What happens next?


This eternal question always has humanity excited and curious. From the next second to the next decade, we want to know the future, not then, but now! So, can you forecast the future now? Consider the case of Paul, The Octopus, who predicted football matches ahead of the 2010 World Cup. The mechanism involved having him choose two jars to eat from with the flags of the competing countries. The country that inevitably won was the one whose flag was draped around the jar he chose to eat from.


Is this forecasting and predicting the future? Or was it more a case of putting cause and effect together and creating hype, as did the media back then? You take your time and decide.


Meanwhile, this blog is about forecasting, but of a kind where you need to make predictions based on evidence and numbers today. Project forecasting has widely been regarded as a science and an art, but for a business owner, it needs to be a certainty, not a forecast. A 20% project growth forecast or a 14-month project deadline forecast cannot materialize to 8% growth or a 24-month completion.


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Hence, businesses need a solution to the woes of project forecasting in terms of honouring the prediction. An excellent way to do so is by using PPT Templates designed and conceptualized to offer content-ready, ready-to-use platforms.


Project analysis demands a bit of forecasting as well. Understand and download top project analysis templates from here.


At SlideTeam, we offer this solution through our presentation templates that save you time and energy by not having to design the layout from scratch. Get it readymade from us and present it to stakeholders to ensure you can focus on the business. Allow us to take care of your presentation design needs. Even better, each of these templates is 100% editable and customizable. You get a structure, a starting point and the capacity to edit and customize each presentation to a unique audience profile.


Let’s explore!


Template 1: Project Forecast PPT Template Bundles 


The PPT Template showcases the project-level forecasting process. Its purpose is to identify the major steps involved in forecasting. The complete deck includes slides on initiating the project forecast request, defining forecasting parameters, deciding on the appropriate techniques, collecting data and verifying the quality of the forecast. Use the slide to also get a hang of the project forecast risk management cycle and best practices to conduct project forecast analysis, with their accuracy and cost, among others. The much-in-demand comparative analysis of project forecast management tools is offered as part of this limited-edition PPT Template package. Brilliant, well-researched icons add to the utility. Get it now!


Project Forecast Powerpoint Ppt Template Bundles


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Template 2: Organizational Project Cost Forecast with Summary


Users will find solutions to typical issues while preparing a project cost forecast for the organizations they represent, own or head in the slide. The PPT Template The headline points in such a forecast, as discussed in these slides, are cost forecast, cost performance index and cost summary. The most significant chunk of space the template devotes to is the cost summary, with the first column depicting the description of the cost. The budget approval of cost against each item, with variations, is also displayed in the presentation template. The forecast takes up the last column. The time is pre-decided in each case. The cost forecast is a line graph to ensure that major variations are immediately visible.


Organizational Project Cost Forecast With Summary


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Template 3: Project Forecast Cost Analysis Dashboard


Once a cost forecast is made, it must be within a narrow range of accuracy as money is involved. This PPT Template helps business owners understand the relationship between forecasted project cost and the budget cost and then study the variance derived to ensure better project forecasts each new time. Horizontal bar graphs depict forecast and current costs in each region the company operates in. The variance, expressed in %, on the complete slide lets stakeholders in on the project forecast’s efficiency. The aim is to ensure an analysis is carried out and gives verifiable, accurate results.


Project Forecast Cost Analysis Dashboard Snapshot


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Template 4 Project Management Dashboard with Financial Forecast


Use this PPT Template to depict a project management dashboard, which includes the types of expenditure, follow-up items, summary overview, status updates, issues, risks, contingencies, financials, schedule and scope with starting and ending date, actual budget, etc. The Estimate at Completion (EAC) bar graph is vital in tabulating labour cost types (both internal and external). Project managers will find the summary valuable overview as it helps them understand the risk status to schedule, scope, finances, etc. Get it now!


Project Management Dashboard With Financial Forecast


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Template 5: Project Phase Earned Value Performance Forecast


Once you can forecast earned value performance, the project forecast is within your skill comfort zone. Use this PPT Template to glimpse the earned value performance forecast graph and table, which focuses on the planned end and actual date, planned and earned value, and the actual cost. This template enables you to compare earned values, with a line graph doing it for you. A download simplifies earned value performance for each project. Get it now!


Project Phase Earned Value Performance Forecast Project Management Professional Tools


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Template 6: Sales Forecast for Multiple Products Over Time and Customer PPT Template 


 With at least seven pre-designed rows to enter types of products, this PPT Template makes it easy to compare last year’s projections and the actual scenarios. The idea is to understand the forecast accuracy, with each of the three color-coded in the table on the slide for easy identification and analysis. Use this presentation template as a test case to find ways and means to forecast the future quickly and clearly. Get it now!


Sales forecast product projected average customers annual actual sales


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As you probably have experienced, some people’s guesses and hunches can also be equally powerful and appear to have some divine sense. Yet, businesses are better off going with well-calculated, logical project forecasts that deal with probabilities rather than possibilities. SlideTeam’s project forecast templates provide you with all this and more.


PS Sales forecast is also tricky, but doable. Find best-in-class five-year sales forecast templates here.