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Top 10 Network Marketing Templates with Samples and Examples

Top 10 Network Marketing Templates with Samples and Examples

Hanisha Kapoor

Hanisha Kapoor

November 23 2022

A persuasive, sincere-looking man or woman reaches your face-to-face (either individually or as part of a group) and convinces you to make a purchase.

His/her speech or the sales pitch is part of network marketing, where the agent tries to get you on board. The idea they plant in your head is to consider becoming an independent sales representative of the company they are associated with.


To sound authoritative, he/she walks the audience through the business model and showcases slideshows with testimonials on how people have benefitted from this business in terms of income, lifestyle, status, and more.


Wish to create an unbeatable marketing strategy? Read this exclusive guide featuring marketing mix PPT templates to devise a solid product or service offering that connects with you with your target audience.


Network marketing, by definition, depends on person-to-person sales by independent representatives, often working from home. Cosmetics and nutraceutical companies like Amway, Herbalife, Mary Kay are some businesses with top-grossing network marketing programs. In 2021, Amway reported $8.9 billion in revenue, topping the list of network marketing schemes. Network marketing or multi-level marketing requires you to build a network of business partners with strong sales skills to appeal to people with high net-worth. The industry is typically looking for individuals with the doggedness to make a sale, even after multiple rejections.


Network Marketing Templates to Work as Independent Agents


If you want to your career in network marketing to skyrocket, you need a presentation at your disposal. A presentation that highlights your business model, products, and services. A well-structured presentation will grab the attention of your audience and encourage them to join your business.


To this end, SlideTeam brings you content-ready network marketing PPT Templates to design a spectacular and professional presentation to give your business a head start. These PowerPoint Slides are custom-made. You can personalize these by adding your business logo, contact info, visuals, and more. Get these ready to use PowerPoint Templates and widen your horizon to earn money through direct selling.


Use custom-made 90-day marketing plan PowerPoint templates to extend your customer reach and escalate sales.


Browse the collection of network marketing templates below to become an individual distributor!


Let’s begin!


Template 1: Network Marketing PPT Template

This is a content-ready PPT Template to showcase to your audience what network marketing is. It covers topics on affiliate marketing and even educates your audience on the pyramid scheme. Grab this ready to use PowerPoint Template and use it to direct your customers to join this business to increase their revenue stream and income. Deploy this presentation template to generate curiosity among your audience about the business and build a network of independent partners. Download now!


Network Marketing Template


Download this template


Template 2: Network Marketing Business PowerPoint Slide

Want to train your audience on scaling up their sales skills? Use this content-ready PPT Template and coach your team on the key areas of building a network marketing business. Deploy this predesigned PPT Slide to cover the basics of multilevel marketing to hone your team’s sales skills. Help them enhanced their knowledge on prospecting, advertising, and content with this preset. This is a professional and appealing PowerPoint Template that showcases the business value that networks of individuals working toward a common purpose can generate. Download now!


Network Marketing Business PowerPoint Template


Grab this slide


Template 3: Network Marketing PPT Template

Working as an independent sales representative of a company? Grab this ready to use PowerPoint Template to encourage others to join your network. Use it to spread the message on tactics that are used to grow your distributors, and consequently sales, with this PPT Template. This PowerPoint Slide showcases ways to harness personal networks to sell a product. Help your audience internalize the in and outs of becoming an ace sale person using this ready-made PowerPoint slide. Use this PowerPoint graphic to recruit other customers or partners as well. Download now!


Key Functions of Network Marketing PPT Template


Download this template


Template 4: Network Marketing Strategy PowerPoint Template

Here is another PowerPoint Template to help you enhance your network marketing strategy. Incorporate this predesigned PPT layout to outline a plan to generate money through direct sales or new member’s affiliations. Create a multilevel marketing strategy structure using this PPT Diagram to create leads and close sales. This presentation template is perfect to strengthen your strategy on multilevel marketing. Grab this PPT Template and pen down ways to become a confident independent sales representative. Download now!


Network Marketing Strategy PPT Template


Grab this template


Template 5: Network Marketing Business PPT Slide

Looking for ways to generate curiosity about your business on social media? Use this PPT Template to create a buzz among your audience and get them to like your business model. This PowerPoint Template showcases ways you can engage people in this digital age. Learn to add value to the content, share events, polls, and more to keep your brand alive in the market. You can also use transformational stories such as testimonials and user-experience to authenticate and prove the credibility of your products and services. Download now!


