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Top 25 Insurance PowerPoint Templates Agents and Managers Swear By!

Top 25 Insurance PowerPoint Templates Agents and Managers Swear By!

Gunjan Gupta

Gunjan Gupta

January 31 2020

Insurance plays a very important role in mitigating risks pertaining to business, life, health, and so on and so forth. Everyone knows that and so everybody needs one. It is something that is unavoidable and irreplaceable. 


Providing insurance for the services you offer will bring in more clients, and increase their trust in your services. It will also give them a sense of security while purchasing your product. 


No matter who you are:- a company providing insurance policies, an independent insurance broker who wants to broaden his clientele, insurance consultant, or an insurance seeker, we have just the right template for you. Our Insurance Templates are totally up-to-date, equipped with modern design and aesthetics. The creative layout is fully tailorable to fit your business requirements. There is no limit to the personalized features you can add to these templates to make them fully responsive. 


With a much stiffer competition in this particular industry, you need a tool to simplify your operations and deliver your promises to your clients. As experts say higher expectations are the key to everything, these templates will help you to meet your customer demands which should be your sole motive. 


So, what are you looking for? Browse through our gallery of different types of insurance templates for life, car, health and others. 


Insurance PowerPoint Templates 


Health Insurance Marketing Template 1


This PowerPoint template is incredibly simple but at the same time, it is responsive and well structured to fit your business, organization, company, consulting, or corporate agency. It is aimed for well-established businesses and startups to attract more customers by developing an apt marketing strategy without going too overboard with it. Equipped with modern tools and design, this layout is made for every user who wants to take his health insurance marketing a notch higher and spread its word across. 


Health Insurance Marketing


Download Health Insurance Marketing Marketing Systems B2b Advertising Marketing System Cpb


Insurance Industry Benchmarking Template 2


Powerful forces are influencing and reshaping the insurance industry- challenging capital market, more complex regulations, better services being demanded by the customers, stiffer competition, deeper experience, and more products. All of this has compelled insurance agencies to increase their operational efficiency in order to boost productivity, increase profitability, and maintain market share. Our PPT acts as a powerful tool to help you assess your performance on a set of strategic priorities and compare them with your competitors, best-in-class companies and tailored peer groups. Armed with useful insights, this template can help you identify performance gaps and close them with apt change initiatives encouraging suitable call-to-action. 


Insurance Industry Benchmarking

Download Insurance Industry Benchmarking PPT PowerPoint Presentation Styles Gallery Cpb


Commercial Insurance Template 3


As an insurance company, it is crucial to sort out all the segments of business to the very last piece of information and design. This template will ensure that your desired online presence is established in the marketplace with speed and confidence. It helps in showcasing the insurance plan formulated by your agency and grab the immediate attention of your prospects towards your services. Not only that, it also assists in displaying and explaining the basic steps of an insurance plan to gain the confidence of your peers. 


Commercial Insurance PPT

Download Commercial Insurance PPT PowerPoint Presentation File Outline Cpb


Insurance Key Metric And Claim Channel Dashboard Template 4


Keep a track of your claims and key metrics by employing our Insurance PPT template. Help your agency to adjust the premium policies you offer and present them in a convincing way in front of your peers. Gain the approval of your team by showcasing the final outcome with the help of our PPT template. This template uses a variety of customizable graphs and charts to present you with a practical and fully functional layout that can be altered as per your specifications. Feel free to add your personal touches to make this design much more practical. 


Insurance Key Metric And Claim Channel Dashboard

Download Insurance Key Metric And Claim Channel Dashboard


Insurance Lead Automation Solutions Template 5


For insurance agents, lead generation is a top priority as it dramatically influences the conversion of leads. This new robust tool has brought a revolutionary change in marketing, storing important information and using this client information to a whole new level. Though it is hard to convert leads into customers, this template will help you in gaining clients, getting in touch with them through various sources and persuading them to opt for your insurance policies. Whether you are agents of life, boat, home or deal in any other type of insurances, this template with its editable format will fit all your needs and requirements. 


Insurance Lead Automation

Download Insurance Lead Automation Solutions Crm Demand System Requirements Cpb


Insurance Policy Template 6


Use this template to set up an insurance business plan. This template is professionally designed with attractive visuals and color scheme to help you prepare the operational, organizational and financial strategies of your business. Owing to its adaptability, this template is fully functional with all other formats such as Google Slides and Microsoft Office suites. 


