharing their strengths with the management. Besides, HR officials can use this design to introduce the recruits. Download now!


Our Team Slide


Download this template


Template 8


Use this template and showcase your team’s photos clicked in various successful events, conferences, and meetings. You can also share it with other departments and set a standard for the less active members of your company. Download now and motivate other employees. 


Have Team Photos


Download this template


Template 9


Pick this graphic if you're looking for an editable template to introduce your team. You can select it to cover your group's USPs and strengths. Download it and replace the images with your team members’ photos. All just a click away! 


Our Awesome Team


Download this template


Template 10


This is another visually appealing team introduction PowerPoint design. The template is crafted using pastel colors and unique image patterns. It will surely captivate your audience and help them get familiar with your team. So download right now and use it to your advantage!


Meet our Team


Download this template


To conclude


Visual reinforcement enhances the ability of an individual to digest, process, and retain material efficiently. But if you are looking for a quick way to introduce your team, our PowerPoint templates are a suitable solution. These team introduction slides can help you save time and create a compelling presentation to wow your audience. Plus, each of these themes has its own benefit, making it essential for multiple circumstances. Besides, you can enjoy unlimited access to these well-thought-out designs by purchasing any of our subscriptions here


P.S: You can also plug the gaps in your company’s productivity by exploring our handy guide featuring team assessment templates. 

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