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35 Best Business PowerPoint Templates used by Successful Companies

35 Best Business PowerPoint Templates used by Successful Companies

Hanisha Kapoor

Hanisha Kapoor

December 24 2019

Your search for best business PowerPoint templates ends here. Showcase your out-of-box ideas in visually appealing PowerPoint slides. Engage your audiences using professional tables, charts, diagrams that are perfect for business purposes. Use well laid out and content-ready PowerPoint presentations related to various business topics.


We bring you a variety of business PowerPoint presentation topics to choose from. Grab these amazing, ready-to-use presentations to show your ideas, results, findings in the form of informative and well-structured PowerPoint presentations. You just have to download the presentation, put all the information and showcase your PPT with confidence and determination. Leave your audience stunned with captivating business PowerPoint slides.


Top 50 Business PowerPoint Presentations:


  • Business PowerPoint Template: Corporate Strategy

Corporate Strategy

Click here to download Corporate Strategy Business PowerPoint Templates


Corporate strategy is an indispensable strategy level within an organizational strategy. It is a broad-ranging strategy level and is related to the entirety of the organization. We bring you content-ready corporate strategy PowerPoint templates to help you make strategic business decisions in regard to the overall growth and direction of an organization or company. With the above business strategy PowerPoint templates complete deck, develop a corporate strategy that sets strategic goals and inspires employees to achieve them. Using the professionally designed corporate strategy PPT complete deck, create and set the basic plan that showcases what is to be achieved and when.


  • Business PowerPoint Template: Digital Revolution

Digital Revolution

Download content-ready Digital Revolution Business PowerPoint Templates


Bring a digital revolution within your organization for better processes and working of an organization using ready-made digital revolution PowerPoint templates. Digital transformation eases the functioning of a business. More and more companies are investing in technologies to get ahead of their competition. We bring you easy-to-use digital revolution PowerPoint complete deck for you to adapt to digital change to meet the customer’s ever-increasing expectations. The digital revolution will help you understand your customers better and create business models accordingly. This deck comprises of every essential step that you need to bring a positive digital transformation in a company.


  • Business PowerPoint Template: McKinsey 7S Strategic Management

Mckinsey 7S Strategic Management

Grab this professionally designed McKinsey 7S Strategic Management PowerPoint Templates


Incorporate ready-to-use McKinsey 7S strategic management PowerPoint deck for the overall success of an organization. Use the professionally designed McKinsey 7S PowerPoint templates to align the internal factors of the company – structure, system, strategy, skills, style, staff, and shared. Establish long-term strategies to remain competitive in the market. With 7S McKinsey strategic management PPT complete deck, easily understand the various parts of an organization that work together and emphasize on making decisions on future corporate strategies.


  • Business PowerPoint Template: Consulting Proposal

Consulting Proposal

Download Consulting Proposal PowerPoint Templates to grab clients


Win more and more clients with professional consulting proposals. Download professionally designed consulting proposal PowerPoint complete deck and up your game of drafting a business proposal to win your clients. Consulting proposals are the lifeblood of any business. Introduce your company, showcase your offerings, methodologies, project cost, timeline, and more with the help of a content-ready consulting proposal PowerPoint complete deck. Just add your content and leave an impact on your client. Grab various business opportunities using consulting proposals.


  • Business PowerPoint Template: Budget Proposal

Budget Proposal

Download Budget Proposal PowerPoint Templates for your company


Write a detailed budget proposal for your company using a content-ready budget proposal PowerPoint deck shown above. Regardless of your industry, you can incorporate the above budget proposal PPT deck to write down the financial summary, income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, and more. Use the budget proposal PowerPoint complete deck to take a closer look at the money your company is spending.


  • Business PowerPoint Template: Recruiting Process

Recruiting Process

Click here to download Recruiting Process PowerPoint Templates to hire the best talent


Streamline your recruiting process and save time and money for your business using a content-ready recruiting process PowerPoint complete deck. Find and attract the potential resources to fill up the vacant positions in your company with the help of easy-to-use recruiting process PPT deck. Recruitment is one of the crucial processes of the business. It needs you to analyze job requirements, review applications, screen, shortlist and select the right candidate who understands and meets your business goals. Thus, to help you ease the hiring process of your business, incorporate recruiting process PowerPoint templates complete deck.


  • Business PowerPoint Template: Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Download Digital Transformation PowerPoint Templates for your business


Create new or innovate existing business processes, customer experiences, culture, and more to meet changing business requirements. Use the above professionally designed digital transformation PowerPoint complete deck to integrate digital technology in all the aspects and departments of your business to have your business operations delivered efficiently and effectively. Incorporate content-ready digital transformation PPT templates to deliver value to the customers.


