In today’s internet age, social media has an unparalleled impact on consumers. This well-known medium for connecting with friends and family has evolved into an important marketing tool for promoting a brand, engaging audiences, and increasing sales. Over 90% of marketers claim a social media video helped them gain a new client. Businesses have harnessed the power of social media, and eight of every 10 organizations use it to promote their best brand.


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Social media, which is continuously changing, is an efficient, inexpensive, and effective means to develop trust and communication. Therefore, it should be used to derive a more significant benefit rather than just liking or reposting the same stuff everywhere.


Social Media Audits provide a comprehensive view of how social media is performing as a business marketing tool for your company. The audit assists businesses in evaluating outcomes of social media initiatives, identifying their strengths and shortcomings, and then making required adjustments. The audit provides everything you need to optimize your social media marketing approach.


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This blog will guide you on our hands-on and practical social media audit templates so you can create a step-by-step approach for your audit. Use SlideTeam’s Top 10 Social Media Audit Templates to access your social metrics in one place and simplify your social media audits. These presentation templates offer a wealth of data to help enhance your social channels and overall business.


The 100% customizable nature of the templates provides you with the flexibility to edit your presentations. The content-ready slides give you the much-needed structure.


Evaluate and optimize your enterprise’s social media profiles and strategies with SlideTeam’s top-notch PPT Templates!


Template 1: Digital Marketing Audit of Website and Social Media Channels PPT

Need to evaluate the effectiveness of your website and your brand’s social media channels? Use this PPT Template to present the specifics of your digital marketing improvement strategy. The critical KPIs for your brand, including performance, growth, and engagement, are well-illustrated in this complete deck. It will help you identify areas for improvement in your company's web presence. This presentation module is a terrific tool for firms dealing with low website visits, low conversion rates, and high bounce rates, among other challenges, to conduct an audit with a well-defined approach and timetable. Use this download to understand your performance indicators across each digital channel thoroughly. Get it now!


Digital Marketing Audit Of Website And Social Media Channels Powerpoint Presentation Slides

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Template 2: Social Media Audit for Digital Marketing Process Excellence

Use this PPT Template to conduct a social media channel audit. This complete deck offers a well-structured overview of social marketing approach enhancement. This template assists you in evaluating the efficacy of a company’s social media strategy across accounts and networks. Use it to document statistics to make a comparative study of your social media performance and engagement to the current levels to determine the effectiveness of your social media campaign. It comprises competitor analysis, audience analysis, social account audits, and content evaluation to highlight the organization’s digital footprint. Download now to develop a successful social media content strategy!


Social Media Audit For Digital Marketing Process Excellence Powerpoint Presentation Slides

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Template 3: Social Media Integration Issues in SEO Audit

Want more SEO traffic? Use this PPT Template to assess how effectively your website is optimized for search engines. This template is ideal for evaluating your digital marketing strategy. It lists common social media integration SEO problems that keep your site from ranking correctly. It entails identifying and correcting technical, on-page, content, and link-related issues. Use this presentation to help your team understand how to include SEO in your social media plan and increase your digital presence. Save it now!


Social Media Integration Issues In SEO Audit Edu Ppt

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Template 4: Findings of Social Media Channels Audit

Do you need to conduct a social media audit? Use this PPT Template to demonstrate your company’s social media presence visually. This presentation depicts your brand’s performance, growth, and engagement across multiple Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. It provides comprehensive audit statistics on your social media presence, engagement rate, and posting frequency to help you understand how to execute social media initiatives. Use this presentation to avoid squandering money on channels that aren’t yielding results and concentrate on the productive ones that are. Download now!


Findings Of Social Media Channels Audit Complete Guide To Conduct Digital Marketing Audit

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Template 5: Social Media Audit KPI Dashboard

Use this PPT Template to combine data from your company’s social media networks. This dashboard features sophisticated social media KPIs like reach, engagement rate, follower count, click-through rates, conversion rates, and data insights to help you track your most essential social media metrics and determine whether your social media marketing efforts are paying off. Track and monitor critical actions and performance across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram with this presentation. Get it now!


Social media audit kpi dashboard showing followers activity summary and activity leads

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Template 6: Findings of Social Media Channels Audit to Evaluate Brand

Use this PPT Template to assess the efficacy of your company’s social media strategy. This slide summarizes significant findings from your brand evaluation study to generate significant data sample size for analysis. It is ideal for evaluating online campaigns and digital marketing strategies. Use this presentation to make your social media more effective for your business. Get it now!


Findings Of Social Media Channels Audit Digital Audit To Evaluate Brand Ppt Introduction

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Template 7: Social Media Channels Audit with Performance

Use this PPT Template to evaluate your company's social media performance auditing report, which includes indicators like size, growth rate, and engagement rate, to help you better understand online customer behavior. It is an excellent tool for optimizing social media marketing and ensuring you get the most out of the time and money you invest. Get it now!


Social Media Channels Audit With Performance Complete Guide To Conduct Digital Marketing Audit

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Template 8: Social Media Audit Report with Content and Sentiment

Use this PPT Template to assess your brand’s content and sentiment analysis. This infographic identifies ways your brand can add value across social media channels. It is ideal for evaluating online campaigns and monitoring brand reputation, consumer feedback, and customer wants. Use this presentation to develop a solid internal strategy for creating and publishing valuable content and tracking online reviews. Get it now!


Social media audit report with content and sentiment

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Template 9: Social Media Audit Report with Impressions and Engagement

Use this PPT Template to present significant findings of your digital marketing strategy assessment. It contains a performance report, a snapshot of engagement, and audit comments to help you enhance the effectiveness of your marketing activities. Creating new options for brands to thrive on social media and engage your audience is beneficial. The audit data will help you improve your social strategy and maximize your ROI. Get it now!


Social media audit report with impressions and engagement

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Template 10: Social Media Audit Report with Action Steps

Use this PPT Template to highlight your corrective action plan for optimizing your digital marketing strategies. This form is an excellent tool for assessing the effectiveness of social media networks. It will assist marketers in staying on top of the trends in an ever-changing social media ecosystem. Use this presentation to implement proper strategies for getting your content to appropriate users. Get it now!


Social media audit report with performance and action steps

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Get familiar with data to track big-picture trends 

Social media audits are the ideal toolkit to obtain crucial possibilities for evaluation and growth. Use SlideTeam’s PPT templates to evaluate and refine your social marketing strategy to manage your online presence.


PS Check out our guide on internal audits to determine the effectiveness of an organization’s internal controls.




Why is it essential to perform a social media audit? 

It provides vital input for improvement and can assist you in determining the best path to increase conversions. It helps in analyzing current techniques and offers new advertising tactics to consider. It gives vital performance indicators (KPIs) to track and measure your performance. It provides action steps to help you make your social media presence more coherent and engaging. With these steps, you are also more likely to convert your followers into leads and buyers.


What are the objectives of social media audits?

Social media audits assist businesses in evaluating the success of their marketing strategies. It gives a thorough report for campaign planning and audit completion. It aims to have you informed of poor marketing returns from social media well within time to allow you to change tack. Social media is a growing field, but an audit lets businesses know if a course correction is needed in their use of it.


How to perform a social media audit?

Make a list of all your social media accounts to keep an eye out for impostors.

Examine each profile to ensure it adheres to your current brand style requirements.

Determine your top-performing social media content to understand audience preferences better.

Evaluate the performance of each channel to determine its effectiveness.

Create buyer personas by understanding your audience on each platform.

Regularly update and revise your social media profiles.