Insurance Policy

Download Insurance Policy With Purpose Procedure And Icons


Car Insurance Icon Template 7


It is extremely important for every car owner to have a car insurance. Clients are doubtful while choosing the right deal and the right insurance company. Gain the confidence of your client by demonstrating your capabilities. Showcase that you are the best insurance service provider by making use of our car insurance template. Build a proper online presence for your agency to flourish. Show and state your services, advantages, history and other aspects to increase your credibility. Being a fully editable template, it will serve as a great tool to promote your business and its offering thus landing you more projects and clients. 


Car Insurance Icon

Download Car Insurance Icon With Two Hands


Disability Insurance Policy Template 8


Among the best benefits, an organization can offer to its employees would be disability insurance. Ensure that you stay at the top with our Disability Insurance Template. We promise you utmost satisfaction and success in keeping your employees happy and contented with this well-structured template. After all, it is designed keeping user-friendliness in mind. There is also a high level of customizability associated with this template which gives you a lot of scope to alter it as per your specifications. Save yourself from the hassle of creating an insurance template from the very scratch by employing this slide. 


Disability Insurance Policy

Download Disability Insurance Policy Presentation


Insurance Marketing Plan Template 9


People are getting more and more practical and hard to convince to make an investment, even if it is for their own good. So if you are an insurance agency, providing insurance-related services, proving your trustworthiness can be quite challenging. This well-structured PowerPoint template can help you do so with effective content and visuals. Use it to create a marketing plan for your organization that has a powerful impact on your viewers. Convince your viewers to opt for the insurance policy for their safety and well being. 


Insurance Marketing Plan

Grab this Insurance Marketing Plan Diagram PowerPoint Slide Download


Insurance Antitrust And Regulatory Issues Template 10


This template is clean and minimalistic for any manager or insurance agent to swear by. It helps to explain the jurisprudence and statutory laws that govern and regulate the insurance industry. Built with a broad skill set, it helps in explaining the market control exercised to prevent unfair trade practices regulate other practices in the insurance industry. Help your insurance agency succeed and reach greater heights with this fully responsive and easy manageable PPT template. 


Insurance Antitrust And Regulatory Issues

Download this Insurance Antitrust And Regulatory Issues PPT Design


Travel Insurance Policy Presentation Template 11


Take your traveling agency to new heights in the business arena with the help of our content ready PowerPoint template. This template assures maximum exposure for your organization and helps increase its credibility as it is packed with interesting colors and visuals. When clubbed and used properly with a presentation, this template is sure to attract your viewer’s attention thus leading to higher open rates and conversions. 


Travel Insurance Policy

Download this Travel Insurance Policy Presentation


Life Insurance Sales Four Steps Template 12


Elevate your insurance policy sales with our pre-designed and fully adaptable PPT slide. Increase your competitive edge by outlining the four basic steps that make your insurance policies the best in the market including tax relief, protection, service provider, and internet marketing. Being fairly minimalistic, this template is responsive to all your requirements owing to its fully editable layout. Key in your important information and details to make this PPT more meaningful and useful when it comes to your business operations. 


Life Insurance Sales

Download this Life Insurance Sales Four Steps


Life Insurance Policies And Plan Template 13

Suitable for discussing various forms of life insurance policies such as team insurance, whole life policy, endowment policy, etc. with your prospective clients, this template is apt for every user whether you are an agent, manager or an insurance company. You can make your required amends as this template is 100% editable. The presenter can create an informative and relatable presentation in a matter of seconds using this template. 


Life Insurance Policies And Plan

Download this Life Insurance Policies And Plan


3 Benefits Of Insurance With Icons Template 14


There are many individuals who don’t understand the importance of having insurance to protect themselves, their business and their families from potential threats. Promote the usability of an insurance policy with the help of our resourceful PPT template. With attractive visuals, this template will act as a powerful marketing tool to gain acceptance from your prospects. Sell yourself and your policy with full confidence and agility by incorporating this slide in your business endeavors. 


3 Benefits Of Insurance

Download 3 Benefits Of Insurance With Icons 


Working Insurance Regulatory Template 15

The soft color palette and the smart layout makes this template a good choice for an agent or manager. Built with keeping usability and adaptability in mind, this PPT is well prepared to discuss the policies and regulations of your company with full effect on the listener. It is also apt to convey your message and promote your business online by bringing the client’s focus and attention to it. 


Working Insurance Regulatory Change

Download Working Insurance Regulatory Change Customer Focused Consumer Businessman


Life Insurance Planning Timeline Template 16


Life Insurance is a very common asset for long-term financial planning. It is a way of protecting your client’s loved ones from undue risks which is only possible after they have a thorough understanding of the life insurance plans offered by your agency. When you get your hands on our Life Insurance Planning Template, you are paving your way to planning out your sales goals efficiently. Furthermore, it helps to set easily attainable goals by adopting effective insurance strategies and convey the same to your client. What makes this template great is its adaptability To google Slides and other Microsoft Office suites. Therefore download it now!


