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5 Steps to Implement Artificial Intelligence In Your Business - Best Templates Included

5 Steps to Implement Artificial Intelligence In Your Business - Best Templates Included

Parul Arya

February 22, 2021

The sci-fi lover in us cannot get enough of the Terminator movie franchise. Cinematic excellence aside, what really fascinates us is the concept of synthetic intelligence capable of going beyond mathematical calculations or robotic limb movements. Such school of thought regarding autonomous machines and the rise of technology originates from the nifty and now-well-known concept called artificial intelligence, or AI.


AI is the extended branch of computer sciences that makes us believe that we can also have a terminator to do our bidding, although it can include serving tea and (maybe) decimating entire species. And if the latest news reports from the tech world are to be believed, AI is slowly (and definitely) taking over. This blog will walk you through the basics of AI and how the man-machine amalgam can transform modern-day businesses right at their core.


What is Artificial Intelligence and Why It Is So Special


The term AI was coined by John McCarthy in 1956, describing the quest towards building advanced machines capable of executing tasks that need human intelligence. AI uses techniques like machine learning and deep learning to enable intelligent decision-making processes. It acts as a catalyst for elevating inventions and discoveries. AI’s rising popularity among various industries has given us self-driving cars, image recognition software in smartphones, and digital assistants like Cortana, Siri and Alexa.


If we factor in the business perspective, as exciting as AI seems to be, it does not work solely. Rather there are numerous applications linked with it. Let’s check out what these are and how to implement artificial intelligence in your business.



  • Big Data


Big data is the most useful application of AI that organizations use to uncover hidden information and analyze large sets of complex data. It provides valuable insights with which companies can gain a competitive edge. Big data is a vast concept that can give your company a breakthrough. So download the template given below to know how to implement this AI application in your business operations.


Big Data

Download the template



  • Chatbots


Chatbots or chat robots can converse with a human user through text or voice commands. Largely implemented by e-commerce businesses to answer customer queries, chatbot marketing can be discussed through this template that contains idle content regarding chatbot marketing. You can easily grab it in a few steps. Additionally, you can use it to share the benefits of chatbots with the employees.


Chatbot Marketing

Grab the template



  • Machine learning


In this competitive business environment, machine learning is the best computation technology one can use. It is another application of AI that includes various algorithms for automatically creating models from data. To explain the many definitions of machine learning to a layman, you can use this template that gives a clear snapshot of the topic.


Machine Learning Overview

Grab the template



  • Robotic Process Automation


Robotic process automation, or RPA, is a multi-faceted technology that resolves complicated tasks within seconds. It uses AI to boost operational efficiency, resulting in the reduction of critical issues. RPA works as robots and follows a single user’s command. It helps in enhancing various business functions and their key areas. Here is our robotic process automation template that makes you understand the topic better.


Robotic Process Automation

Download the template


How to Implement AI in Business? Here are the 5 Steps


Step 1 - Learn


If you are new to artificial intelligence, study its functions in depth. Implementing AI in business cannot be left to hit-and-trial. It is a vast concept that is capable of doing work smarter than humans. You can gain ample knowledge from our template given below. It comes in handy and saves you time in creating a presentation on AI from scratch. This creative bundle lets you know the benefits that your business can get by adopting AI technology.


Artificial Intelligence

Grab this template


Step 2 - Strategize


Devise a plan on which key business areas you want to implement artificial intelligence. It will give you an idea of the overall funds that you will invest in buying AI tools and technologies. Also, you have our topic-specific deck that demonstrates the automation of artificial intelligence in detail. It explains how machine consciousness can help in growing the business. Tap on the template and explore what it has to offer. 


Artificial Intelligence Automation

Download this template


Step 3 - Build


After learning and planning about artificial intelligence, the next step is to build a perfect AI model. For doing this, you may need a techie that installs the tools and AI applications in your business systems as per your needs. The template here illustrates the AI elements like data capture, automation of raw data, solution deployment, and many more. Get access to this ultimate template to know about the exciting world of robotics. 


AI PowerPoint Presentation

Grab this template


Step 4 - Review


As soon as the initial model is ready, contact AI experts to let you know about the step-by-step process of this automation. With this reviewing process, you can create the ultimate AI project. There are various key advantages of implementing artificial intelligence in your business that you can view in our pre-designed template. So download it and expand your industry’s growth substantially. 


Implementation Of Artificial Intelligence

Download this template


Step 5 - Implement


Once the AI model is tested, employees can implement it in their day-to-day tasks. It will reduce the workload by replacing monotonous tasks with quick functions. The template given below provides you an overview of artificial intelligence. Use this template and educate your readers about this technology. 


Artificial Intelligence Overview

Grab this template 



The Endnote…


AI is giving humans the potential to flourish like never before. So make your AI learnings more convenient by downloading the templates in this blog. Have any other interesting facts about AI? Share them with us in the comment section below!

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