'The best way to predict the future is to create it.'- Peter Ducker


Today, organizations thrive on predicting the future. While it's true that no one knows what exactly is going to happen tomorrow, there are always signs. Analyzing signs, data, and patterns can be a powerful way to at least get a cue of what the future holds. That's where intelligence analysis comes into play. Today, almost every major organization relies on OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) to stay ahead of the game. Intelligence analysis is all about turning available data into actionable insights.


Let's be honest: today, data viability is not a problem. Organizations collect data from individuals and businesses almost every moment. But what's the use of such data if there is no clarity in it? So, to turn such data into something valuable, you need intelligence analysis. Intelligence analysis sounds more like a military term, but that's partially correct! It involves deploying rigorous enterprise integration and other methods to detect patterns and forecast trends, just like a military drill. However, it can also be applied to the civilian and corporate world. With such an in-depth data analysis, businesses can accurately gauge future trends and make the right decisions.


But then there is another issue. How to analyze vast data so precisely that there is no room for error? Well, that's exactly where our 100% customizable and content-ready templates come in. These intelligence analysis templates for OLAP are crafted by industry experts. They understand what issues the organizations face during their intelligence analysis, so these templates have everything they would need for detailed intelligence analysis.


Let's take a look at these templates one by one.


Template 1: Corporate Intelligence for Business Analysis PowerPoint Presentation Slides

This template gives intelligence analysts and business owners a quick snapshot of multiple sources of information and data. It offers viewers a clutter-free overview of a business intelligence strategy. So, it's a perfect choice for organizations that are struggling with data underutilization. The template covers a lot of vital components necessary for this. For example, it includes market trends, statistics, and business intelligence tools that are used across industries. Clear visuals can help identify market trends and evolution. This template can fill the gap between data collection and its actual utilization for growth. Using this template, businesses can boost their efficiency and market efficacy.


Corporate Intelligence for Business Analysis


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Template 2: Competitive Intelligence Analysis Techniques PowerPoint Presentation Slides

We live in a fiercely competitive market. So, if companies want to survive, they must have a crystal-clear idea of where they stand among their peers. But how exactly can they do so? Well, that's where our template comes in! This template lets you compare your company's various performance metrics with those of your competitors. The list of metrics includes Internal/external competitor portfolio analysis, competitor market share, sales revenue, knowledge about the competitors' products, and a lot more. Such a granular comparison helps strategists and decision-makers to make the right decisions. Download it now and ace your competitor's analysis for better growth.


Competitive Intelligence Analysis Techniques


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Template 3: Competitive Intelligence Analysis and Strategy PowerPoint Presentation Slides

How about using more creative graphics and visual icons to perform competitive intelligence analysis? Well, that's exactly what this template does! It provides a snapshot of serviceable available markets, growth trajectories, and pricing structures, but with attractive icons. For example, it uses two different fishes to clearly differentiate between the production market size of India and the USA! This is just one example. The entire template is loaded with such engaging iconography for quicker grasping of complex data and its analysis. It can be an amazing tool to analyze the competitor's data and craft better business strategies.  


Competitive Intelligence Analysis and Strategy


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Template 4: Market Intelligence Analysis Marketing Strategy Services Framework Investment

Struggling with a lot of data and don't know how to deal with it? This template has you covered! This template will show you the path for a detailed market analysis. The template highlights multiple methods businesses can use to collect and analyze data for better application. The template covers qualitative and quantitative research methods that can help the analysts grasp detailed information. Using this template, businesses can better understand their competition, identify opportunities, and prepare precise strategies that deliver results. Download it now and enhance your intelligence analysis game. It's time to stand out and beat the competition in their own game!


Market Intelligence


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Template 5: Market Intelligence Resources Marketing Business Framework Technology Analysis Methodology Pyramid

This template is a great way to educate the viewers on the entire concept of Market intelligence analysis based on technology. It offers businesses a strategic approach to understanding market analysis using digital technology. The template takes a multi-layered approach to analyze and understand the market better. The template puts a lot of emphasis on comprehensive data analysis. It can help the viewers get a critical idea about customer behavior, supply chain dynamics, and competitive positioning. In short, this template is a perfect pick for organizations that are looking for a data-driven understanding of their market. So download now and lead the way.


Market Intelligence


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Template 6: Global Market Intelligence Industry Analysis

Looking for a template that you can use to convince your leadership to invest in intelligence analysis? This is the template you should be using right away. This template can act as a perfect outline for understanding intelligence analysis. It covers important metrics like market size, key players, regional analysis, and data type segment overview. The market size section gives an idea about how big the intelligence analysis is. Similarly, the key players section gives an idea about the leading competitors you will be competing against. At the same time, the regional analysis section talks about the potential geographic expansion. Finally, the data type segment highlights the value and nature of data. In short, this template is a comprehensive tool for understanding the key aspects of intelligence analysis.


Global market intelligence industry analysis


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Template 7: Business Intelligence Strategy Data Analysis Sources

A good intelligence analysis begins with good-quality data. And for good quality data, you need reliable data sources. This template uses a pyramid-shaped layout and helps viewers understand the entire process.  Users can see where and how data is collected from various data sources. Then, the layout shows other stages like data warehouse, data mining, and, ultimately, data analysis. Result? Viewers get a better understanding of the entire process of data gathering for data analysis. So, if you need something to explain data gathering and how it's used for intelligence analysis to the rookie audience, this is the perfect place to start. Download now and lead the way.


Business Intelligence Strategy Data Analysis Sources


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Template 8: Market Intelligence Analysis with Market Size Assessment

Before diving into any business, it's important to assess its size and spread. This template helps you do exactly that. It clearly visualizes the intelligence analysis market size. The template divides the market into three concentric segments:


  1. Total Available Market (TAM)
  2. Serviceable Available Market (SAM)
  3. Target Market


Such a detailed classification can help decision-makers and strategists devise their plans accordingly. The template has a vibrant color palette, attention-grabbing icons, and engaging visuals. Its layout gives a crisp gist of the entire market size in a single slide.


Market Intelligence Analysis with Market Size Assessment


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Template 9: Business Intelligence Statistics

Statistics play a critical role in making any business decision. And this template can help you highlight the value of statistics and its utilization. The template offers an amazing and crisp view of the relevant statistics. Our experts understand that sheer numbers can be boring. So they have developed this template that ensures your viewers get a crystal clear view of all the stats and stay engaged. The linear presentation of numbers makes it easy to understand them. So do not wait anymore. Turn your presentations into something engaging and impactful with this simplified template.


Business Intelligence Statistics


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Template 10: Competitor Analysis

Want to present your competitor analysis in a visually attractive way? This template can help you do that! It divides the entire competitor analysis into 4 different quadrants. Here, the bar graph showcases the sales development over time. Similarly, the pie charts compare revenue distribution. On the other hand, the sales performance trend line shows fluctuations over the year and indicates the presence of volatility. Finally, the crisscrossing sales development graph compares multiple entities and can help understand performance consistency and the impact of strategic initiatives. So download now and take your competitor's analysis a notch higher.


Competitor analysis


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Analyze, Strategize, and Succeed


Organizations are rapidly adopting intelligence analysis as a leading strategy to stay in the game. While the field is vast, businesses must start at some point using Market intelligence solutions. Our templates can be a great way to begin and ace intelligence analysis. Whether you are a small business owner, a strategist in a big organization, or on the leadership team in an MNC, these templates can play a critical role in helping you leverage intelligence analysis.