“There are some things money can’t buy, for everything else, there is MasterCard,” the iconic advertisement from the payments major multinational still has some worth in the business world.


This executed a marketing strategy framework that conveyed the essence of the brand: Convenient, anytime shopping.


As a marketing analyst, one wonders at what process the marketing department followed to arrive at such brilliant positioning, targeting and segmentation. Afterall, people pay money everywhere several times a day, but to use it to get such effortless, deep recall value for a business based on emotions is, and remains, a stroke of genius.


You wonder, what it would take for your business to create such a marketing gem that just rocks all sales channels.

SlideTeam has the answer. One needs to have a marketing strategy framework that accurately describes the essence of what value you provide to the target customers. At this stage, the 4Ps (Product, Price, Promotion, Place) might not matter that much.


Also, at all stages the marketing strategy framework also emphasizes the importance of an omnichannel strategy. Know more about omnichannel strategy frameworks with a click here, on SlideTeam’s exclusive blog.


All the marketing strategy ppt slides are 100%  customizable and editable.


Think in terms of a framework that will helm your marketing strategy. This is where we step in and provide you ready to use best-in-class marketing strategy frameworks.


Let us explore this parallel world of marketing frameworks that have the power to transform the results you get from attempt to create recall and brand equity.


Template 1: Content Marketing Strategy Roadmap Analyze Framework Measurement Engagement

This PPT Template is a complete deck that focuses on B2B Content Marketing Strategy Roadmap across frameworks of influencer strategy; ROI measurement; driving brand awareness; Key Performance Indicators (KPIs); online and offline strategies. Then, the presentation template can also be used to showcase your knowledge of the creating a content marketing strategy itself. A dedicated slide for a multi-phase checklist for content marketing strategy is really what makes this deck a class apart. Download now, and start getting business for your marketing plans.


Content Marketing Strategy


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Template 2: Digital Marketing Strategy Business Framework Analyze Roadmap Organization

If you require a professional PPT Template on a comprehensive digital marketing framework, then this presentation is for you. Get the most-in-demand and already successful concepts in digital marketing on ready to use slides for that presentation from this set. Among our value offerings are:  A Gantt Chart of Digital Marketing Roadmap which offers the channels as Display Ads, Paid Search etc, to a four-step framework for digital marketing, we have it all covered. The understanding of business; knowledge of digital capabilities and mastery of market slide makes you stand out as a pro.


Digital Marketing


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Template 3: Market Intelligence Analysis Marketing Strategy Services Framework Investment

Without adequate, accurate and relevant market intelligence there is no framework for marketing strategy. Use this PPT Templates to first have beautifully-designed space to outline six elements of an online strategy, which are markets, products, vendors, customers, industries and competitors. Showcase to your audience the command you have over strategy formulation and due diligence with a slide exclusively devoted to it.


Market Intelligence


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Template 4: Four-R Framework Exhibiting Marketing Strategy Business Resolution

This specific PPT Presentation is meant to dig deep into a framework that will help your company reduce most major business issues into a 4R framework of a solution. Want to present a 4R Model for improving lead generation? In all, we have this 4R framework for 20-odd business situations. We have that for you as part of this complete deck, available for download now!




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Template 5: Four-Stages Organization Framework Marketing Strategy Planning

In this PowerPoint Template, we have curated four stages to building an effective marketing strategy, as well as myriad other topics. For this particular slide in the deck, these are listed as review previous year data; review target audience and so on. We offer at least 15 such business frameworks for critical business domains like ‘Four Stages of Business Process Digitalization’. There is lot to learn in this treasure trove of knowledge.


Four Stages


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Template 6: Promotional and Marketing Strategy Framework

This PPT Template on Promotional and Marketing Template Framework gives you the six fundamental building blocks of such a strategy. These are understanding company values; setting goals by vision; market assessment; objectives; strategy implementation and optimization.  The idea is to ensure that your business gets the best promotion and marketing support it deserves.


