I really do encourage other manufacturers to bring electric cars to market. It's a good thing, and they need to bring it to market and keep iterating and improving and make better and better electric cars, and that's what going to result in humanity achieving a sustainable transport future. I wish it was growing faster than it is. Elon Musk - CEO, and Chief Engineer at SpaceX


Electric mobility is becoming more and more popular, as people are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and save money on fuel costs. However, businesses and end-users need to be aware of many challenges and opportunities associated with electric mobility.


What Are Top Challenges?


#1 The Lack Of EV Charging Stations


The biggest challenge  electric mobility market is facing is the lack of charging infrastructure. There are presently around 16,000 public charging points in the UK only, and the scenario is same worldwide — in fact, way less in developing Asian nations. Thus, means the lack of convenient charging locations is significant deterrent for people considering buying an EV. 


Local authorities and businesses can unite to address this challenge by installing more charging points. 


#2 The High Cost Of EV Batteries


The high cost of electric vehicle batteries is another roadblocked. Battery costs account for half the cost of an electric vehicle. In simple words, EVs will be way more expensive than traditional petrol/diesel vehicles until battery costs come down.


#3 The Lack Of Knowledge And Awareness


There is a visible devoid of knowledge and awareness about electric vehicles among the public. 


#4 The Need For Infrastructure Upgrades


Electric vehicles need a better manufacturing infrastructure level than traditional vehicles. This means that the need for upgrades to the electrical grid and other infrastructure will become more apparent as electric mobility gaining mobility. 


#4 The Need For Better Vehicle Standards


Electric vehicles need to meet specific standards to ensure that they can be used safely & effectively. These standards have to be updated as electric to establish high standards in the industry. 


What Are The Opportunities?


Despite the challenges, there are numerous opportunities associated with electric mobility.


Here Are a Few of the Most Promising Ones:


  • Developing more advanced and affordable batteries will make electric vehicles more competitive in price.
  • The growth of ride-sharing services could boost the electric vehicle market.
  • The increasing popularity of smart homes and the internet of things could pave the way for the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.
  • Expansion of charging infrastructure will make it easier for people to embrace EVs.
  • The growth of renewable energy will help reduce the environmental impact of electric vehicles.


To boil down, electric mobility is a rapidly growing industry, and the opportunities will only upsurge in the future.


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Here’s Tesla and Elon Musk - The Future of Electric Cars | DW Documentary




How to Craft an Electric Mobility Startup Pitch Deck?


When you're pitching your electric mobility startup to investors, it's crucial to have a well-crafted pitch deck. This will help you communicate your company's value proposition & mission.


Here Are Practical Tips for Creating a Pitch Deck That Will Impress Investors:


  • Start With Your Company’s Overview: This should include information about your team, product or service, and target market.
  • Explain the Problem: That You’re Solving: Why is your product or service necessary?
  • Describe Your Solution: How does your product or service work?
  • Outline Your Business Strategy: How will you make money and achieve profitability?
  • Present Your Competitive Landscape: Who are your competitors, and how do you differentiate yourself from them?
  • Explain Your Finances: What are your projected revenues and expenses?
  • Summarize Your Pitch: What is your company's value proposition, and why should investors invest in you?


When creating your pitch deck, be sure to keep it concise and easy to understand. Investors are busy people, so you need to make sure that your pitch can be summarized in a few minutes. You should also practice your pitch to deliver it confidently and effectively. 


To better understand, let's take a look at the critical slides included in a compelling Electric Mobility investor presentation:-

Slide 1: The Presentation Cover

The main image of the title/first slide resonates with the concept of electric mobility to make a strong impression. The slide mentions the presentation's agenda and the company without having too many details that may end up distracting the prospective investors.


Electric Mobility Startup Pitch Deck

Slide 2: Table of Contents 

 The table of contents slide gives an overview of the topics covered in the presentation. It can be helpful to use this slide to keep track of where you are in the presentation, and it can also be helpful for your audience to see what topics will be covered. 


