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Why Does the Enterprise Security Management Concern You! 17 Best Layouts for Your Organization

Why Does the Enterprise Security Management Concern You! 17 Best Layouts for Your Organization

Nawsheen Muzamil

Nawsheen Muzamil

August 19 2022

Have you wondered why your new job allots an official email among other work assets that you shouldn’t use for your personal requirements?


A comical answer to this is so you don’t receive manipulative emails titled ILOVEYOU. Most of us are lovelorn and get trapped into clicking that email. 


Because that email, dear reader, was sent by a hacker (unless, obviously, you have invited unprofessionalism in your workplace)




The Background


This analogy is, in fact, derived from a major cyber security incident in the year 2000. This security breach was so severe that the Pentagon, the CIA, and the UK Parliament all faced embarrassment and some material loss! Among other damages it caused, duplicating this “love confession” to the mailing list, overwriting files, and making the system unbootable really hit work and governance. 


Since the 1990s, computer viruses like Melissa (claiming to be a list of passwords to adult websites), Code Red (which even hit the White House website), Sasser (one that forced airlines and governments to shut), Stuxnet (disrupted Iran’s nuclear program), etc, have highlighted the importance of cyber security for enterprises.


It is, thus, clear that enterprise security management is a key domain that businesses can ignore only at grave risk. 


What is Enterprise Security Management (ESM)?


It is the coming together of technology, techniques, and professionals to create a safe exchange, storage, and processing of information that is both confidential and classified for any organization. Organizations must identify threats to their system and prepare an action plan to combat or avoid these altogether. An Enterprise Security Risk Management Cycle defines the procedure of analyzing the system and identifying risks followed by its mitigation.


What is an Enterprise Security Risk Management Cycle (ERMC)?


An ERMC defines the step-by-step circular path for an organization to spot risks, resolve them, control the damage, and thereby develop robust procedures against security threats. To know more about this risk management cycle, here is a must-read.


What are the Best Practices to Ensure Enterprise Security?


A stitch in time saves nine; proper awareness and contingencies can prevent a major disaster from happening for your organization. Most of our data is stored and backed up online, so our defense practices should revolve around these cyberspaces such as the cloud and IoT. 


Secondly, building awareness among your employees and users about potent cyber attacks and sharing the vulnerability in a controlled manner could imbibe in them the necessary responsible attitude. 


Thirdly, having a strong disaster recovery and risk mitigation plan ready could reduce collateral damages. 


Fourthly, encrypting data and regulating its limited access to specific employees can also in many cases, prevent your organization from any rotten apple within the system. 


Fifthly, as the matter doesn’t concern the IT department alone (since the entire organization’s data is at stake), it is wise to involve senior members in the enterprise security management to help them understand the cost, impact, and need of ESM.


Lastly, proper configuration of IoT-based devices, monitored cloud linkage, and commitment to secure your system irrespective of investment can work wonders. 


Here is an opportunity to learn about cyber threats and how you can defend yourself against them. Check out the blog link here.


But wait, how can your organization now implement reliable security management, be it for yourself or for your client? We are answering this question now! This part of this guide presents the 17 best PPT layouts to help you achieve this objective. Design, reframe, or upgrade your defense system against malicious cyber attacks and breaches. Explore now!


The Templates


Template 1: Enterprise Cyber Safety and Security Proposal PowerPoint Presentation

Are you a service provider that offers cyber security? Then this PPT presentation is for you to pitch to your clients. This PPT template set is a step-by-step approach at guiding your client through your services and how you plan to benefit them. It starts with a proposal letter that is precisely designed to match your intent, followed by a guided showcase of services, rate lists, work experiences, etc. To utilize this 37-slide presentation, visit the download link below.


Enterprise Cyber Safety And Security Proposal PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Download this template

Template 2: Corporate Security Management PowerPoint Presentation 

Would you like to scrutinize your corporation’s security system? Here is an all-in-one template collection to secure your workplace regarding physical, technological, and financial aspects. Download this 68-slide PPT presentation to understand the root causes and find ways to alleviate threats and vulnerabilities. Download now!


Corporate security management PowerPoint presentation slides


Download this template

Template 3: Cyber Security And Phishing Awareness Training PowerPoint Presentation

Just as FirstAid acts as your first line of defense against fatalities, the correct awareness of malicious elements and their effective resolution plan can lower the damage caused. With this training PPT, you can educate your team on matters related to cyber security and phishing and prepare them beforehand to avoid or tackle them. Inform them about data sensitivity levels with best practices to safeguard data. Preach the idea of a first-hand report with this PPT design. Download this 50-slide PowerPoint compilation now!


Cyber security and phishing awareness training PowerPoint presentation slides


Download this template

Template 4: Industrial Security Management PPT

Is your enterprise one of production, manufacture, or processing units with loads of sensitive information of dealers, retailers, and storage houses along with sensitive financial data at stake? Then this industrial security management presentation is one for you. Protect the sanctity of your unit and its data by devising a secure management system with this 11-slide PPT presentation. To start using this now, visit the download link below.


Industrial security management PPT


Download this template

Template 5: CCTV Rendering Security PPT 

A vital aspect of offline security is CCTVs. Discuss the configurations suitable for your workspaces with this PPT layout. Whether it is a video recorder type, high tech-overhead security CCTV, etc, discuss its utility for various portions and purposes with the 11 infographic-rich PPT designs. Download now!


