In project management, whether in the IT field or any other area, a weekly status report is akin to the heartbeat of humans. A status report in project management exercise and a beating heart signals to everyone around that the project has a mission and purpose. 


To execute this well, however, businesses must look carefully at how they see a project management weekly report. Is it something they ask for only under the pressure of legal compliance, or do they enjoy doing it for the enhanced efficiencies it brings? As businesses tackle this fundamental question and deal with the pain point of needing a status update, here’s a solution from the presentation services design leader, SlideTeam. We believe businesses should master two things: Presentation as an art and a convincing document that impresses stakeholders. Second, we are well-equipped to help businesses (meaning their top brass, individual business owners, and others) specialize in what they do and not worry about PPT Templates.


Amazon, the e-commerce giant, demonstrates that its success is rooted in its ability to measure and manage diverse facets of its business empire on a weekly basis. The tool it uses is weekly dashboard templates. Get some here.  


In this blog, as users get into project management weekly report PPT Templates, SlideTeam offers world-class design, a design and information package curated after hands-on experience in a report/dashboard format. We endeavor to provide enough content and design to ensure the user feels valued. There is no need for the user/client to create a PPT or any other form of presentation for weekly project status reports after downloading our templates. 


It is a report that satisfies all stakeholders accurately and reflects weekly progress on a project. There is no better way to execute the control function of management than through these project status report PPT Templates. Remember that in a project, execution matters, and to monitor it, SlideTeam’s PPT Templates on the project management weekly report are a must-have. 


Use the best project management dashboard templates in the blog that also discusses the main metrics of a project management dashboard as well. 


Let’s explore the templates now!

Template 1 Project Management Weekly Status Report Dashboard

Use this PPT Template to represent a dashboard representing the weekly status report of an IT project. A project plan will have tasks too numerous to attempt to document, but the slide aims to do the important and exceedingly well for the user, which is always the project management team. This PPT on project management includes details related to ongoing activities, top issues, breakdown charts, project plans and timelines, and outstanding project issues. For instance, the segment on outstanding issues lists the top five concerns that businesses must address based on priority or immediate need. Note the pains the PPT Template takes to ensure the information conveyed is detailed and precise for the end-user. The project status has a green dot to indicate its status, as the number of outstanding issues is indicated in a color code. The net impact is that the PPT Template enhances usability and features.  


Project management weekly status report dashboard




Template 2: Weekly Project Management Progress Status Report PPT Template

The neat and clean PPT Template conveys project management status to the stakeholders on broad parameters. The aim is to convey the essential kind-of-major headline points, but with comments to ensure the meaningfulness of some numbers are also on the slide. Users will also find enough detail in this PPT Template to zero in on details of the teams executing parts of the project. The project name, date of status entry, project manager, etc, are given earmarked, dedicated segments. In project components, budget, scope, and schedule are covered. In this PPT Template, the project management department gives its weekly progress report on modifying the data system. 


Weekly Project Management Progress Status Report




Template 3: Weekly Quality Metrics Report for Project Management  

This PPT Template displays a chart for weekly quality metrics that measure the efficiency of operations in manufacturing organizations over time. The project management report template collates data over six weeks, with at least 14 metrics across five categories showcased using the attached icons. The first category is articles manufactured, under which the presentation template showcases units produced, hours taken, and output. The other categories are stock turn, consumer demand, and production target. Get this PPT Template now.   


Weekly quality metrics report for project management




Template 4: One-Page Construction Project Manager Weekly Status Report Presentation Infographic

Construction is a significant primary activity that drives the business activity around it to a significant extent. As a construction project manager, use this PPT Template to create a weekly status report, which includes a construction timeline with activities performed this week and planned for next week. Users will find that this slide also provides answers to specific queries on dependencies related to project management. In the critical risks and issues segment, we can also get each risk related to the status, owner, and description.


One Page Construction Project Manager Weekly Status Report




Final Word


If there are projects to execute, which will be forever, businesses will always need some management. This will be especially true of exercising control and evaluating progress and status. When the world did not have much technology and information, project status reports were tedious and time-consuming to make and execute. Even after the PPT world made us all wow, there is the process of dragging boxes and text around to get that perfect template done.


Businesses do not have the time to execute or the manpower to do the PPT-making job when the top brass or even the individual user knows the process like the back of their hand. They need visual support and a template to help the team file the project status in a report every week. Our PPT Templates do this specific job tremendously well.


PS Get some top weekly report templates that offer a prospect of business development, highlighting accomplishments etc in this blog.