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Top 10 Sales Scorecard Templates With Examples and Samples

Top 10 Sales Scorecard Templates With Examples and Samples

Umang Malhotra

Umang Malhotra

December 2 2022

Scorecards outline the tasks  performed by sales representatives to meet their targets. . A scorecard/dashboard is without doubt the sales department's brain if social media, phone calls, and emails are its mouth and incentive is its heart. 


The sales team's strategy and tactics support the uncomplicated directive to "sell more.” The data and results from selling become so sophisticated that it would require an analyst for every salesperson to make the data useful.


Scorecards provide you with valuable insight on the tasks performed and financial record. Every widget on a sales dashboard is strategically placed and created with the exact amount of data that the salesperson, sales manager, or vice president of sales needs to make decisions.


These scorecards assist you in giving reps clear direction and visibility into what needs to be done, keeping accountability top of mind and inspiring salespeople  to persuade clients with efficiency. 


If you are not employing appropriate measurement tools, managing and inspiring a team is near-impossible. Sales is mostly a numbers game, thus scorecard templates are essential for tracking team accomplishments, visualizing the sales process, honoring your top salespeople, pinpointing coaching opportunities, and fostering growth.


Browse through our pre-made sales scorecard PPT Templates to assist your team in outlining objectives, significant transactions, and strategies to contribute to company growth.

Use these PowerPoint Designs to get  your sales unit on the same page and achieve success.


Let's start exploring!


Template 1: EV Sales Scorecard PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Use this EV Sales Scorecard Template PPT to present and pitch your team a comprehensive sales report. Impress your audience by using these slides to give insightful information on your business revenue and growth.. The sales manager can use these to display areas where the salesforce needs to focus more . Grab this PPT slide to outline a training plan for your team to meet the targeted numbers.


EV Sales Scorecard


Download Now!


Template 2: Sales Performance Scorecard PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Presenting another set of templates highlighting Sales Performance Scorecard that has been skillfully prepared and will help you display information on the current year's sales, earnings, margins, etc. The presentation shows the most recent sales performance assessment, profit, state, product-specific scorecards, and performance scorecards for the sales team's weekly activities. These templates will assist you to offer data for yearly performance for sales managers and inbound sales executives, daily corporate sales performance with targets, and more. So, what are you waiting for? Acquire them now and customize as per your requirements.


Sales Performance Scorecard


Download Now!


Template 3: Sales Performance Scorecard PowerPoint PPT Template Bundles

With the help of this collection of Sales Performance Scorecard PowerPoint PPT Templates, you can introduce your subject and lead knowledgeable discussion sessions. The high-quality visuals, photos, graphics, etc., employed in this design can be used to highlight your business’s essentials. It encourages strategic thinking and aids in the most effective delivery of your message. It can help you achieve your target. Grab it right away to make every presentation you make look unique!


Sales Performance Scorecard.


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Template 4: Sales Team Scorecard PowerPoint Presentation Slides

The marketing team scorecard uses analytics to pinpoint the team's weak points while tracking sales progress, giving rewards, and adjusting salaries. Look at our expertly created Sales Team Scorecard Template, which will assist you to display information on the sales for the current year, performance metrics, daily performances, etc. The PPT shows the sales department scorecard for agents, the team scorecard for assessing the performance of sales across many regions, a bar graph for comparing Stock-Keeping Unit (SKU) performance, etc.


Sales Team Scorecard


Download Now!


Template 5: Sales Scorecard PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Salespeople may benefit from our personalized Sales Scorecard PowerPoint Presentation Slides. The most suitable design components were used in developing this interactive theme to depict a sales performance assessment system. Our template designers have incorporated beautiful graphics to create a captivating sales dashboard. Use  the remarkable data visualization features provided in our sales templates to combine actual sales by region in comparison to target sales.


Sales Scorecard


Download Now!


Template 6: Sales Conversation Scorecard PowerPoint Presentation

Sales Conversion Scorecards identify poor performers and keep  such representatives moving in the direction of the goals. You'll be well along your path to improved sales management, SKU performance, mentoring, and interaction with your salespeople if you use these Sales Conversion Scorecard Templates in your business. You can discover areas for improvement and lower turnover by deploying these perfectly crafted Sales Conversion Scorecard slides right away!


Sales Conversation Scorecard


Download Now!


Template 7: Monthly Sales Scorecard PowerPoint Presentation Slides

The Monthly Sales Scorecard Templates is perfect to demonstrate the monthly report of the sales team. Quickly download this absolutely content-ready and and sales-balanced scorecard slide to display your company's sales efforts in real-time and outline the monthly sales performance concerning the service areas.


