Who is Peter Thiel?


Brilliant Thinking is Rare, but Courage is in Even Shorter Supply Than genius.- Peter Thiel


Peter Thiel is an influential figure in today's society.


Thiel is a big part of why PayPal was born, and he has incredibly high stocks in Facebook because of his early investment.


He currently runs the Founders Fund — A San Francisco-based Venture Capital Firm That Provides Seed Money to Startups & SMEs. 


His Early Life


Thiel was born in Frankfurt city of Germany, on October 11, 1967.


In the early 1990s, he moved to California and finished college at Stanford University in 1992.


He graduated from law school at Stanford in 1994.


His Professional Journey


In 1998, Thiel co-founded PayPal with Max Levchin and Elon Musk, where he served as CEO until eBay brought it in 2002 for $1.5 billion.


His 2.3% stake in the company was worth $34 million at the acquisition time.


He later founded Clarium Capital Management — An American Investment Management and Hedge Fund Company.


First, Only Invest in Companies That Have the Potential to Return the Value of the Entire Fund. - Peter Thiel



Peter Thiel became Facebook's first outside investor when he acquired a 10.2% stake in the company for $500,000.00 in August 2004.


Peter first met Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg after Max Levchin (PayPal co-founder) introduced them.


Facebook's current market cap is over $200 billion, while Thiel's initial investment is worth more than $500 million.


In 2004, Thiel launched Palantir Technologies, a big data analysis company named after the Tolkien artifact that allows users to spy on enemy nations. Palantir was valued at $9 billion in a recent round of investment.




In addition to his work with Facebook, Thiel is also an active venture capitalist.


His firm, Founders Fund made early investments in Spotify, LinkedIn, Friendster, and Airbnb.


He was ranked #293 on the Forbes 400 in 2014 with A Net Worth of $2.2 Billion.


Peter Thiel lives in San Francisco, California, and owns a home worth $6.8 million.


In addition to his interest in Facebook, Thiel is also an early investor in Yelp and is one of the company's Board of Directors.


He also is a part-owner in an NBA Basketball Team, the San Jose Sharks.


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Peter Thiel Investor Funding Elevator Pitch Deck


Here's a look at Peter Thiel's original VC pitch deck template. This is a great reference point because Thiel was the first to put a convincing deck like this together.


This pitch deck template is an excellent way for you to see how a successful venture capitalist structures the information he presents to potential investors and how he persuades them to invest in their vision.


So, Let's Scroll Down and Learn About the Crucial Slides of Peter Thiel's Original Pitch Deck Template.


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Slide 1: The Cover Slide

You want the first impression of your company to be robust and informative, and you can do so by presenting an image on this slide that generates excitement and curiosity. And, this is what the opening slide from Thiel's original investor deck does.


The slide contains no text besides telling the presentation's agenda and the company name.


Download Peter Thiel's Original Pitch Deck

Download Peter Thiel's Original Pitch Deck

Slide 2: Table of Contents

Every pitch deck should include a Table of Contents slide.


It is one of the most important slides in the whole presentation and includes all your key points to make sure your audience remembers the most important things you told them.


Download Peter Thiel's Original Pitch Deck

Download Peter Thiel's Original Pitch Deck

Slide 3: The Problem and Solution

Customers Won’t Care About Any Particular Technology Unless It Solves a Particular Problem in a Superior Way. and if You Can’t Monopolize a Unique Solution for a Small Market, You’ll Be Stuck With Vicious competition. - Peter Thiel


The Problem and Solution slide discuss what you think the problem with a current product or industry is, as well as how you plan to solve that problem.


Theil's template presents a thorough explanation of the need for the product and demonstrates the understanding of the industry and its issues engagingly.


This slide shows the importance of extensive research to put forth a reasonable investment prospect that is convincing.


Peter Thiel Pitch Deck Template

Download Peter Thiel's Original Pitch Deck

Slide 4: The Product

The Product slide describes the product to be developed in a pitch deck.


The three most essential questions in order are: What is It? What Does It Do? How Does It Do That?


The Product slide answers each of them with a short paragraph.


What Is It?


It's vital to be descriptive but not too detailed. The product annotation must be brief, memorable, and easy to understand.


