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Fire Incident
Top 5 Fire Report Templates with Samples and Examples

Top 5 Fire Report Templates with Samples and Examples

Sapna Singh

Sapna Singh

February 3 2023

The horror of fire is witnessed every 93 seconds in the United States, as per the estimates of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in 1911 at the Asch Building was the deadliest industrial disaster in New York City history. It is now known as the ‘Brown Building’ because of the color that the inferno left in its wake.


Fire safety and prevention is too critical an issue to be left to chance. To save precious lives and expensive equipment, it is essential to gather information about the causes of fire, and the factors that contribute to it. Fire reports can be used to build a database for fire safety statistics, conduct situational and trend analysis to improve the effectiveness of preventive measures, and the efficacy of responses on-the-spot. This reduces the loss of life and property due to fires.

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This blog serves as a guide to report fire safety incidents, track trends and analyze budgets. We, at SlideTeam, have compiled a list of Top 5 Fire Report Templates to collect and report emergency response activities of the fire service. Use these PPT templates to report on the fire-safety operations, including fire budget, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), and new equipment used in fire response fleet.

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These PowerPoint Templates can be used to find patterns and strategically plan the allocation of resources for a fire investigation. The 100% customizable nature of the templates provides you with the desired flexibility to edit your presentations. The content ready slides give you the much-needed structure.

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Template 1: Annual Report for Fire Department PPT

Use this PPT Template to demonstrate the best-practices your response teams follow in fire emergency preparedness, response, and mitigation. This multi-page template for fire prevention initiatives is a great tool for communicating with stakeholders. It gives a thorough report outlining vital operations and financial performance of fire service for the preceding year. It includes information on key events and achievements, as well as new updates about fire department, administration, mission statement, core values, philosophy, organizational structure, and so on. Use this presentation to discuss the importance of emergency medical care, fire prevention, investigation, and creation of public awareness. Get it now!


Annual report for fire department firm pdf doc ppt document report template


Download this template


Template 2: Summary Page of Annual Report for Fire Department Report Template

Use this PPT Template to summarize the work of the fire department fleet. This one-pager includes an overview of fire prevention initiatives, annual budget, fire response bureau report, and other information to help improve community fire risk-reduction programs. This one-page PowerPoint Layout enables the organization to illustrate the provision of emergency services using data. Download now!


Summary page of annual report for fire department presentation report infographic ppt pdf document


Download this template


Template 3: One-Page Annual Budget for Fire Department PPT

Do you want to highlight the funding of critical fire service programs? Use this PPT Template to present your fire department’s annual budget. This is an essential tool for explaining the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of your budget. This one-pager will assist you in keeping track of personnel, administration, EMS, and fire suppression expenses. Employ the presentation to display a concise and uniform budget breakdown that includes costing as well. Save it now!


One page annual budget for fire department for fy 2020 report infographic ppt pdf document


Download this template


Template 4: One-Page Fire Department EMS Response Report PPT

Use this PPT Template to display information about an EMS ambulance. This one-page report can be used as a fire response bureau report or a fire department EMS response report to elaborate on emergency activities that response teams plan and conduct. Employ this presentation to gather and analyze EMS data trends. This will provide insight into challenges that fire departments face in improving community health and safety. KPIs such as refusals, 911 calls, and transfers are used to drive meaningful improvement and create a responsive fire safety unit. Download now!

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One page 2020 fire department ems response report template 165 infographic ppt pdf document


Download this template


Template 5: One-Page Recent Updates in Fire Department Fleet PPT

The demand for fire safety coverage has increased exponentially. Use this PPT Template to design the necessary infrastructure and equipment for the fire department’s fleet. This report includes information on modern fire apparatus, self-contained breathing apparatus, and other community risk reduction measures. Employ this one-pager to provide a comprehensive report on most recent additions to fire service and personal protective equipment to remain compliant and remain operational. Get it now!


Ona page recent updates in fire department fleet report infographic ppt pdf document


Download this template



Fight fires with facts

A thorough, accurate, and detailed fire report aids in the documentation, sharing, and analysis of fire incidents. Use SlideTeam’s PowerPoint Templates to create a report of types of emergency and non-emergency fire activities related to fire responders’ daily activities.

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1. What is a fire report?

A fire incident report lists any fire incidents that happened at work or on a construction site. This report details the time and date of the fire, its location, its origin, the damage it caused, and any injuries or fatalities that happened due to it. The fire service and government agencies use it to gather data on fire safety to enhance fire prevention programs with appropriate policy development, planning and research. Additionally, data for the annual budget, annual fire loss report, recent additions to the fire response fleet, and EMS response time to support fire prevention initiatives are provided in the report.


2. How do you write a fire report?

Fire reports keep track of incidences involving fire. Every fire incident report needs to contain the information listed below:

a) Date and time the fire occurred

b) Location

c) Cause of the fire

d) Damage (with evidences)

e) Any accidents or deaths brought on by the fire

f) Name of the responding fire department


3. What is the best time to write the fire incident report?

Incident reporting is a critical in any organization. Therefore, a fire incident report should be created during or immediately after a fire is extinguished. This report should comprise details such as the date, location, and degree of the fire damage to help fire or government departments improve response times and effectiveness. This documentation is the immediate source of reference to understand the cause and bridge gaps plaguing fire safety systems.

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