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Top 12 Templates to Get Started With a Franchise Business Model

Top 12 Templates to Get Started With a Franchise Business Model

Deepika Dhaka

Deepika Dhaka

May 27 2022

Did you know that franchising helped make America the country it is today? From the colonial era into the industrial revolution and until today (the post-covid period), franchises have been at the forefront of the nation's recovery and development.


It all began in 1851 when the first commercial franchise business was established in America. Singer Sewing Machine Company granted company control to owners/operators in exchange for a portion of the earnings. Then, in 1898, General Motors sold its first automobile manufacturing franchise in Detroit, Michigan. The first Coca-Cola bottling plant was franchised in 1901, when the soft drink industry managed to ensure large-scale production.


After World War II, the US experienced a franchise boom due to strong consumer demand and a strengthening economy. New franchise areas emerged, and the concept gradually took flight worldwide.


Since then, there's been no looking back.


Franchising Business Today


Post pandemic, with the world economy still in the recovery mode, this old business idea is catching on again. It has become a significant source of employment, lowering the unemployment rate, and has become an important economic growth engine.


The International Franchise Association (IFA) has forecasted that 2022 will see more than ‘792,000 establishments being set up, for a net gain of 17,000 new locations’.


Therefore, franchising is not a bad idea if you are drawn to it after experiencing a failure in an independent business or, are looking forward to expanding your already successful venture.


And we'll suggest, you can strike now when the iron is hot.


In today’s scenario, entering a franchise model means you're getting on the bandwagon of an already proven successful idea. You have to find the right opportunity, yet it is less risky and can be rewarding for many business owners.


We understand that paving the way for a new business format is not a piece of cake when you have only a vague understanding of it. What if you could get major assistance in the form of PowerPoint Templates? You will be sure-footed on your journey to running a franchise.




This blog contains awesome PowerPoint templates on getting started in the franchising business. These customizable PPT examples will assist you in passing through several franchising procedures, whether you're buying or selling a franchise.


Let's delve into them without ado!


Template 1: Offering an Existing Brand Franchise


If you want to expand your brand by offering its franchise, here’s a powerful way. This 52-slide PowerPoint presentation gives a complete picture of your brand. This deck can explain the company background, challenges and solutions, and the new business model with its goals. It is a perfect proposal to convince the potential franchisee. Download it now!


Offering an Existing Brand Franchise


Download this template


Template 2: Presentation for Selling a Franchise


This complete deck aims to comprehend the concept and nature of franchising firms in every sector. You can use this framework to educate your stakeholders about the dynamics of selling your franchise, its legal elements, key features, and cost analysis. It contains information to prepare your team for future expansion in advance. Get it now!


Presentation for Selling a Franchise


Download this presentation


Template 3: Marketing and Selling Franchise for Business Growth


Here’s an impactful PPT template for marketing and selling your franchise to potential buyers. The agenda of this guide is to describe the concept of franchising, its challenges & solutions, and analyze the cost involved in buying or selling a franchise. Download it today to grow your business smoothly.


Marketing and Selling Franchise for Business Growth


Download this presentation


Template 4: Graphics of Franchise Model


This deck includes graphics, charts, and diagrams relating to the franchise model. You can utilize this PPT template to better express yourself with the appropriate pictures, symbols, and icons. This PowerPoint presentation effectively persuades the party to start their journey with your business. Get it now!


Graphics of Franchise Model


Download this presentation


Template 5: Franchise Agreement Sample


If you are unfamiliar with the franchise agreement, this PowerPoint deck can assist you in drafting a suitable contract. You can use it to describe appointment, acceptance, and scope. It also allows you to the terms of sale and payment, responsibilities of the distributor and the company, and other confidential information. Grab the template to start on a solid legal footing.


Franchise Agreement Sample


 Download this presentation


Template 6: Franchise Sales and Marketing Strategies


Presenting a content-ready PPT design that includes strategies to run a new franchise business. This presentation provides goal-driven modeling for the company, and it also consists of the franchise sales alternatives with outsourcing. The uniqueness of this guide is that it includes a dashboard related to the market impact. Download it today!


Franchise Sales and Marketing Strategies


Download this presentation


Template 7: Franchise Marketing Plan


Here’s a complete guide on marketing your franchise in an effective manner. It also aids in managing local marketing initiatives. It focuses on efficient handling of different marketing methods such as social media, word of mouth, paid media, e-mail, and other co-partner marketing initiatives. Download it now to get started!


Franchise Marketing Plan


Download this template


Template 8: Selling an Existing Franchise Business


If you want to sell a franchise for your current brand, use this engaging presentation to make an enticing offer. This PPT presentation has all the information a potential franchisee will want to consider before investing in such a business model. It's a content-ready design that can save you time and effort. Grab it while it's still available!


Selling an Existing Franchise Business


Download this presentation


Template 9: Managing Corporate and Branch office of a Franchise Business Model


Every franchise business has a corporate or branch office from where it operates and functions. This presentation will help you structure your organization to ensure an adequate flow of communication and strategy. Using this PPT example can help you maintain consistency and uniformity in your brand at all locations. Get it today!


Managing Corporate and Branch office of a Franchise Business Model


Download this presentation


Template 10: Franchise Startup Cost Estimation


Here's a single PowerPoint slide for your start-up project's cost estimate. This structure can help you break down the costs of different items, and it covers property, insurance, equipment, training, and start-up inventory expenditures. Get it now to figure out and show the potential start-up cost to maintain transparency with your stakeholders.


Franchise Startup Cost Estimation


Download this slide


Template 11: Franchise Lease Negotiation Process


Presenting this beautiful PPT slide to assist you in recognizing financial savings. It offers some fantastic suggestions for lowering rental fees and other capital improvements. It also includes a space to record the final agreement result. Get it now!


Franchise Lease Negotiation Process


Download this slide


Template 12: Franchise Success Cycle and Quality Control


This informative slide explains the process of quality control and sales promotion. It outlines all of the crucial phases involved in developing successful strategies and handing them off to your staff from start to finish. Take a look right away!


Franchise Success Cycle and Quality Control


Download this slide


You can construct an empire of franchisees worldwide if you have unrivaled franchising expertise and hardworking ethics. And, with these excellent presentations, you'll be able to do it like a breeze.


Using these examples, you can get clear ideas about market positions, build a strong workforce, control business operations, and establish a recognizable brand name.


Download your favorite franchise model template today to get started. You can customize all these designs as per your business needs.


P.S: If you are looking for a well-structured brand style guide, here’s a handy guide replete with stunning templates.

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