"The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated”-William James,


Humans tend to become happy when they receive appreciation. It’s a human behavior that’s imprinted in almost every one of us. Some seek appreciation in terms of monetary rewards, while some are happy just with a heartfelt gratitude message! Such appreciation and heartfelt gratitude can help individuals and organizations build lasting relationships. Celebrating achievements and congratulating team wins is a sign of better collaboration. 


If you are thinking, “Is there any scientific basis or study that indicates congratulations and appreciation can impact an individual's performance?" we have an amazing answer for you! Recently, O.C. Tanner Institute conducted a study on employees’ performance and quitting. The results were astounding. Almost 79% of the employees quit their jobs because they got no appreciation from their leadership or team. Similarly, the study revealed that the employees who got recognition performed better. 


But wait, there is more to this topic! Congratulations go beyond employee recognition. Appreciating your opponents in sports and congratulating your business partners on a successful deal or business question can be impactful, too. So, there is no denying that congratulating people on their target achievements, team wins, successful deals or business acquisitions is a great way of building rapport. 


Template 1: Congratulation Team PowerPoint PPT Template Bundles

Congratulating people on their achievements in the professional and personal world is a great way to build a good rapport. This collection of templates is a great way to celebrate a sports team's victory, corporate success, and even a casual team lunch. So, if you are looking for a collection of templates that you can use to forge relations and develop them using the congratulations templates, this is the way to go! You can convey a warm and unified message of congratulations that's suitable for all events. Download the template now and celebrate with the teams and employees alike.


Congratulation Team


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Template 2: Congratulations Athletes Completion Businessmen Successful Business Individual

Looking for a comprehensive deck of congratulations templates? This template has got you covered! Our corporate achievement template can be used for a wide range of achievements and events. The template is loaded with multiple engaging icons and graphics that make the bland communication into something interesting and filled with positivity. It has visuals like handshakes, party horns, and more to make the events and success even more enjoyable. This template can be used for collective efforts and individual triumphs alike and is perfect for professional and casual settings. Download the template now and take your wishes and congratulations to the next level.




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Template 3: Business Development Team Wishing Congratulations to Each Other

Just closed a successful deal? How about congratulating your partner in a different way? This template lets you do that! It has a vibrant central image of a handshake that represents a successful deal and collaboration. This template is perfect for sales and business development teams who have just achieved some significant milestones. The layout is clean and clutter-free. The color palette is extremely professional. And the falling of currency notes in the backdrop adds a feel of financial success, literally raining money! So download this template now and congratulate your business partners for their success.


Business Development Team Wishing Congratulation to Each Other


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Template 4: Congratulations Ceremony to Each Other After Game

Winning and losing are part of the game. But what matters the most is the spirit of teamwork and sportsmanship, so if you have just lost to your opponent in a game, no worries! There will be plenty of opportunities. But do not miss out on this opportunity to congratulate your opponents using this template! This template has an image of football players congratulating each other. The idea here is to celebrate the sportsmanship. It's a way to say, "Congratulations, Team," for the amazing show of the game. What we love about this template is its clean layout and spaces where you can add text and your personal messages.  


Congratulation Ceremony to Each Other by Team After Game


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Template 5: Manager Wishing Congratulations for Getting Hired in Company

When you hire someone, you want them to feel they are part of the business family now. So, if you are an HR manager who regularly hires people, this template could be a great way to welcome them. The amazing aesthetics of this template let you make the new employee feel at home. It has a clean and minimal background with an image of a firm handshake. This is the simplest and most effective gesture to showcase agreement and welcome. There are some additional boxes where you can add text and ensure your new member gets a perfect balance.


Manager Wishing Congratulation for Getting Hired in Company


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Template 6: Team Toasting to Wish Congratulations for Achieving Profit

Celebrations for target achievement are a norm in any industry. And when a team makes a profit, there is nothing more joyous to celebrate! Such celebrations help team-mates feel joyous and a part of the business family. This template is a perfect way to congratulate you on your dreams. The template has amazing imagery that showcases a toast. It's a perfect representation of an achievement by a team! The layout is extremely professional and well-suited for the corporate world. More importantly, multiple hands in the template signifies that the win was a collective achievement. Users can also add congratulatory messages to the template.


Team Toasting to Wish Congratulation for Achieving Profit


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Template 7: Employees Clapping Each Other to Wish Congratulations Icon 

When employees work in sync, they can achieve anything and everything. And this template celebrates this collaboration. It has two powerful icons that represent employees. Both these icons give high-fives, which is a symbol of teamwork. The perfectly contrasting colors of the two figures signify that both are experts in entirely different fields, and their collaboration has delivered results. This template could be a great way to motivate other team members. This template makes the team understand how two totally different individuals can come together and achieve amazing results for the company. As the design is clutter-free and clean, it can be customized as per a business's need.


Employees Clapping Each Other to Wish Congratulations Icon


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Template 8: Flower Bouquet for Wishing Congratulations Icon

Want to congratulate someone in the old-school style? Here's an amazing template for that! The template has an attractive bouquet that symbolizes appreciation and congratulations. The bouquet is vibrant, with small white flowers and blue wrapping, which makes it look even more professional. So, this template could be a great option for congratulating someone on promotions, successful deals, or team achievements. It can be used to express happiness, warmth, and recognition. The plain and simple layout ensures the customization options are infinite. So whether you want to use it for personal use or professional use, this congratulations template won't disappoint you.


Flower Bouquet for Wishing Congratulations Icon


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Template 9: Corporate Executives Wishing Congratulations After Business Acquisitions 

This template is a perfect representation of a successful business deal. The human elements with smiles and handshakes clearly represent the success of an event like a business acquisition. It's perfectly suitable to highlight the importance of teamwork and congratulate the individuals involved. The template syncs flawlessly with company-wide meetings, merger announcements, or celebrations of team achievements. So, if you are looking for a powerful way to depict a moment of shared triumph in the corporate world, this is the template you should pick. Download now and make your successful deals even happier and more celebratory.


Corporate Executives Wishing Congratulations After Business Acquisition


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Template 10: Party Horn to Wish Congratulations Icon

Party horns are always fun and bring cheers to people's lives! This template uses one such party horn to celebrate and congratulate achievements. You can use it either for the personal achievement of an individual or the overall achievement of the team. The colorful confetti and starburst effects give this horn an even more celebratory tone! This template can be a great option for those who are looking to wish or congratulate someone on events like team celebrations, birthdays, personal milestones, or any informal events. Download this template now and make the spontaneous celebrations even more fun and entertaining.


Party Horn to Wish Congratulations Icon


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Wrapping up


Appreciation goes a long way when you are looking to form life-long relationships. Such positive messages help you connect with people at an emotional level. And to do so, our templates can come to your rescue! Our content team designed these templates after thorough research. So, every icon and image used conveys the message and helps make long-term relationships. Download any template that you feel will suit your needs.