Electric Mobility Startup Pitch Deck

Slide 3: Problem Statement

A Problem Statement is one of the most critical elements of a successful pitch deck. It highlights the issue that your company is trying to solve, and it is what investors will use to determine whether or not your company is worth investing in. To make your Problem Statement as impactful as possible, make sure to include the following elements:


  • The Size of the Problem
  • The Potential Market Size
  • Consumer Impact


If you can include all of these elements in your Problem Statement, you will have a much better chance of attracting investors' attention.


Electric Mobility Startup Pitch Deck

Slide 4: Solution Statement

When you're pitching your solution to a potential investor, you want to make sure that your Statement is impactful. Here are a few things to keep in mind:


  • Keep It Brief: You want to get your point across quickly and efficiently, so make sure your concise Statement.
  • It Should Be interesting: Don't just recite the facts; make your Statement interesting to read.
  • Make It Relevant: Make sure your Statement is relevant to your pitch and the investor you're speaking to.
  • Keep It Memorable: Your Statement is your opportunity to make a good impression, so make sure it's memorable.
  • Make It Persuasive: You want to persuade the investor that your solution is worth investing in, so make sure your Statement is compelling.


When you're crafting your Statement, keep these things in mind, and you're sure to make a great impression.


Electric Mobility Startup Pitch Deck

Slide 5: The Company Overview

When drafting a company overview slide for your pitch deck, it's essential to include key highlights about your business that interest potential investors. Your overview should be concise and to the point, while still providing enough information for potential investors to understand your business.


Some things you may want to include in your company overview are:


  • Your Company’s Mission or Purpose.
  • The Problem You’re Solving.
  • Your Target Market
  • The Size of Your Market Opportunity
  • Your Competitive Advantages
  • Team
  • Your Financials


When creating your overview, be sure to tailor it to your specific business. Every company is different, and investors will be interested in other aspects of your business. 


Electric Mobility Startup Pitch Deck

Slide 6: Founding Members

When creating a pitch deck, it's important to highlight your founding members. A Founding Members slide is a great way to do this. To create a founding members slide, you'll need to gather information first. This includes the member's name, designation, a professional snap, and other key details.


Slide 7: Value Proposition 

When you're pitching your business idea to investors, it's essential to make sure that you focus on your value proposition. This is the key reason why someone should invest in your company.


Your value proposition is what makes your company stand out from the competition. It explains why your product or service is unique and why customers choose you over your rivals.


The most important slide in your pitch deck is the one that highlights your value proposition. Make sure that you spend enough time crafting this slide, and make sure that it's straightforward to understand. 


Electric Mobility Startup Pitch Deck

Slide 8: Target Markets

A well-constructed Target Markets slide is one of the most crucial slides in a pitch deck. This slide tells potential investors who your target market is and why they should invest in your company, and it also shows that you have done your homework and know your target customer.


A Strong Target Market slide should include:


  • The Target Market’s Demographics (Location, Age Range, Gender, Income Level, Etc.).
  • The Target Market’s Needs and How Your Company Meets Them.
  • The Size of the Potential Market.
  • How You Plan to Reach This Market.


If you can, provide data or surveys that back up your claims about the target market. This will help convince potential investors that your company is worth investing in.


Electric Mobility Startup Pitch Deck

Slide 9: Competitive Analysis 

Creating a robust competitive analysis is essential to a successful pitch, and it can help you identify and understand your competition while also highlighting any potential weaknesses in their businesses.


When creating your competitive analysis, be sure to include the following:


  • The Size of Your Competitor’s Market and Your Share of It.
  • Your Competitor’s Strengths and Weaknesses.
  • The Products or Services Your Competitor Offers
  • How Your Product or Service Differs From Your Competitors.
  • Your Target Market.
  • Your Estimated Marketing Budget.

Slide 10: Exit Strategy 

An exit strategy is a vital component of any pitch deck. This slide lays out your company's plan for exiting the market. And it should include information on who will buy your company, what they will pay, and when the deal will close. Your pitch will likely fall flat if you don't have an exit strategy. 



Electric Mobility Startup Pitch Deck




Electric mobility is a burgeoning industry with vast potential. While there are many challenges to overcome, the opportunities for growth and innovation are immense. We've outlined the top challenges and opportunities in this field; now, it's up to you to seize them! What will you do to make electric mobility a success?


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