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Timelines: 12 Timeline PowerPoint Templates For Your Next Presentation

Timelines: 12 Timeline PowerPoint Templates For Your Next Presentation

Hanisha Kapoor

August 21, 2018

Showcase events, achievements, milestones and complexity of history with an amazing infographic called as timelines. Timelines are widely used in schools, business presentations, project planning and more. They explain steps, instructions, guidelines, plans, story and a lot more.


Since it is useful and has unique features, let us show you different kinds of timelines that you should look out for in your next presentation or project.


  • Business Timeline PowerPoint Template:

Company Plan Timeline


Click here to download this company plan timeline.


This is a perfect timeline to showcase the upcoming yearly plan. You can of course use it as a monthly timeline as well. Just edit the years and put the months. Give an overview and display information that is easy to understand using this basic business timeline.


  • Business Milestone Timeline PPT Slide:

Business Milestone Timeline Template


Get this business milestone timeline here


Now this one can be used to showcase your business achievements. It displays progress of projects with quarterly milestones. You don’t have to put in extra efforts in this timeline. Just download this timeline and add your content.


  • Project Timeline PowerPoint Template:

Project Timeline with Tasks


Grab this professionally designed project timeline here


Showcase the progress report of your project using this project timeline. This one is not so different than the above timeline. It showcases various lined up tasks with month wise project improvement.


  • Parallel Timeline PPT Slide:

Parallel Timeline Design



Download this parallel timeline template for your next presentation.


So many tasks to be performed at the same time? Don’t worry. You can manage all those at once with this parallel timeline. Jot down the activities and you can track each task from their beginning to completion. This parallel timeline makes it easy.


  • Business Achievement Timeline PPT Diagram:

Business Achievement Timeline



Click here to download this business achievement timeline.


Flaunt your achievements to clients and stakeholders. Incorporate this company growth timeline to show the milestones. This timeline can be used the way you want. You can edit the months, put years or both. All depends on your requirements.


  • Product Launch Marketing Plan Timeline PowerPoint Template:

Product Launch Marketing Schedule Plan



Get this product launch plan timeline here


Want to launch your next big product? Create a marketing plan using this professionally designed marketing plan schedule timeline. Mark the important months and tasks using this timeline. Jot down the big ideas to advertise your product using this timeline.


  • Project Schedule Timeline PPT Slide Design:

Project Background Timeline with Milestones


Click here to download this project background timeline.


Throw light on the project background showing this timeline. This timeline is perfect to track project’s background, its activities, milestones, gaps and more. Mention the beginning point to know if you lack behind or on time.


  • Project Management Gantt Chart Timeline PowerPoint Diagram:

Project  Management Gantt Chart


Download project management gantt chart by clicking here


Gantt charts can also be presented as timelines. Track project’s task and activities using gantt chart. This project management gantt chart timeline will help you record duration of the project and its completion.


  • Project Planning Excel Timeline PowerPoint Template:

Project Planning Excel Timeline


Download this project planning excel timeline.


You can create a timeline using excel. This excel timeline lets you plan and track your next project activity, date and month wise. You can schedule the tasks according to the dates and can schedule a date for project end.


  • Project Management Timeline Gantt Chart PPT Slide:

Project Management Timeline Gantt Chart


Grab this project management timeline gantt chart.


This is another timeline in the form of a gantt chart. You can use this template to plan your project or activity with tasks listed. Track the progress of the tasks and check whether the project is running behind or on time. This is an yearly timeline. You can edit the template as per your requirement.


  • Project Activity Gantt Chart PowerPoint Timeline:

Project Activity Gantt Chart Timeline


Click here to download this project activity gantt chart timeline.


Manage the activities of the company using this activity gantt chart timeline. List down the tasks and keep a tab on the progress of the tasks. Mark a milestone where task is completed. Name the person responsible for the task.


  • Project Tracking Details Timeline with Deliverable PPT Slide:

Project Tracking Details Timeline with Deliverables


Get this project tracking timeline by clicking here


This is a detailed timeline showcasing project names, tasks, duration, deliverable and cost per hours. It also focuses on the importance of the project. You can prioritize the project if needed.


So you have 12 different timelines to choose from for your next presentation to show business history, milestones, project planning and more.

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