Social Media Network Marketing PPT Template


Download this template


Template 6: Multilevel Marketing Incentive Model PPT Template

Wish to create an incentive model structure of multilevel marketing? Deploy this predesigned PPT Template and walk your audience through every step of the network marketing process. Use this PowerPoint Slide to showcase how an independent sales representative reaches top and starts to earn money through direct selling. This PowerPoint Diagram demonstrates a layout to explain multilevel marketing process in way that your audience will recall for a long time. Download now!


Network Marketing Incentive Model PPT Template


Download this template


Template 7: Network Marketing PPT Slide

Want to exhibit a network marketing model to your audience? This is a perfect diagram to help you give a brief introduction on how network marketing works. It is a content-ready PowerPoint Template comprising a chart showcasing the starting point of a business, which is the manufacturing- distribution centre. You can elaborate on the process from manufacturing to direct seller to customers to downline sellers with this PowerPoint Template. The business icons in this presentation do a lot to uplift the look of the slide and give it a modern touch. Use this template to give a valuable lesson in network marketing to the audience. It is win-win for all with this presentation slide.  Download now!


Direct Selling Network Marketing Model PPT Template


Grab this slide


Template 8: Affiliate Network Marketing Steps PowerPoint Template

Here is another actionable PowerPoint Template to help you persuade your audience on becoming a part of network marketing. Grab this content-ready PPT slide to showcase your customers’ steps toward earning a commission via multilevel marketing. This PowerPoint Diagram comprises a comprehensive chart explaining affiliate network marketing process to grow sales and revenue. It also has relevant making it easier for the audience to comprehend the system, just at a mere glance. Download now!


Affiliate Marketing Steps PowerPoint Slide


Download this template


Template 9: Half-Yearly Affiliate Marketing Roadmap PowerPoint Template

This is a ready-made PowerPoint Template showcasing a roadmap of affiliate marketing to make commissions on sales they make. You can deploy this predesigned PowerPoint Slide to grab your audience’s attention on ways to start earning through network marketing. This half-yearly PPT roadmap highlights steps to target your audience and encourage them to join the business to mark your milestone. Use this PowerPoint Layout to build a network of distributors to grow a company. Download now!


Network Marketing Roadmap PPT Template


Download this template

Template 10: Affiliate Network Marketing PowerPoint Slide

Is network marketing your side hustle? Make it lucrative and valuable by increasing distributors under your team. Deploy this content-ready PowerPoint Template and use it to train your audience and hone their sales skills. Help your team members up their game and learn to be convincing and confident with this PowerPoint Diagram. This ready to use PPT Graphic showcases ways to engage audience, increase product awareness, drive quality traffic, and more. Grab this predesigned PowerPoint Template and use it to be your own brand. Download now!


Affiliate Network Marketing PPT Template


Grab this slide


Product Knowledge Counts


Network marketing is a unique marketing technique to double or even quadruple your revenue stream. Apart from top-notch people and sales skills, you need to be well-versed with the products to promote them. You should be ready with your pitch and answers to clarify your audience’s doubts on company’s background, history, real life examples, etc. Network marketing may not have traditional processes to scale up the business processes. However, it requires you to have in-depth knowledge on products and strategies to encourage the audience to join your venture. Therefore, deploy SlideTeam’s custom-made and flexible PPT templates to promote your products with complete efficacy and zeal. These premium PowerPoint Slides are available to download from above collection or here.


PS: Grab these content-ready marketing and sales proposals to help you create new avenues and fulfil your business potential.

FAQs on Network Marketing


What are the tips of network marketing?


Network marketing may look like selling and buying goods while gossiping and chit chatting. Or a high-pressure salesperson trying to persuade on how you can become a millionaire in simple steps. It is neither a hobby nor a get-rich-quickly Ponzi scheme. It is an opportunity to increase your income, running your part-time or full-time business. However, there are some tips that you should use in network marketing to grow your business. These tips will help you pave your path to success and help you gain confidence in your endeavor. These are as follows:


  • Choose your company wisely
  • Follow what multilevel marketing veterans teach you
  • Take guidance and help from the seniors in the network
  • Take up the lead with your downline
  • Identify your target market
  • Try to meet and share your plan every day
  • Develop a system to follow-up with leads


How to start network marketing?


Network marketing is a business model which include creating a network of people who buy and sell products or services. This business allows you to work in a particular segment and reach customers who are interested in your products. To become a network marketer, you require good communication and customer handling skills. Other than this, there a few points you need to adhere to be successful in this business. These are:


  • Develop your ability to study and analyze the market
  • Determining affordability
  • Finding your target audience
  • Searching for a network marketing company like Amway
  • Invest cautiously, after completing all enquires and due diligence
  • Identifying opportunities
  • Connecting with other marketers

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