  • Business PowerPoint Template: People Process Technology

People Process Technology

Grab this professionally designed People Process Technology PowerPoint Templates


We bring you well-designed people process technology PowerPoint templates to set organizational objectives and goals for the overall growth of your company. People, process and technology are interlinked and are bound by a common set of goals. The above complete presentation comprises of various templates to help you decide goals for each aspect i.e., people, process and technology to get to the desired results. You can align these goals to build and sustain a more secure organization.


  • Business PowerPoint Template: Business Strategy Innovation

Business Strategy Innovation

Download Business Strategy Innovation PowerPoint Templates and reinvent your corporate strategy


Business strategy innovation is a process of reinventing and redesigning the corporate strategy to accentuate business growth, generate value for the customers and create a competitive advantage in the market. With professionally designed and easy-to-use business strategy innovation complete deck, easily innovate projects, develop or reinvent products and services, optimize business processes, make marketing strategies more efficient, etc. Reach a wider range of audiences by fostering a culture of innovation in your organization to inspire employees and colleagues for collaboration across business teams and functions.


  • Business PowerPoint Template: Start-Up Pitch Deck

Start Up Pitch Deck

Download PowerPoint Templates for a Start-up Pitch Deck


If you wish to raise funds from VC’s for your start-up, then you will need a professionally designed and appealing to eyes start-up pitch deck. Creating a pitch deck can be a daunting process since it needs to be crisp, clear and precise enough to leave the right impact on your investors. To save you time and money, grab the content-ready start-up pitch deck shown above to stand out from the crowd. Give an overview of your business, showcase your product, share business model, throw light on monetization strategy, and more using start-up pitch deck complete PowerPoint deck.


  • Business PowerPoint Template: Annual Business Plan

Annual Business Plan

Click here to download Annual Business Plan PowerPoint Templates


Incorporate the content-ready annual business plan PPT complete deck to create a business plan annually for consistent growth of your business. With this ready-made annual business PowerPoint templates, review your financials, monitor strengths, and weaknesses, and think of the goals you would want to accomplish in the coming year. Grab this professionally designed annual business plan, add your content and create a business plan for the coming year.


  • Business PowerPoint Template: Start-Up Business Plan

Startup Business Plan

Grab this content-ready Start-up Business Plan PowerPoint Templates


Write a perfect business plan with the help of content-ready and well-designed start-up business plan PowerPoint templates. These business plan PPT slides are useful to show the offerings, target market, marketing strategies, financial summary, etc. Incorporate startup business plan PowerPoint templates and craft a successful start-up business plan to present it to the investors.


  • Business PowerPoint Template: Annual Report

Annual Report

Download Business Annual Report PowerPoint Templates and determine the company’s growth


Create a comprehensive annual report without any hassles. Use the content-ready annual report PowerPoint complete deck to describe your operational and financial information in a detail. With visually appealing templates, graphs, data charts, and icons present an engaging annual report to the stakeholders. Incorporate the company’s activities over the past year via well-designed annual report templates. These templates are editable. You can add the content as per your requirements. Determine the company’s growth over the past year, revenue generation, and more using the annual report PPT slide.


  • Business PowerPoint Template: Project Closure

Project Closure

Grab this ready-to-use Project Closure PowerPoint Templates


Formally close your project and report its success or failure to the clients, sponsors, stakeholders, and more using project closure complete deck PowerPoint presentation. The project closure is the last phase of project management. It is as essential as the other phases of the project as it helps us to understand the success rate of the project, open issues, loopholes and more. Grab the professionally designed project closure PowerPoint slides to provide a thorough project conclusion report. The templates are customizable. Just add your data and showcase the analysis.


  • Business PowerPoint Template: Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Logistics

Download Supply Chain Management PowerPoint Templates


A supply chain is an essential part of the business process. With an efficient supply chain management, effectively lower the company’s overall cost and increase profitability. The supply chain forms a network between a company and its suppliers to produce and distribute products to the customers. The supply chain consists of the steps it takes to create and deliver valuable products to the final buyer. Therefore, companies emphasize on the supply chains to reduce their costs to remain competitive in the market.


