CoreWeave, a company that provides AI cloud infrastructure, recently raised $1.1 billion in funding. Hyundai has also invested $475 million in Motional, a Boston-based startup that develops autonomous vehicles.


Raising capital allows businesses to continue operations, devote resources to product development, and grow and fund their market expansion.


Some entrepreneurs may seek funding from family and friends to launch their businesses. Startups seeking to validate their ideas can benefit from government grants. Then, there is the traditional method of obtaining loans from banks.


Other financing options include retained earnings, angel investors, venture capitalists, debt capital, and corporate investors.


We have pre-designed sources and uses of funds templates available, which you can use to present financial data to key stakeholders.


How do you plan on using the funds you aim to raise? How do you persuade firms to invest in your business? Here are five uses of funds templates that use donut charts, tables, and colors that can help you answer these questions while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the slides.


5 Sources and Uses of Funds Templates


Transparently disclosing the source of business funds and how you utilize them can help build trust with partners and the public. In some countries, it is mandatory for businesses to disclose the source of funds. Our customizable templates can help you stay compliant.


Apart from sources, you can also help investors understand the application of funds. For example, the funds could be used for infrastructure development, market expansion, or corporate social responsibility activities.


Do you want to elaborately present the sources of funds for your business? If yes, here are our top 10 sources of finance templates that touch on topics like conventional and unconventional funding sources, debt financing and project cost sheets.


Here are five of our sources and uses of funds templates, which you can use to keep stakeholders apprised of your financial situation.


Template 1: Sources and Uses of Series C Funds PPT

The template is designed for late-stage startups who have been successful in raising capital from major financial institutions. Startups can use the template to publish the results of their Series C funding round. The sources and uses of funds are presented in the form of tables stacked on top of each other. The source of funds includes data like profit before tax, hedge funds, and banks. The uses section mentions channels such as market expansion and long-term investments. Download the template now.



Template 2: Sources and Uses of Debt Financing

Are you raising capital for your business through debt financing? If so, you can use this customizable template to showcase the source and application of funds. The data is presented in an easy-to-understand tabular format. Descriptive icons like particulars, amounts, and funds are used for columns and rows. In the last row, you can highlight the net increase/decrease in the working capital, which can help businesses prepare well for the future. Grab the template and organize your debt financing channels.



Template 3: Sources and Uses of Funds Venture Capitalists PPT

This is the template for you if you are an early-stage startup or an emerging company raising funds from venture capitalists or equity investors. You can present the sources and uses of funds in two separate tables. They are also colored differently for easy distinction and visual appeal. At the top of the slide is a banner that you can use to highlight your branding or popular products. Download the customizable PPT and systematically present financial data.



Template 4: Sources and Uses of Grant Funds

A grant is a funding amount awarded by governments, public corporations, or charitable foundations. It can be considered a gift, and businesses need not pay back the amount. The money can be used to boost business development or organize corporate social responsibility activities. This is one of our more creatively designed templates, with two sections for sources and applications. The template presents grant data using a soothing color palette and complementary font. Download the template and get the right balance between design and details.



Template 5: Sources and Uses of Private Equity Funds

Private equity firms can help companies streamline their operations by providing them with capital. These firms typically invest in private companies not listed on the stock exchange. If you are raising funds from such a firm, you can use this template to present how you plan on using the money. There are two tables available for sources and uses. The 'total amount' rows are highlighted with a dash of blue and yellow for easy comparison and visual appeal. Grab the template now.



Drive Business Growth by Raising Capital


Working capital is an indispensable part of a business, regardless of its size. Capital helps businesses keep their operations running, innovate, and enter new markets. The different sources of funds can include venture capitalists, grants, private equity funds, and corporate investors. You can use our pre-designed sources and uses of funds templates to present this data in an organized manner. All the templates are customizable, so you can adapt them to suit your business requirements.


Capital is the backbone of any business. If you are trying to raise funds for your business, here are our top 10 funding request templates. The premade slides can help capture investor attention while significantly reducing preparation time and effort.