Life Insurance Planning

Download this Life Insurance Planning Timeline


Life Insurance Four Steps Upward Arrow template 17


Generate a creative PPT using our Life Insurance template. Create a presentation that is relatable and visually attractive using this template. The user can make use of this slide to explain various steps of a successful life insurance policy. Apart from this, it can also be used to highlight various safety measures implemented by your company to give the best of the services to your clients. The design and graphics employed in this template make it easier for the user to explain his concepts and the client to comprehend them. 


Life Insurance Four Steps

Download this Life Insurance Four Steps Upward Arrow


Life Insurance Template 18


Present your credibility and explain your company’s potential using this professional insurance template. Explain your company’s policies and plan with all the necessary steps included to encourage your prospect to consider life insurance as a safety measure. Our pre-designed template has well written and useful content that you can alter as per your need and requirement. Owing to its customizable properties, this template is compatible with every other software without any difficulty. 


Life Insurance With Protection Savings And Wealth Creation

Download this Life Insurance With Protection Savings And Wealth Creation


Health Insurance Policy Template 19


Foster the benefits of adopting health insurance to safeguard yourself and your family from unnecessary threats. Promote the importance of opting for health insurance by making use of our template. Use it as a powerful marketing tool to showcase your company’s expertise in providing the best health insurance services. Our template provides you nothing but the best when it comes to the design and content in building up a great presentation. It is also quick and easy to access, owing to its adaptability with various other software such as Google Slides, Microsoft versions, etc. Furthermore, this template is useful to every user of different ages and health conditions because of it being fully customizable. 


Health Insurance Policy

Download Health Insurance Policy Presentation


Insurance Sales Icons Template 20


If you are faced with budget constraints, time constraints or are simply looking for a new and highly professional insurance template to showcase your creative ideas, get the jumpstart that you require with our Life Insurance Sales Tips PPT. Customize the layout of this template as much as you like to make it fit for your organization. Download this template in formats like PNG, JPG and others because of it being fully editable. 


Insurance Sales Icons

Download Insurance Sales Icons


Insurance Coverages Policy Template Template 21


As a reputable and highly resourceful insurance agency always be prepared for pitfalls and perils which are a part and parcel of business operations. Utilize our template to present an overview of safety measures adopted by your agency to protect the overall health and well being of your customer. This template has an easy-to-customize layout and fully understandable content that you can adapt to your agency’s needs and requirements.  


Insurance Coverages Policy

Download this Insurance Coverages Policy Presentation


Types Of Healthcare Insurance Plans Template 22


If you are thinking which type of health insurance is suitable for you, don’t worry we have everything covered for you with this template of ours:- Types of Healthcare Insurance Plans Social PPT. Ensure that you stay ahead in protecting yourself and your family from various health hazards with this PPT. We guarantee the utmost satisfaction to any of the person or an insurance company using this template. After all, it is professionally designed with thorough research and analysis before its implementation. Utilize this template to outline various forms of health insurance plans and their individual benefits including social, private and community-based to set yourself apart and a notch higher. 


Types Of Healthcare Insurance Plans

Download Types Of Healthcare Insurance Plans Social PPT PowerPoint Presentation File Graphics Tutorials


Insurance Claim Process Template 23


It is important to be familiar with the insurance claim process, to reduce the negative impact of an unfortunate event. It also helps in mitigating the intensity with which the negative event strikes, thus reducing it to a bare minimum. This template will help you outline the various steps included in the claim process. It also helps in formulating a powerful insurance claim process that is more than likely to yield positive results no matter how grave a situation is. 


Insurance Claim Process Approach

Download this Insurance Claim Process Approach Document Verification Approved Rejected


Insurance Marketing Plan Network Template 24


This template is the most reasonable choice for marketing your insurance plan on the go without any special skill-set to make it happen. Constructed with thorough research, it contains editable slides and content that can be altered to suit one’s specifications and needs. Modify the color, background and other attributes to make it fully functional and practical. 


Insurance Marketing Plan

Download Insurance Marketing Plan Network Marketing Sales B2b Branding Cpb


Types Of Insurance Policy Presentation Template 25


Time is limited to decide the best type of health insurance for your company or family. But rushing and picking up the wrong can cost you and your resources. Here is a content ready PowerPoint template that will help you navigate the best type of policy as per your individual needs and requirements whether it is through an employer or federal marketplace. 


Types Of Insurance Policy

Download Types Of Insurance Policy Presentation


So there you have it 25 best insurance templates to assist you and your team in creating great PowerPoint presentations. 


Download the one you like and let us know your thoughts on these templates by leaving a comment below.

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