Monthly Sales Scorecard


Download Now!



Template 8: Automobile Sales Scorecard With Unit Sold & Average Price Statistics

With the help of these Automotive Sales Scorecards With Units Sold and Average Price Statistics, you can present and pitch your subject in the best possible way. Engage your audience by offering them perceptive information on the scorecard. Use this slide as a conversation and navigation tool for topics such as lead generation, monthly sales, and performance evaluation of the automobile sales industry. You can adjust and modify these templates to meet your needs and choices.


Automobile Sales Scorecard with Unit Sold and Average Price Statistics


Download Now!


Template 9: IT Company Quarterly Product Sales Scorecard IT Scorecard

SlideTeam brings you  this predesigned IT Company Quarterly Product Sales Scorecard template to share and maneuver crucial information that requires your full focus. Topics, including competitor analysis, sales turnover, social media sales conversions, and total sales achieved, can be pitched using this template.


IT Company Quarterly Product Sales Scorecard


Download Now!


Template 10: Monthly Sales Scorecard With Targets Achieved Average PPT PowerPoint Presentation File Diagrams

Are you looking for an effective way to present your monthly sales with targets?   Use our Monthly Sales Scorecard With Targets Achieved Template in your presentation to show your sales team's monthly accomplishments and total sales achieved. Exhibit Strategic management sales to show how well your sales staff is doing. Download this scorecard to show your business's sales efforts and take your businesses to new heights with next level presentations!


Monthly Sales Scorecard with Targets Achieved


Download Now!



Deploy The Ideal Sales Scorecard Your Business Requires To Boost Your Sales!


The best way to measure your progress and provide your sales team a clear direction is to use sales scorecard templates. You can increase your sales and thereby profits by deploying a sales scorecard.


Monitoring your sales team’s performance is now a need. It is now a reality that will support your survival and success in a constantly evolving digital environment. Thus, download the templates from the above collection to monitor and strengthen your sales team for killer sales. 


PS: Want to generate next level sales? To teach your sales team and motivate them to concentrate on their area of expertise—improving sales—read this amazing guide with practical PPT templates you can use in your business.



FAQs on Sales Scorecard



What is a scorecard report?


Scorecards are evaluation tools that let you examine candidates uniformly by defining sets of criteria with stars and the symbol chosen to highlight each. . Scorecards give managers important information on the level of service and product that their company offers in contrast to its financial performance. Executives can train staff members and other stakeholders and offer assistance and direction by monitoring all of these metrics.


How do you create a sales scorecard?


Simply put, a sales scorecard educates your representatives and compares their sales metric for different periods. They can, however, see where they stand in relation to their objectives and what they require to reach them. 


Because of this, contemporary sales leaders provide their agents access to personal scorecards. The steps to create a sales scorecard for your representatives and leaders are as follows:


  1. Define the metrics your team wishes to track and gather the necessary data.
  2. Establish baseline values for the indicators you choose .
  3. Calculate the proportion of managers and reps on your sales team for each indicator.

A sales scorecard, as opposed to dashboards, displays progress made over time toward a goal, allowing you to encourage your team to pick up the pace when you detect slowdown.


When would you use a sales scorecard?


Salespeople frequently lose themselves in the daily operations of their job. However, an inputs-drive-outputs strategy enables you to center attention on the actions you know will result in the outcomes you want: Increased sales. And a sales scorecard provides you just that. Listed below are some more advantages: 


  1. Use a sales scorecard to streamline your sales process
  2. Use  a sales scorecard to identify the goals that are practicable
  3. Encourage mentoring and responsibility with a sales scorecard


Although the sales scorecard may appear to be a major concern, these simply customizable templates would serve your purpose.


What are the types of scorecards?


A scorecard is a management technique designed to convert an organization's strategic goals into a list of organizational performance objectives. These objectives are then assessed, followed up on, and modified as needed to make sure the strategic goals are achieved. Here are three types of scorecards:

Primary: This is the most significant scorecard among those linked to a specific workforce, strategy, or accountability component. If an entity has multiple scorecards, the primary scorecard's position, score, and trend are shown in reports as well as on the view tabs.


Secondary:  These are used to assess and reflect the performance of the strategy element, the accountability element, and the employee. Each of the categories is covered under a separate scorecard. 


Derived: Metrics and scorecards that are generated from a scorecard template come under this category.

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