CCTV Rendering Security PPT


Download this template

Template 6: Email Security Proposal PowerPoint Presentation Slides

If you are the developers of email security software for organizations, then this template set will help you propose your capabilities before your client. Start with a letterhead followed by a guided attempt to inform and influence your clients. All of this is presented as a ready-made format that only requires filling in with your company specifics. Without further ado, build secure email communication for your clients by downloading this 28-slide compilation!


E Mail Security Proposal PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Download this template

Template 7: Security Management Plan PPT Slides

Discuss the security management plan in place for your organization and address its effectiveness, including loopholes to fix them asap. With this PPT compilation, analyze your social media management, IT and electronics security, and create plans for their seamless working. Deploy this exclusive 12-slide compilation to get started today on building efficient security management plans.


Security Management Plan PPT


Download this template

Template 8: Security Controls Management PPT

Discuss the parameters that you can control in safeguarding your organization and its assets with this PPT presentation. You can cover aspects like business, IT, healthcare, and even digital media. Assemble your vulnerabilities and discuss mitigation techniques with this PPT layout. Download now!


Security Controls Management PPT


Download this template

Template 9: Security Dashboard PowerPoint Template Bundles

Here is a crucial template set to track metrics related to security management. The 19 slides of this all-encompassing PPT comprises graphs, charts, and scales to monitor the performances and effectiveness of strategies. Track threats and their resolution percentages for the IT sector, cloud-based devices, and other cyber activities. Trace the number of users and their authorization on network levels and devise the best possible strategy to safeguard your valuable data online. Download now.


Security Dashboard PowerPoint PPT Template Bundles


Download this template

Template 10: Seven Stage Circle to Secure Enterprise Communication

Do you fear a breach in communication at your organization? Whether the communication is hosted offline or online, this PPT compilation offers an infographic approach to designing a foolproof method of transmitting messages within and outside the organization. Address the communication channels, and in steps of seven define ways to resolve the common security issues in them. Deploy this powerful 12-slide PPT slideshow to create an engaging session.


Seven stage circle enterprise secure communication PPT


Download this template

Template 11: Firewall Enterprise Protection Security PPT

Discuss the benefits of installing firewall software within your systems using the 12 slides of this PPT presentation. Protect your data transmission online by securing your digital channels and restricting unauthorized access. This richly illustrated PowerPoint design suggests ways to monitor information flow and plug data leakage. Download now!


Firewall Enterprise Protection Security PPT


Download this template

Template 12: One Page Enterprise Strategic Implementation Plan Presentation Report Infographic PPT PDF Document

Looking for a compact one-pager to strategize upon an effective enterprise security system? This one-page layout offers a succinct way to record your purpose, key objective, initiatives, and key performance indicators when it comes to executing an efficient ESM. Deploy this editable template now!


One page enterprise strategic implementation plan presentation report infographic PPT PDF document


Download this template

Template 13: One Page Employee Training and Safety Initiatives Presentation Report Infographic PPT PDF Document

Here is a template to discuss the training module for your employees regarding engaging in secure online or offline communication. Inform them about the threats and prepare them to best combat the cybercrimes that could impact their personal lives or hamper the organization’s work. Use this template to assess the training conducted and plot map management frameworks while tracking improvements. Download now!


One page employee training and safety initiatives presentation report infographic PPT PDF document


Download this template

Template 14: One Page Latest Industry Trends in Health and Safety Presentation Report Infographic PPT PDF Document

Safety is not just the absence of danger but the sense of ease. With this template, you can explore the dimensions of technology that will, in turn, guarantee a safe browsing environment and interchange of information. This pertains to mobile devices, AI, and the security software in use that will help improve the overall psychological well-being of your employees. Download this one-pager design now!


One page latest industry trends in health and safety presentation report infographic PPT PDF document


Download this template

Template 15: Cyber Security Risk Management Addressing Indicators Associated With Insider Threats

Here is a single slide template to focus on the cues that hint at information breaches online. Focus on the three essential symptoms: an excessive number of orphaned files, absence of authentication levels, and data exfiltration. Having an insider trouble monger can also be identified with this design. Categorize your employees into naive, negligent, revengeful, etc, and your organizational vulnerability at their hands. Deploy this extensively researched PPT slide now! 


Cyber security risk management addressing indicators associated to insider threats PPT


 Download this template

Template 16: Payment Security and Fraud Management Solutions Capital Amount PPT Pictures

Is your payment collecting or disbursing system prone to breach? Then address your concerns with this PPT layout. Design a secure and fraud-free security management system with this PPT layout. Identify the three core vulnerable areas i.e. before the payment, on the payment page, and after the payment, and discuss means to create a safe transactional space. You can always consider seeking reliable third-party software to bring this sense of security. Discuss all these options with your team using this PPT design.


Payment security and fraud management solutions capital amount PPT pictures


Download this template

Template 17: Information Security Process to Manage Firms Sensitive Data Management

Discuss the guided procedure to manage your firm’s sensitive data with this single-slide PPT template. Highlight password management, the role played by the network administrator and facets of the network security audit list in this single-slide. Discuss its underlying steps and develop a security strategy in light of it. Download this PPT design by clicking on the link below.


Information security process to manage firms sensitive data management to improve project safety PPT


Download this template


Create a safe environment for information interchange with these enterprise security management templates. It’s time to educate and inform your team as we dive deeper into the unsafe realms of the world wide web.


PS: Data governance is another vital concept intrinsic to preserving data security and integrity. To know how data is processed within an organization, check out this blog with its dedicated template collection.

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