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Top 10 IT Governance Templates to Deliver Value to Your Company's Stakeholders

Top 10 IT Governance Templates to Deliver Value to Your Company's Stakeholders

Gunjan Gupta

June 16, 2021

Information technology is an essential component of almost every industry and organization. It has a lot of critical scenarios and moving parts that are constantly evolving and shifting. IT governance ensures that all the departments are prepared for the shifts, without succumbing to the things that don’t really matter. More so, it can be called a framework for keeping IT assets buzzing with intent


IT Governance: A comprehensive tool 


At its very core, IT governance can be referred to as one or multiple processes using which the IT staff can function to its maximum potential and manage risks of the entire organization. It firmly fits under the umbrella term corporate governance, which is designed for the entire corporation’s efficiency and competency. 

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IT governance is flexible enough to suit any industry it is being used for. For instance, business enthusiasts consider it a methodology to manage performance. However, if you were to ask for academia, it is nothing but an accountability framework that helps in extracting the desired results from the IT heads. Therefore, different industries have different viewpoints about IT governance, but it is a cohesive framework that benefits every enterprise and management. 


If broken down further, IT governance is a tenacious model comprising different tools, processes, and methodologies amalgamated to ensure that the business strategy aligns well with IT infrastructure, services, and environment.  




Governance helps bring the interests of all the stakeholders together and tries to harmonize the assets so that they align well with the moving organization. A company’s stakeholders can be employees, board members, and executives, or customers and suppliers. All these stakeholders have peculiar tastes, interests, and conflicting views, which is what IT governance is helpful in. 


Let us take a deeper look at the 5 core objectives of the IT governance team:  


  • Ensure proper alignment: The biggest objective of an IT governance team is to align IT strategy with business strategy. It must deliver viable results that are in line with the current and adapted needs of the organization. 
  • Increase customer satisfaction: IT governance aims at improving efficiency. Therefore, it provides an effective structure for increased partner engagement, customer satisfaction, and loyalty. 
  • Carry on new tasks: Implementing the IT governance framework empowers the organization to take up new tasks and excel in them. This also serves as a great contributor to the business and its growth. 
  • Prudential use: Since IT-related services are delivered at an economical value, IT governance ensures that the resources are used judiciously by the entire organization. 
  • Increased returns: IT governance ensures heightened results and more return on IT investment owing to its vision and direction of activities.


Top 10 IT Governance Templates To Download 


The primary aim of IT governance is to generate enough business value and mitigate maximum risks by implementing a structure with well-defined roles and responsibilities. Although its structure depends on the size of the industry and its laws and regulations, SlideTeam has come up with 10 essential IT governance templates to help you design a more regulated and polished framework for your IT staff. These templates will help them function to the best of their abilities!

Template 1 

If you are involved in the management or governance of the layers of an IT organization, then this is the template to download and use. This template helps you present a descriptive view on IT governance and its important factors, making it an educational set. It is sure to meet all the needs of managers, corporates, analysts, strategists, and others, as this template comes in an editable set. Even educators and consulting agencies can use it to make the audience gain extensive knowledge of the concept and its major components. 


IT Governance PowerPoint Presentation

Download IT Governance PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 2

If you need an IT governance template that works for your business model, then this is an ideal PPT design to choose. It helps describe project scope and objectives, thereby helping you present and deliver a comprehensive bundle in front of your audience. Not only that, but it is also fully editable, so sharing and adapting it to your business niche is very easy and convenient. Therefore, download it now. 


Governance Model PowerPoint Presentation

Download Governance Model PowerPoint Presentation

Template 3

This is a great template to present and define the best policies and practices that your organization should follow. Use this IT governance template to dispense important knowledge to your stakeholders and management hierarchy. This template is useful in explaining different components and financial breakdown of various processes in a feasible manner. All the 70 slides are structured and designed by experts. So, download this PowerPoint complete deck now. 


Governance Deck PowerPoint Presentation

Download Governance Deck PowerPoint Presentation

Template 4

This IT governance template comprises 66 fully editable slides, making it a convenient and informative set. Use it to enter and display the required data and information on the topics of your choice. These may include project description, project scope, project initiation, and many more. This template will also help your audience know about the basic structure and model of your company with visual reinforcers and high-quality graphics. 


Governance Structure PowerPoint Presentation

Download Governance Structure PowerPoint Presentation

Template 5

This is a template that targets and presents information on the umbrella term corporate governance and one of its major facets of IT governance. It comprises 12 slides, highlighting and dispensing knowledge on the topics like 4 pillars of corporate governance, SEO, procurement, and many more. The biggest feature of this template is that it is easily adaptable to any industry and its dynamics. 


4 Pillars Continual Improvement Corporate Governance PPT

Download 4 Pillars Continual Improvement Corporate Governance

Template 6

Encourage highly data-driven and improved decision-making by using this template. This is a complete deck that features high-quality illustrations and content that work in collaboration with any industry verticals. Thus, this is a great template to share invaluable insights and bring your audience’s attention to the topic and intent of your presentation. Not only this, everything in these IT governance templates can be altered. 


Data Governance PowerPoint Presentation

Download Data Governance PowerPoint Presentation

Template 7

This is a hand-picked model from our IT governance templates gallery. You can use it to introduce the topic of your choice and shed some light on its major facets. It targets two concepts: corporate governance and one of its most prevailing attributes, IT governance. Thus, it helps in mapping the concept competently and building a framework that works for your organization. 


Corporate Governance And IT Governance Model PPT

Download Corporate Governance And IT Governance Model Slide 

Template 8

This is a single slide presenting a descriptive view of the IT governance model. You can modify its contents as per your needs and requirements. This template is designed by experts and knowledgeable researchers. Therefore business enthusiasts, strategists, analysts, and other professionals can use it to dispense important knowledge. You can also utilize this template design to build a well-defined IT framework for yourself. 


IT Project Governance With Executive Board

Download IT Project Governance With Executive Board

Template 9

If you want the spectators to be familiar with the concept of IT governance, then this template is the one to go for because It shows a good and well-defined IT governance structure. This IT governance template serves as a reference guide to take advantage of. Also, since it comes in a single-slide format, you can use it in collaboration with any presentation of your choice. 


Information Security Governance With Stakeholders

Download Information Security Governance With Stakeholders

Template 10

Express the roles and responsibilities of major executives of your organization using this template. You can use this IT governance model to design a competent structure. You can also use it to present a comprehensive view of the topic of your choice. Apart from this Analysts, strategists, and entrepreneurs can use this template to amplify the visual quotient of their offerings. 


Governance Model Framework Presentation

Download Governance Model Framework Presentation Slide 


Having an IT governance framework in place is a great way to quantify the IT value creation process, measure its results, and deliver them with utmost efficiency. With these 10 IT governance templates at hand, you can surely achieve your goals along with increasing IT value generation. 


So, what are you waiting for? Choose and download your favorite now! 

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