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Top 10 Cost Comparison Templates with Examples and Samples
Neha Mehra

Neha Mehra

March 21 2023
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How does an organization make sure that the decision it has made is right? How does a business find out whether a proposed project is worth the effort and resources? Business analytics is the answer to these questions wherein we undertake activities and processes that ensure that the decisions being taken are the stepping stones to business success. 


Of the various types of analysis, cost-benefit analysis enables a business to correctly examine the decisions that must be taken. It helps in comparing the costs and benefits of a project or a change to be made to the company. If the benefits outweigh the costs, the decision or change is considered a good one as opposed to when the costs are more than the benefits.


It is with the help of such cost comparisons that a business is able to implement projects and take decisions that help it become successful. If you are looking for cost comparison templates, this blog provides you with top 10 PPT Designs available today. 


Template 1: Cost Comparison Chart PowerPoint Template Bundles

This PPT Template is a deck of slides that can be used to discuss cost comparisons in detail related to different business aspects. Some of these aspects include advertising cost per channel, campaign cost per conversion, employee hiring cost and more. This PPT Set allows for a clear delivery of the costs which enables the company to make the right business choices.


Cost Comparison Chart


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Template 2: Cost Comparison Tables for Financial Analysis PowerPoint Slides

Businesses aim to increase their customer base, for which, it is essential to offer products and services at competitive prices. With heavy competition in the market for the same products and services, comparing to competitor prices becomes essential for businesses. This PPT template enables businesses to do just that, i.e., carry out a comparative cost analysis so that the business can offer best products at the best prices and also gain a competitive advantage.




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Template 3: Outsourcing Finance Accounting Services Cost Comparison Part Time Full Outsourcing

Employees are a company’s most important assets and it is important that they know of the costs of this asset. Organizations employ part-time or full-time employees to meet the demands and, in some cases, may hire employees from outside agencies. In any case, organizations pay to hire, onboard and reimburse these employees. This PPT template enables an organization to identify the costs associated with all types of employees and make comparisons to analyze which employee type benefits them the most. This PPT Slide can empower organizations to undertake cost comparison of employees easily and efficiently.


Cost Comparison


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Template 4: Time Quality Cost Comparison PowerPoint Slides

Time, quality, and costs are important factors in project management and this PPT template enables organizations to analyze and compare these three factors for different plans to choose the best project or optimize an ongoing one. With its dynamic illustrations, the template provides organizations with an efficient way of allocating resources to the most beneficial ventures.


Time Quality


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Template 5: Paid Owned Earned Media Cost Comparison Table

This PPT template empowers an organization to compare marketing costs it incurs from paid media, owned media, and earned media. With the help of the cost comparison tables provided in this template, it becomes easy to find the media that is providing the most returns on investment and thereby develop a better marketing strategy.


Paid Owned Earned Media Cost Comparison Table


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Template 6: Accounts Management Cost Comparison Outsourcing Vs Permanent Hiring Analyst PPT Slides

This easy-to-use PPT template allows organizations to analyze the cost of accounts management. With the help of this template, organizations can compare the costs of managing accounts when the work is outsourced and when an organization hires its own accounting analysts. In turn, it enables the business to find the most lucrative option of managing the costs.



Accounts Management Cost Comparison- Outsourcing vs Permanent Hiring


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Template 7: Quality Cost Report Comparison Management Marketing PowerPoint Presentation

Maintaining the quality of products and services that an organization deals in is of paramount importance. During the production as well as the marketing process, quality is greatly emphasized and quality reports are generated for these processes. This PPT template allows an organization to determine and analyze the cost that goes in quality management during the marketing process. This helps the business in taking the right marketing decisions.


Quality Cost Report Comparison


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Template 8: Competitors Service Package Cost Comparison Chart

This adaptable PPT Template enables a service organization to compare the package it offers to that of a competitor. With the help of the information present in the template, a service provider can compare the cost of its package with that of a competitor on the basis of various factors and ensure that its service package has customer appeal.


Competitors service package cost comparison chart


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Template 9: Budget Vs Actual Cost Comparison Dashboard

This PPT Layout that enables a business to compare its budgeted and actual costs. The charts and tables available in this template can be used to make comparisons easily and enable an organization to ensure that it is able to stick to the budget for any project.


Budget vs Actual cost comparison dashboard


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Template 10: Monthly Sales and Marketing Cost Comparison Chart

This ready to download PPT Slide helps in comparing the monthly sales and marketing costs in relation to new customers gained. By using the comparison charts in this template, a company can analyze whether its marketing costs are justified in terms of the number of new customers and their sales figures. This also helps the company to improve the marketing strategy and make it more optimal.


Monthly Sales and marketing cost comparison chart


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In a Few Words


Cost comparisons are the mantra to take financially sound business decisions and our cost comparison templates allow you to not only perform this analysis but also share it with relevant stakeholders. Download them now!



FAQs on Cost Comparison



What is cost comparison?


Cost comparison is the process of likening the costs of two or more alternatives to determine which of these alternatives is the most beneficial. With the help of cost comparison, it becomes easy for a business to take the right decisions. Cost comparison enables a business to outline and project every cost and benefit associated with a decision and thereby plan for and execute the right decision. 


How do you compare two costs?


To compare costs for products, the total costs is divided by the quantity to get the cost for each product. For business projects, there are different ways of comparing the costs and the best one is to use comparison charts that offer a competitive analysis of the projects. A profit comparison of the projects can also be undertaken to find out which project is beneficial for the business. 


When can you use cost comparison?


For an organization, cost comparison is an important tool that can help in arriving at the right decisions. Cost comparisons can be undertaken by a business in the following cases:


  • Deciding on the project to implement
  • Deciding on a provider that meets the business needs
  • When bringing about a change
  • Choosing the products or services to deal in
  • Calculating profits and revenue
  • Calculating operating expenses
  • Allocating resources


What are the different types of cost analysis?


The different types of cost analysis include:


  • Estimates wherein a budget is used to estimate the costs a business would incur and this is essential for any strategy, plan or project a business is planning to undertake.
  • Costing wherein the total and actual cost associated with a project or plan or strategy is calculated by a business. This is done by calculating direct as well as indirect costs. 
  • Comparative costing wherein the cost of different alternatives is compared to choose the most beneficial or profitable one. 

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