In the year 2000, when Starbucks CEO Howard Schulz stepped down from the position, things began to taper off. Later in 2008, when he joined back, Starbucks stocks decreased to the point where the end seemed impending. However, Schulz did not give up, the near end inspired him and the top management to capitalize on the idea of relationship marketing. 


So how did they do it? They tried their best to provide comfort and peace to the customers at their stores. You can sit inside a Starbucks cafe and chat for hours without any restriction. They provide customers with free Wi-Fi at stores, cups bearing their names, and never forget their order. They experimented with walk-up kiosks and drive-throughs made from reclaimed steel containers. Besides, they provide a place for customers to relax, other than home and work, thus forging good relationships. 




But hey! We are not trying to convince you to visit Starbucks. However, what we are trying to show you is the magnificent influence of relationship marketing. 


The Nitty-Gritty of Relationship Marketing


Relationship marketing is a technique designed to foster customer loyalty, interaction, and lasting engagement. It is focused on building a more meaningful relationship with customers to ensure long-term satisfaction and brand loyalty. The goal of relationship marketing is to form a brand that can lead to free word-of-mouth promotion from existing customers. 


Acquiring new customers is expensive! Studies state that a five percent increase in the customer retention rate can further escalate a company’s revenue by 25-95%. Therefore, business organizations should create strategies to bond with their customers for enhancing commitment. 


To help you cultivate an emotional connection with your customers, we have shared five relationship marketing strategies, supported by three professionally-devised templates each. So become your own boss by creating a lucrative relationship marketing plan. Let’s dive into them one by one. 

1. Customer-focused service

While engaging with the customer, the primary focus should never be on the product or service. Rather, the focus should be on whether the customer would like the advertisement? Would they be excited about the Facebook post? Or would the new product delight them? You can also create channels of direct support when they need help. So create your customer-focused strategy with these templates. 

Template 1

Introduce a thriving relationship marketing plan to your team using this innovative template design. This plan increases sales, reduces customer attrition, delivers invaluable marketing, and boosts employee morale. Therefore, grab it right away!


Manager Sharing Customer Relationship Marketing

Download Manager Sharing Customer Relationship Marketing Plan templates

Template 2

Success in any business depends on the foundation you create when you build a relationship. Highlight the different avenues for building a relationship with your network by picking the correct strategy. Download this template and use it at your convenience.


Relationship Marketing Strategies 

Download Relationship Marketing Strategies templates For Customer Retention

Template 3

Our attitude towards others determines their attitude towards us. Pick this well-crafted template and initiate less “knock on the door” and more “contextual” selling. This template can be incorporated into any relationship marketing presentation. So download it instantly!


Relationship Marketing PowerPoint Presentation

Download Relationship Marketing PowerPoint Presentation Slide Template

2. Use the right platform to engage

It is critical to research which platforms are the most relevant and popular for your ideal customer base. By using those channels to communicate with them, you will demonstrate a unique level of understanding, encouraging them to interact with your brand. Share your research results with these template designs. 

Template 1

Discuss the six steps of relationship marketing for converting potential leads with this visually appealing template design. Illustrate the journey of your customer from guest to advocate. Pick the template and get inspired. 


Six Steps Relationships Marketing For Lead Conversion

Download Six Steps Relationships Marketing templates For Lead Conversion

Template 2

The application of correct relationship marketing techniques can show a rapid increase in brand sales. Establish an identity that sets itself apart from the competition and sparks a connection with the audience. Download this design and consistently deliver a positive experience to your customers. 


Relationships Marketing Techniques To Promote Brand Sales

Download Relationships Marketing Techniques To Promote Brand Sales

Template 3

It is crucial to determine the unmet needs of your customers by closely examining all the potential markets. This prefabricated template includes influencer, recruitment, referral, internal, customer, and supplier markets. So download it to develop and enhance your brand relationship.


Six Markets Customer Relationship Marketing Model

Download Six Markets Customer Relationship Marketing Model Template

3. Incentives and rewards

Who doesn’t like a reward? Create brand loyalty by engaging with customers even after they have completed the purchase. Consider offering discounts on additional purchased products, or give personalized recommendations as per their preferences by incorporating the templates below.

Template 1

Display a relationship among marketing, customer service, and quality with this Venn diagram template. Identify closely the similarities and differences to strengthen your company’s relationship marketing. Select this creative bundle and use it multiple times. 


Relationship Marketing 3 Circles Venn Diagram

Download Relationship Marketing 3 Circles Venn Diagram

Template 2

If you're seeking to implement the correct relationship marketing strategies, this template is the correct pick for you. You can utilize it to lead the customers who are more willing to engage, purchase, and advocate. So download and use it for any business organization. 


Actionable Customer Relationship Marketing Strategies

Download Actionable Customer Relationship Marketing Strategies 

Template 3

The purpose of a process is to establish consistency. Create a checklist that ensures the right things are getting done by the correct set of people within the assigned time limit. Pick this template and smoothly execute your relationship marketing plan. 


Relationship Marketing Process To Engage Customer

Download Relationship Marketing Process To Engage Customer

4. Valuable storytelling

For the customers who have already purchased your product, you don’t need to create additional advertisements to earn their brand loyalty. Instead create valuable content that connects them with your brand, regardless of the intent to purchase. Use the following template to create a unique message for your business.  

Template 1

This template segregates your customers into four categories - butterflies, true friends, strangers, and barnacles. It creates a relationship matrix that can be used to smoothly indicate the specific strategy for each group, based on their profitability for the business. So pick and easily edit it as per your information.  


Relationship Marketing Matrix For Customer Groups

Download Relationship Marketing Matrix For Customer Groups

Template 2

This template helps you value your customers in a way that is more diverse than the sales volume. It elucidates the different fundamentals of relationship marketing like customer satisfaction, loyalty, and trust. So without further ado, download it now! 


Fundamentals Of Relationship Marketing PPT

Download Fundamentals Of Relationship Marketing 

Template 3

Choose this template design to highlight the customers that will not be costly in terms of maintaining relationships and the ones with underdeveloped potentials. Utilize this information to make better and informed decisions. The design is easy to edit. So download and edit to your benefit.  


Results And Benefits Of Relationships Marketing To Organization

Download Results And Benefits Of Relationships Marketing templates

5. Feedback is crucial

A relationship is a two-way street - to develop a connection with your customers, ask them for regular feedback. This feedback can be used to constantly improve your relationship marketing strategy and fit your audience’s needs. Use these templates to fulfill your purpose. 

Template 1

CRM unites relationship marketing strategies and IT to create profitable and long-term customer relationships. So utilize this CRM framework template to use both data and information and understand the customer’s value. 


Customer Relationship Marketing Framework With Vision And Strategy

Download Customer Relationship Marketing Framework templates With Vision And Strategy

Template 2

This template prompts to build a favorable image of your brand, a beneficial relationship between the organization, and public communities. Besides, this is a multi-functional template that will suit all businesses. Therefore, grab it now and boost public awareness! 


Public Relations Call Lead Relationship Marketing Customer Engagement

Download Public Relations Call Lead Relationship Marketing 

Template 3

The goal of relationship marketing is not only to cultivate greater customer engagements but also to encourage shoppers for creating emotional connections with the brand. So use this template to embolden more consistent sales and greater customer lifetime value. 


Innovative Relationship Marketing And Customer Loyalty

Download Innovative Relationship Marketing And Customer Loyalty Templates 

In conclusion

Understand your customer’s behavior, and let that knowledge set a cadence for your outreach. Utilize it and create an incredibly powerful way of personalizing your relationship marketing campaign. Our templates will definitely help you complete that endeavor with panache.


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