  • Business PowerPoint Template: Monthly Business Review

Monthly Business Review

Download Monthly Business Review PowerPoint Templates to monitor the company’s performance


Review your current progress against your ideal performance using a content-ready monthly business review. Incorporate ready-to-use monthly business review PowerPoint complete deck to review the financials, analyze the growth and strategize the goals and objectives for the rest of the year. A monthly business review gives you a brief overview of your business performance. It helps you identify the gaps and risks. With the monthly business review plan, you can outline the business plan to minimize the gaps. This complete deck comprises of all the essential slides that you need to cover in the monthly business review. Financial summaries, profit-loss statements, balance sheets, etc. are incorporated in the deck to help you showcase the numbers.


  • Business PowerPoint Template: Business Plan Overview

Business Plan Overview

Download Business Plan Overview PowerPoint Templates


Impress your investors with a perfectly designed business plan overview PowerPoint templates. Showcase your products and services using a well-designed business plan overview complete deck. Let your investors know your offerings, traction, marketing strategies, team, company’s mission, and vision. Set the first right impression on investors using a well-crafted business plan overview PowerPoint templates.


  • Business PowerPoint Template: Strategy Action Plan

Strategy Business Plan

Download content-ready Business Strategy Action PowerPoint Templates


Turn your organization’s vision into reality. Increase efficiency and accountability within an organization with the help of content-ready strategy action PowerPoint templates. Outline an action plan through which your company will be able to meet its goals and targets. The above strategy action complete deck PowerPoint slides comprise of steps that showcase how and when these steps will be taken.


  • Business PowerPoint Template: Communication Strategies

Business Communication Strategies

Click here to develop Business Communication Strategies PowerPoint Templates


Want to develop a communication strategy for your organization? We present you a professionally designed communications strategy and planning PowerPoint complete deck to help you create an outline that serves as a guide for any media and communication activities in which the organization is engaged.


  • Business PowerPoint Template: Logistics Management

Logistics Management

Download content-ready Logistics Management PowerPoint Templates


Incorporate the logistics management PowerPoint templates to meet the customers’ demands through the planning, control, and execution of the effective movement and storage of goods and products from their production to its destination of delivery. With logistics management PPT templates, reduce expenses and improve customer experience.


  • Business PowerPoint Template: Event Management

Event Management

Download well-designed Event Management PowerPoint Templates to impress your sponsors


Get a yes from your sponsors using professionally designed event management PowerPoint templates. Showcase the event flow, sponsorship opportunities, and benefits to impress the investors. Highlight the main attractions and benefits of an event with the help of a content-ready event management PPT templates. Grab more and more business using event management complete deck. Clinch a deal with the sponsor with the help of well-designed event management PPT templates.


  • Business PowerPoint Template: Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation

Download Robotic Process Automation PowerPoint Templates


Eliminate tedious tasks and have your corporate workers emphasize on higher-value work using robotic process automation PowerPoint templates. Incorporate the robotic automation process PPT slides to properly design, plan, and governance the robotic process. Use the ready-to-use RPA complete deck PowerPoint templates to ease the process of configuring a computer software or robot.


  • Business PowerPoint Template: Project Proposal

Project Proposal

Grab the content-ready Project Proposal PowerPoint Templates


Create a professional project proposal using a content-ready project proposal PowerPoint complete deck. Incorporate the above ready-to-use project proposal PPT templates to list the activities or tasks related to the project. Create a project timeline and steps to complete the project using project proposal PPT templates. Do not need to create a proposal from scratch. The above presentation is content-ready. You just need to add your content, present it to your team and bosses and start working on the execution of the project.


  • Business PowerPoint Template: New Product Development

New Product Development

Download ready-made New Product Development Process PowerPoint Templates


Thinking of bringing a new product to the market? Go through our content-ready new product development process PowerPoint complete deck templates to introduce your product to the market. The above complete presentation on NPD will help you understand the customers' behavior, market trends and competitors before developing a new product. Not just this, the deck consists of a structured process that will help you develop a product in a systematic manner. Therefore, incorporate a content-ready new product development process PPT presentation to give your product an amazing launch.



  • Business PowerPoint Template: Business Strategy Marketing Plans

Business Marketing Plans

Make business strategy plans with content-ready Business Marketing Plans PowerPoint Templates


Create marketing plans to reach a wider range of audiences using content-ready business strategy marketing plans. Give your business an edge over other competitors with a comprehensive detailed business strategy marketing plans. Use the ready-made business strategy PPT template and craft a marketing plan to advertise and deliver your products to the masses.


