Do you know that BMW was able to increase its website engagement by 76%? Read on to know how…


In 2006 BMW launched its “BMW Individual” application that focused on hyper-personalization. It showcased various models with permutations and combinations to customize a car, creating a tailor-made digital storytelling experience for the user. 


This digital marketing tactic focused on bespoke services helped this automotive brand to build an emotional bond with its customers and increase traction. Another way to incorporate emotional branding techniques into your vision and mission statement is by using a brand pyramid, which played a crucial role in distilling BMW’s core message.

The superpower of the brand pyramid lies in stripping away additive or extraneous brand attributes and creating a concise message for your company's offerings, similar to that of BMW’s.


For the uninitiated, the brand pyramid is a framework that answers the fundamental questions related to your venture and its operations in the market. 

Key components of the brand pyramid are:


  • Features and attributes
  • Functional benefits
  • Emotional benefits
  • Brand persona
  • Brand essence


Considering this, the research team of SlideTech has designed brand pyramid templates that will help you personify your brand according to your marketing strategy. The templates are fully customizable, Google Slides friendly, and offer 16:9 widescreen and 4:3 standard screen size view.


Let’s start scouting a perfect brand pyramid template for you.


Template 1: Brand Communication Pyramid Presentation


Download this brand communication pyramid template to create a clear and concise representation of your brand. This PPT presentation will help you understand and communicate your message to your target audience. Our templates are easy to use and come with everything you need, including a content brand pyramid, personal brand pyramid, brand pyramid segments, and more.


Brand Communication Pyramid Template


Download this template


Template 2: Brand Pyramid Presentation


Download this brand pyramid PowerPoint template to make your business more efficient and successful. These templates are designed to help you create a successful cognitive automation strategy, start a new business, manage finances, and resolve business process issues. With easy-to-follow steps and information that is both informative and engaging, you'll be on your way to success in no time!


Brand Pyramid Automation Template


Download this template


Template 3: Brand Loyalty Strategy Presentation


Download this brand loyalty strategy PowerPoint template to increase your customer retention. It includes a five-stage customer retention pyramid, a brand loyalty framework with a measurement approach, and a brand loyalty matrix with category and management. This template is an essential tool for business owners looking to create long-lasting relationships with their customers.


Brand Loyalty Strategies Pyramid


Download this template


Template 4: Brand Pyramid Strategic Plan Presentation


Download this brand pyramid PowerPoint template to plan your next omnichannel marketing campaign. This comprehensive kit will provide you with everything you need to map out a winning plan, from email marketing and social media programs to sales objectives and key projects. Also with the handy action plan and KPIs, you can track your progress and ensure that your marketing strategy is always on target. So why not give yourself an edge over the competition? Invest in the brand pyramid strategic template today!


Pyramid Strategic Plan Presentation


Download this template


Template 5: Brand Pyramid For Market Intelligence Presentation


Download this brand pyramid template to gain a competitive advantage through market intelligence.  This PowerPoint presentation will help you compile all the information you need to make informed decisions about your marketing strategy, business frameworks, and data analysis tools. Additionally, with our easy-to-use business pyramid for market intelligence template, you can quickly identify opportunities and threats in the market.


Market Intelligence Pyramind PPT Presentation


Download this template


Template 6: Strategic Brand Pyramid Presentation


Download this strategic brand pyramid PPT template to help you create and maintain a successful brand. The brand pyramid structure is designed to help you visualize your brand's progress and ensure that all aspects are aligned and working together. With this template, you'll be able to achieve a cohesive and effective branding strategy that delivers results.


Strategic Brand Pyramid Template


Download this template


Template 7: Customer Relationship Management Brand Pyramid PPT


Download this PowerPoint presentation to improve and manage your customer relationships. These templates will help you develop a roadmap for customer relationship management, the hierarchy of skill competency, negotiation skills, financial accounting process, risk assessment, and content marketing. They are also easy to use. So just download and start using it right away!


Pyramid Four Stage Customer Relationship Management Presentation


Download this template


Template 8: Six-Staged Brand Pyramid Presentation


The six-staged brand pyramid is a versatile set of PowerPoint templates that will help you manage your business continuity, marketing budget, sales effectiveness, workforce management, and business intelligence processes. With this handy PowerPoint deck, you'll be able to structure your multi-channel distribution systems, measure your product's sales impact, and effectively manage your assets. Download this PPT template to get started with the six-staged brand pyramid.


Six Staged Brand Pyramid


Download this template


Template 9: Three-Level brand Pyramid Presentation


Download this three-level brand pyramid PowerPoint template to present ideas concisely. These templates will effectively communicate your marketing tactics, change management, business strategy, and organizational hierarchy plans. Each brand pyramid diagram is designed for three levels, making it easy to visualize and explain your roadmap. These ready-made templates make creating business presentations a breeze. So download now!


Three Level Brand Pyramid


Download this template


Template 10: Brand Pyramid to Resolve Business Processes Issues


Download this PowerPoint template to resolve issues in your business process. The template includes diagnosing, redesigning, and monitoring your business processes. The brand pyramid will help you define the problem, analyze the process, redesign the process, and then implement and monitor the new process. This product is a must-have for any business looking to improve its efficiency.


Brand Pyramid to Resolve Business Processes Issues


Download this template


Over To You

There are endless possibilities to reach your target personas when you pair your overall marketing strategy with brand pyramid templates. Integrating intangible insights with data-driven information can help you understand and identify your customers' needs. Moreover, a better brand positioning will occur when you adapt to the customers' needs and get ahead of the curve by changing tastes and trends. Ultimately, brand pyramid templates can be a game-changer when it boils down to your personalized marketing efforts. 

So, explore and download your favorite designs today!


P.S: Check this template catalog to get ahead of your competition and employ personalized marketing as the catalyst for the success of your business!