After every battle or engagement, military leaders often conduct what is known as an “after-action review”(AAR). This process involves gathering key personnel to analyze the battle events, identify successes and shortcomings, and derive lessons learned for future operations. They communicate about areas where the operation fell below expectations or where errors were made. This may include concerns regarding planning, implementation, breakdowns in communication, equipment malfunctions, or lapses in decision-making.


This military process is similar to the project highlight report in businesses. They share the purpose of providing a structured platform for reflection, analysis, and learning from past experiences to enhance future performance. A project highlight report is essential in assessing the overall success of a project. It offers valuable insights, facilitates organizational learning, improves process efficiency, and informs strategic decision-making. Encouraging stakeholders to share their feedback, insights, and perspectives creates a platform for open communication, allowing for a thorough evaluation of what worked well and where improvements can be made.


From Insights to Impact


The project highlight report, tailored to the unique nature of the project, its objectives, and stakeholders' preferences, has its distinctive content and format. Despite these variables, there are a few elements that are consistently included.

  • The report begins with an executive summary, highlighting the current standing of the project, noteworthy successes, and notable obstacles faced since the previous reporting period. This offers a glimpse into the project's advancement and any pressing matters that warrant immediate attention.
  • Effective reporting requires a thorough understanding of the project's scope, goals, and final results. It is crucial to provide this necessary context to convey the information accurately. This section defines the project's objectives and sets the boundaries within which it will be executed.
  • A report must update on the progress towards achieving the project's objectives. This update covers completed tasks, reached milestones, resource utilization, and any adjustments to the project's timeline or budget.
  • It's equally important to acknowledge and address challenges, obstacles, and risks that may have emerged during the reporting period.
  • The report may include an analysis of resource utilization trends, identify areas of inefficiency or over allocation, and propose adjustments as needed.
  • Based on the analysis of progress, achievements, and challenges, the report may include recommendations for future actions, adjustments to the project plan, or areas requiring further attention.


All of these elements are a must for an impactful project highlight report. But worry not; you only have to focus on the report’s content because SlideTeam covers the design. Our Top 10 Project Highlight Templates are pre-designed, 100% customizable, and editable. These slides provide you with a much-needed head-start and are a time-saver.


Let’s explore the Templates now!


Template 1: One-Page Project Status Report Highlights

This PowerPoint Template illustrates the highlights of the project status report. It includes the overall project budget, trending project tasks, percentage of tasks on priority, and project task status percentage. This slide also showcases key highlights and issue descriptions with updated comments. Basic details such as the project manager, the name of the reporting manager, the project name, and the date are also mentioned. Use this download to understand the project's distinctive parts better.


Project Status Report Highlights




Template 2: Project Status Report with Highlights and Key Takeaways 

In today's fast-paced business world, a short Project Status Report with Highlights is an essential tool. This one-page PowerPoint Template showcases the summary of the project status report. It covers project details such as project name, project ID, name of the manager, completion report, and date of the report. This slide also mentions the logo, work accomplished, risks and roadblocks, late tasks, and milestones. Use this presentation to provide transparent key takeaways to encourage informed decision-making and effective communication among team members and stakeholders. Download today!


Highlights and Key Takeaways 




Template 3: Project Highlights Report PowerPoint Template

Project Highlight allows the project managers to generate a weekly report on the status of projects to provide stakeholders with a list of highlights. This PowerPoint Template, a complete deck in 17 slides, showcases Project Management, Project Highlight Report, Project Status, Project Task Report, Activity Status, and Project Status Report. Use this report to monitor the initiative's progress and mark any particular issues or troubles to the Board. Download now!


Project Highlights Report




Template 4: Project Highlight Report to Track Activity Status

This PPT Slide displays a status report for effective management and tracking of project activities. This helps to provide real-time insights into progress and potential barriers. It includes information on project status, allowing for speedy decision-making and responses to emerging difficulties to create transparency, responsibility, and unity within the team. This will ensure that tasks remain on track and goals are met in today's ever-changing business environment. Use this resource to develop your organization-wide budget, perform risk analysis, formulate communication plans, etc. Download today!


Track Activity Status




Template 5: Status Highlights for Effective Project Management 

Status Highlights are essential for modifying strategies, allocating resources efficiently, and assuring successful project outcomes in the ever-changing business landscape. This PowerPoint Slide showcases project highlights for effectively communicating responsibilities and tracking progress. It provides real-time insights, allowing teams to quickly identify and address potential issues. Activities such as introductory meetings, team organization, planning and designing, etc, are included in this slide. Download today!


Status Highlights for Effective Project Management




Template 6: Status Highlight Report for Multiple Projects

Need an in-depth evaluation of progress across multiple operations? Use this PPT Template to display effective action planning and risk management. It includes information about the total number of projects, teams involved, total budget, risk involved, etc. Organizations can use this slide to maintain a competitive advantage by promptly identifying patterns, risks, and opportunities across various projects. Download now!


Report for Multiple Projects




Template 7: Project Highlight Report for Managing Issues

This PowerPoint Layout highlights reports to help project management track issues and threats. The report includes various issues faced in product, team, and infrastructure, evaluation techniques and solutions to solve problems, etc. As projects get increasingly complex, organizations must have quick access to concise and actionable information via Project Highlight reports. Use this resource to stay ahead and produce effective results. Download today!


Managing Issues




Template 8: Construction Project Highlight Report Overview

Use this PPT template to exhibit a report for a construction project. It will ensure transparency for the team's accomplishments. The slide includes graphs depicting activity status, workload, activities, and status of tasks associated with the project. It also gives stakeholders an in-depth view of project status, budget commitment, and deadline compliance, allowing informed decision-making towards fulfilling the goals. Download today!


Report Overview




Template 9: Monthly Project Activity Highlight Report

The Monthly Project Activity Highlight Report allows organizations to evaluate project effectiveness, discover trends, and optimize strategy to maintain a competitive advantage. This PowerPoint slide demonstrates monthly activity reports to track and manage work performance. It includes defining project concepts, allocating the required budget, setting objectives, and revisiting if and when required. Use this presentation to highlight the most critical findings from your research effectively. Download today!


Monthly Project Activity Highlight Report




Template 10: Project Highlight Status for Risk Management

The Project Highlight Status for Risk Management gives a streamlined overview of the project's current risk position. This overview contains a detailed list of potential dangers and mitigation techniques. Consistently reviewing and assessing enables teams to spend resources more efficiently, address possible hazards ahead of time, and boost project success rates. This slide includes elements such as report date, impact of risk, management responsibilities, and mitigating measures. Use this PowerPoint Presentation to illustrate your efforts to maintain ongoing support for risk management. Download now!


Risk Management




Illuminate, Evaluate, Elevate


The project highlight report is vital in effectively communicating with stakeholders and maintaining their active involvement and alignment throughout every project stage. By consistently providing updates on progress, milestones, obstacles, and plans, it enables efficient decision-making, effective resolution of issues, and, ultimately, obtaining favorable project results.