  • Business PowerPoint Template: Business Review

Business Review

Click here to download Business Review PowerPoint Templates


Whether it’s a quarterly review or annual review, business reviews are important as it helps us understand the company’ s growth. Incorporate business review complete deck PowerPoint presentation to know the financial summaries of the company such as profit, loss, cash flow, funding updates, etc. Use the content-ready business review PPT templates to ease your work and get a closer look at the cash inflow and outflow.


  • Business PowerPoint Template: Business Process Management

Business Process Management

Download Business Process Management PowerPoint Templates


Analyze, measure, and improve the business processes for a smooth functioning using professionally designed business process management PowerPoint complete deck. Focus on different processes within an organization and identify areas that need improvement with the help of business process management PowerPoint templates. Streamline the processes for business growth using business process management PPT slides.


  • Business PowerPoint Template: Recruitment Strategy

Recruitment Strategy Presentation

Download Recruitment Strategy PowerPoint Templates for better recruitment


Create a well-defined recruitment strategy to hire the best possible talents for your company using a professionally designed recruitment strategy PowerPoint presentation complete deck. Incorporate recruitment strategies PPT slides to scrutinize, screen and select the best candidates that understand your business objectives. Make the recruitment easy and beneficial for you with the help of recruitment strategy presentation templates.


  • Business PowerPoint Template: Business Monthly Review

Monthly Review

Download Business Monthly Review PowerPoint Templates to assess business performance


Focus on your company’s financial expenditure with the help of content-ready monthly review PowerPoint templates. Highlight the profit, loss and company overall revenue using monthly review PPT slides. These slides are completely customizable. The templates are created in a tabular form, making it easier for the customer to add and edit the data as per the need. Use the monthly review complete deck presentation to emphasize the company growth, budget and funding updates to the investors and stakeholders.


  • Business PowerPoint Template: Change Management

Change Management

Grab content-ready Change Management PowerPoint Templates


Enable your organization to undergo a positive change in terms of processes, project or organizational using change management PowerPoint complete deck. The above change management complete presentation comprises of essential slides to help you plan and execute the change successfully. For the better functioning of an organization, change becomes inevitable. Thus, to help you bring a required positive change in an origination, use our content-ready change management PowerPoint deck.


  • Business PowerPoint Template: Customer Experience Strategy

Customer Experience Strategy

Download Customer Experience Strategy PowerPoint Templates


Get ahead in the game with a great customer service strategy. Increase customer satisfaction and have soaring revenue. The above content-ready customer experience strategy PowerPoint template complete deck comprises of templates that will help you understand customers' requirements. Go through the deck to create a customer service strategy that makes you get more customers and grow your business.


  • Business PowerPoint Template: Project Scoping

Project Scoping

Download ready-made Project Scoping PowerPoint Templates


Determine and document a list of project goals, deliverables, tasks and deadlines using content-ready project scoping PowerPoint template complete deck. The ready-to-use project scoping presentation comprises slides such as project description, project process, risk identification, etc to have a perfect project execution.


  • Business PowerPoint Template: Product Launch

Product Portfolio Launch

Give your product a successful launch with ready-made Product Launch PowerPoint Templates


Have a successful product launch with the help of a professionally designed portfolio product launch PowerPoint presentation complete deck. Whether it’s a new product or an existing product, you need a perfect marketing strategy to launch your product in the market. We bring you a well-designed and content-ready product portfolio launch template to have you go step by step to comprehend the marketing dynamics and ways to build the buzz among the customers to buy your product.


  • Business PowerPoint Template: Event Planning

Event Planning

Download professionally designed Event Planning PowerPoint Templates


Impress your sponsors with a great event idea and a greater event planning presentation. Craft a perfect event planning presentation to pitch your idea for the event. The complete presentation on event planning contains slides that will help you present the event flow, sponsorship benefits, sponsorship opportunities, and more. This complete ready-to-use presentation will help you save time and ease your work in getting funded from the sponsors to make an event hit.


  • Business PowerPoint Template: Pitch Deck

Pitch Deck

Pitch your great idea with greatest Pitch Deck PowerPoint Templates


Put your great idea into content-ready and amazingly designed pitch deck PowerPoint templates. We bring you ready-to-use pitch deck PowerPoint templates to help you showcase your services and offerings with visually appealing slides. Explain your go-to-market strategy, traction, and milestones using pitch deck slides. Introduce your team and ask for funds in a professional manner.


Our business PowerPoint templates comprise of slide designs that cater to business presentation topics. The template designs are customizable and fit for every industry type. Browse the collection of various professionally designed business PowerPoint templates that suit your requirements. Accelerate your business growth with business PPT templates.


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