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10 Training Report Templates to Become a Better Evaluator

10 Training Report Templates to Become a Better Evaluator

Hanisha Kapoor

Hanisha Kapoor

January 18 2022

As a manager, you are always caught up with work. Streamlining the processes, achieving goals, performing daily tasks, and more are some of the challenges you face every day. However, what becomes arduous is guiding and evaluating the team's performance. Because let's admit! They are your pillar of strength, and you have to channelize their energy to bring the best out of them.


You can have a motivational talk ready for this purpose. However, a speech won’t really inspire your team to do better. You require something more substantial than wise words such as a properly-outlined training report.


But what are training reports? And how are they beneficial? 


Present to your colleagues the company's objectives and methods to accomplish the targets. Explain their roles, assign them the tasks, and help them maneuver towards their goals. Therefore, communicate your message effectively to your team members and strengthen their performance using training reports.


Training Reports to Supervise Your Team Efficiently


SlideTeam brings you ready-made PPT templates to help you specify the agenda, status, and assessment of your training schedule. Moreover, these training report slides can help you emphasize the business functions.


Incorporate these professionally designed training report templates and supervise your employees in a calibrated manner.


We have hand-picked some of the slides for you, which you can use as per your needs. Rest, you can browse the collection by clicking here.


Let us begin by going over our professionally-designed training report templates.


Template 1: Employee Training Report PPT Template

Grab this ready-to-use PowerPoint layout to outline a training report for your employees. You can add the names of your team members in the slide along with the training subject. Managers can also incorporate the comments related to coaching and present them with this template. It is customizable and you can use it as per your requirements.


Employee Training Report PPT Template


Download this template


Template 2: Training Schedule PowerPoint Slide

This PPT template is designed to keep you on your schedule. You can set up a time frame for each training module with this ready-made PowerPoint template. Add instructions, feedback, and your responses in the details section of the PPT slide. Keep tabs on different pieces of training using this actionable PowerPoint diagram.


Training Schedule PPT Slide


Grab this slide


Template 3: Performance Management Training PPT Design

Incorporate this PPT slide to develop a quarterly training plan for the workforce. List essential activities that you need to discuss and highlight to avoid discrepancies. You can use this PowerPoint design to plan, organize, and lead exercises that  bring your employees to the same page.


Training Roadmap PPT Template


Download this slide


Template 4: Sales Training Report PowerPoint Template

Amp up the performance of your sales team by providing them with well-planned training. Use this ready-made PPT slide to highlight core areas and personnel needs that require immediate attention. Showcase the essential task details, training sources, and more to head-start the drill. You can also include the mentor's name and job description in this PowerPoint graphic.


Sales Training Report PPT Diagram


Download this template


Template 5: Training Schedule Calendar PPT Slide

Present an outline of your training calendar using this professionally designed PPT template. Make a schedule for each day and keep the functions intact with this flexible PowerPoint slide. You can also add the assessment points to this PPT design to evaluate the end result.


Training Calendar Schedule PowerPoint Slide


Grab this template


Template 6: Training PowerPoint Template

Deploy this PowerPoint template to outline the training schedule of the staff members. Departmentalize and list points that need urgent attention with this ready-made PPT slide. Use this PowerPoint diagram to divide the workforce into teams to cater everybody’s needs. It is a customizable template. You can use it as per your needs.


Department Wise Training PPT Diagram


Download this template


Template 7: Employee Training Implementation Plan PPT Slide

Incorporate this visually-appealing PPT design to enhance the skill set of your existing and new employees. Use this PowerPoint template to create a timeline for different training modules. You can add the course title with the date and time to keep everyone in loop. Highlight the desired results in the PPT slide to intensify the learning for the workforce.



Training Program PPT Template


Download this template

Template 8: Training Planner PowerPoint Template

Use this handy PowerPoint template to devise an easy-to-understand training plan. This PPT design comprises necessary tabs to help you add relevant information. Jot down the employees' names, priority tasks, schedule, and training status for proper execution. Download this customizable template and use it as per your convenience.


Weekly Training Planner PPT Template


Download this template


Template 9: Training Plan PPT Slide

Experience your company's growth by educating your employees using this professionally designed PPT template. Communicate essential lessons and improve team efficiency with this ready-made PowerPoint slide. Moreover, this actionable PPT design will help you meet your team's needs for their continuous growth.


One Page Employee Training PPT Slide


Grab this slide


Template 10: Training Program Implementation PPT Template

Get your workforce exposed to training that scales them and your business operations with this flexible PPT slide. Highlight the objective of the mentoring session and outline a training schedule to kick-start learning programs. You can also add the training outcomes in the template to review. This template is customizable to help you add your content as per your requirements.


One Page Training Program PowerPoint Slide


Download this template


Use SlideTeam's ready-made PPT templates to help facilitate career development. Enable employees to respond positively to organizational restructuring and operational transformation by incorporating these actionable PowerPoint slides


P.S: Utilize the actionable templates featured in this blog to provide top-notch sales training to your team.

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