An excellent way to imagine this section is to pitch your product to a customer or client who has never heard of it.


You don't want to lose their attention, so put in just enough information that the listener will understand the product and its mission.


What Does It Do?


This is where you sell the product to your audience. This slide should paint a picture of what the product is and what it does.


Try to focus on the problem your product solves and how it works to solve that problem, rather than what features it has.


You can also describe any technology that makes your product unique. This is where you want to explain the problem and present a solution.


How Does It Do That?


This is the technical part of your product. You can describe in detail the different technology or methods used in your product to solve the problem.


If your product uses artificial intelligence, describe how it does that.


It's best only to include this information if it could be helpful for your prospect or customer to know.


Peter Thiel Pitch Deck Template

Download Peter Thiel's Original Pitch Deck

Slide 5: The Market

How to Create the Market Slide in the Pitch Deck?:-


Step 1: Define Your Target Market in a Single Line Sentence.


The most common description is defined by the four Ps (Geography, Population, Product, and Price).


A Sample Market Description:


"The Target Market for Our Product is People Who Ride Bikes in Large Cities, and the Price Range for This Product is $10-$200."


Step 2: Define Your Industry Using the Same Sentence Structure, but Define It by Five Ps.


A Sample Market Description:


"The Industry for Our Product is the Bike Industry, and the Five Ps Are People Who Ride Bikes, Large Cities, Product Price Range of $10-$200, and Our Product is a City-Friendly Bike bell."


Step 3: Define Your Company's Role in the Industry Using Two to Three Sentences.


Start with a general statement and add details.


A Sample Company Description:


"Our Company Will Be the Market Leader in Creating City-Friendly Bike bells."


Step 4: Use Bulleted Points to List Three Company Strengths That Will Be Leveraged to Reach the Market.


Use metrics wherever possible.


A Sample Company Description:


"Leveraging Our Product Development Team's Experience in Creating Bike Bells, Leveraging Our Outdoor Advertising Agency's Relationships With Large Media Outlets, and Leveraging Our Digital Marketing Team's Ability to Run Successful Ad Campaigns Will Allow Us to Create the City-Friendly Bike Bell and Become the Market Leader in This industry."


Peter Thiel Investor Deck

Download Peter Thiel's Original Pitch Deck

Slide 6: Funding History

In Peter Theil's Investor Deck, It Lists The:-


  • Major Investors and What They Have Contributed.
  • Total Amount Raised.
  • Date of Each Round of Funding.
  • Total Number of Investors.


What is Funding History?


Funding history is important for early-stage companies because it allows investors to evaluate their growth and potential.


Once a company has established itself as a successful venture, an investor can look at its funding history and determine how much equity in the company is needed to make an investment worthwhile.


For example, if a company has raised $1 million in funding and 10 million shares are available for purchase, investors will know they need to acquire about 10% of the company to make their investment worth it.


However, even later-stage companies use funding histories because it helps investors understand their capital structure.


Peter Thiel Life Story

Download Peter Thiel's Original Pitch Deck

Slide 7: Financial Model and Assumptions

A Financial Model and Assumptions slide provides an investor with detailed information about how the company arrived at their valuation and how they plan to make money.


An entrepreneur who drafts an accurate yet optimistic financial model often succeeds with a funding round. They should spend a significant amount of time on this slide after creating the initial model. If the resulting projections are too pessimistic, it can scare investors away.


On the other hand, an overly optimistic model may be unrealistic and cause the company to miss its goals, potentially damaging the business's market image among the investors.


For example, in the mentioned slide from Peter Thiel's original pitch deck, you can see how the company projected a steady increase in revenue per year. 


Projections of future revenues and growth are key assumptions that need to be made when building a model and should be chosen carefully. Specifically, the growth rate may seem high if one calculates it from this chart.


Peter Thiel Venture Capitalist

Download Peter Thiel's Original Pitch Deck

Download this 100% Editable Peter Thiel Pitch Deck


The Most Valuable Businesses of Coming Decades Will Be Built by Entrepreneurs Who Seek to Empower People Rather Than Try to Make Them Obsolete. - Peter Thiel


This is the original Peter Thiel VC pitch deck template, and it's an excellent example of how to create a startup business plan.


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