Promotional and Marketing Strategy Framework


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Template 7: Framework for Effective Product Services Marketing Strategy

No product ever made has lasted its full life without adequate services support and this PPT Template helps you market your product services in an effective manner. Before delving into this tricky domain, showcase to your team or the top management the importance of performing consumer research, the 4Ps of marketing as applied to services and the critical domain of designing and managing the customer  interface. Download now to master this area of business that offers rich rewards for getting it right.


Framework for Effective Product Services Marketing Strategy


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Template 8: Seven-step Marketing Strategy Framework

In any marketing strategy framework, it is critical that you have tools and the right set of numbers to measure the end-result (performance)? Use this seven-steps marketing strategy framework to know how to move from setting goals to developing an implementation plan. At the end, measure the performance is what makes this PPT Template worth its weight in gold.


Seven Steps Marketing Strategy Framework


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Template 9: Content Marketing Strategy Framework For Driving Brand Awareness

This algorithmically-designed PPT Template is all about the A-Z of Content Marketing Strategy Framework with the end goal of driving brand awareness. The two sides of the digital marketing on the search side and the link-building content ultimately are seen covering in organic search traffic at the homepage. Use this presentation template to showcase how organic search finally makes it your homepage, if there is adequate domain authority built up there.


Content Marketing Strategy Framework for Driving Brand Awareness


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Template 10: Key Components of Digital Marketing Strategy Framework

This PPT Template divides the gamut of digital marketing strategy framework into three stages of goals, levers, and enablers. Use this template to showcase how you start with the intent to meeting digital marketing KPIs and them use the levers of insights; best moves, content and channels to arrive at the enablers to digital marketing in the form of team empowerment and platform effectiveness.


Key Components of Digital Marketing Strategy Framework


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Template 11: One-Page Digital Marketing Strategy Guide Framework

This One-Page digital marketing strategy guide framework gives you insights into five key areas of action. We start with a choice of the key digital strategies we will follow; then move to marketplace analysis, where SWOT analysis becomes important, as is an online partner analysis at this stage. In goal setting, which is essentially about what KPIs and objectives to use, we list Google Analytics as well. Finally, use this presentation template to list the strategy and tactics to implement this all, and get your investor to back your plan.


One Page Digital Marketing Strategy Guide Framework


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Do it right, marketing matters


In business, it is usually the marketing budget that gets allocated first, as strategies are made and decided at the top brass level. It is critical that you give your products and services the best chance to flourish, and marketing is the way forward.



FAQs for Marketing Strategy Frameworks



What is a framework for marketing strategy?


Formulating and execution of your marketing strategy is best done through a framework that can help you achieve the goals that you expect from the content you have curated. In essence, it is communicating through a plan the unique benefits and conveniences that your business offers. It is detailed version of how you will send out information about your value offering through the business you command.  A framework around marketing strategy is meant to ensure that fundamentals are all clear to all stakeholders, right down to the individual.


What are the four types of marketing strategies?


Any marketing strategy has as its aim the capturing of market share as its aim, or the expansion of the customer base or ensuring that it can offer more to the customer for less. As all of these goals can never be achieved together through a single strategy, specific plans are designed, as also in most of the templates that the SlideTeam blog showcases. The four kinds of strategies (self-explanatory through name) are:


  1. Market penetration (Broadly speaking, enter the market and stay there till targeted levels of customer loyalty or interest are built up).
  2. Market development (here, the aim is to sell products in a different market or any permutation and combination thereof).
  3. Product development deals with building or formulating new ideas/services etc to existing services. Eg, technology companies like Uber into the transport segment developing a service like sharing cabs or booking air tickets etc.
  4. Diversification (easiest to grasp, this is about going through the process of building a completely new business).

What are the 4Ps of marketing, and the additional 5th?


Well, in any marketing effort, one needs to be able to ensure that you have a Product (or service) to showcase; there is Price that you attach to it and sell it across a particular Place (or geography) and finally you have the tools or the wherewithal to Promote it. Essentially, then these 4Ps of marketing ensure that there is a plan to what you are doing and there is always a rationale for your actions or expenses. Over time, another P, the 5th one, of People has been added to the mix to ensure that customer experience becomes increasingly central to marketing strategies and frameworks.