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tuckman model
Top 10 Tuckman Model PPT Templates to Develop High-Performing Teams

Top 10 Tuckman Model PPT Templates to Develop High-Performing Teams

Smriti Srivastava

Smriti Srivastava

October 13 2021

Although we are deep into the 21st century, the 1965 classic Tuckman model by American research psychologist Bruce Tuckman still guides us in dealing with team-building challenges. The model explains why a group must go through the stages of forming, storming, norming, and performing to be a highly functioning and well-oiled team. Tuckman later added adjourning as the last stage, which comes after a team has served its purpose.


The Tuckman model works to align the individual and organizational goals effectively to deal with tons of barriers like lack of trust, agility, adaptability, and motivation.


The model also helps group members know each other, move on from the conflicts, understand one’s and each other’s roles and responsibilities, and finally perform optimally as a team.


So if you’re a leader looking to build a productive team successfully, you need to have a deeper understanding of the concept. Even for a manager looking to reorganize a team, this model cautions them against the missteps they might take that can result in inefficiency and loss of productivity.

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Therefore, we have put together our ready-to-use PowerPoint templates to help you learn and incorporate the process right away. Read on.


Templates to use for team building


When navigating uncharted territories, having a guiding star is a boon. This is why our professionals have curated these PPT templates that will fast-track your process of building strong teams. You can even create an attractive Tuckman model presentation to educate various groups constituting your organization.


Let’s explore now!

Template 1

You need to discuss and create your team development plan at length. Therefore, allow our content-ready PowerPoint deck to help you map out the design for your conceived ideas. Click on the link below!


Tuckman Model Business Development PowerPoint Slides


Download this template!

Template 2

Learn about the inevitable stages proposed by Tuckman for the successful growth of a team by downloading this eye-catching PowerPoint template. This template will let you explore the forming–storming–norming–performing model of group development easily and effortlessly.


Tuckman Stages Of Group Development PowerPoint Slides


Download this template!

Template 3

With the assistance of this PPT template, you can describe the activities of your employees in an attractive yet informative manner. Manage and improve your team metrics by deploying this content-specific PowerPoint template.


Tuckman Model To Describe Employees Activities PowerPoint Slides


Download this template!

Template 4

Emphasize the importance of interpersonal relationships and task activities for team development by taking advantage of this PowerPoint template. Utilizing our template, you can even highlight the stages of dependency, conflict, and cohesion within a team.


Five Stage Tuckman Model PowerPoint Slides


Download this template!

Template 5

Forming new teams can be tricky. So pick this PowerPoint template to equip your team to face new challenges and problems with ease. Download this entirely adaptable template and get started now!


Tuckman Model For New Business Team Formation PowerPoint Slides


Download this template!

Template 6

Help establish and maintain norms and dynamics in your team with the help of this editable PowerPoint template. Select this template to underline the crucial stages in the Tuckman model in an organized format. Without further ado, click the download link!


Tuckman Model Of Team Development PowerPoint Slides


Download this template!

Template 7

Are you looking to increase the effectiveness of your business team? If yes, this is your go-to PowerPoint template for gaining deeper insight into Tuckman’s stages of team development. So without looking any further, click the download link below!


Tuckman Model To Increase Business Team Effectiveness PowerPoint Slides


Download this template!

Template 8

The best quality of this Tuckman model PowerPoint template is that it is completely customizable, which means you can give it an orientation best suited to your requirements. So download this template to save your precious time and effort!


Tuckman Model For Business Team Development PowerPoint Slides


Download this template!

Template 9

Bring your team together to collaborate effectively by taking the aid of this PPT template. This template displays the multiple stages of the Tuckman model in a structured format. Download the template now!


Multistage Tuckman Model For Group Formulation PowerPoint Slides


Download this template!

Template 10

Illustrate the impact of executive team performance in an easily accessible way by incorporating this readily available PowerPoint template. Use this template to plan activities and deliver solutions productively. Grab it now!


Tuckman Model To Improve Organizations Team Performance PowerPoint Slides


Download this template!


A team leader has to set up an infallible process that will accelerate team building and foster a thriving environment. This is where the Tuckman model fits in! Adopted by literally every industry and system, this model comes in handy while converting a group into a tight-knit, high-yield team. Our content-ready templates walk you through each stage of the process effortlessly and allow you to educate your colleagues at the same time. So start downloading and get cracking!

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