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Performance Improvement Plan
[Updated 2023] Top 20 Templates to Draft an Actionable Performance Improvement Plan

[Updated 2023] Top 20 Templates to Draft an Actionable Performance Improvement Plan

Kritika Saini

Kritika Saini

October 19 2021

“Oh no, I am getting fired!” – is the first thing that pops into an employee’s mind when they are given a performance improvement plan (PIP). But that’s not the case, as this corporate red flag is an action plan used by managers and HR to help employees who struggle to reach their goals. 




A PIP can be scary and intimidating because some managers use it as a legal process of documenting the termination or dismissal of an employee. But it is a tricky job for employers who want to monitor their employee’s performance using a structured and formal approach. It becomes crucial for the management to help their employees appreciate the importance of a PIP. Let’s dive in and comprehend a few benefits! 


  1. It helps employees improve their performance, thereby reducing the turnover costs. 
  2. It acts as a communication tool, providing clear and concise documentation, thereby establishing a standard of accountability.
  3. When used correctly, it can improve the quality of relationships and display a commitment to engaging the employees in the long run. 
  4. It highlights in detail the issues/behaviors that cause problems, corrective actions to improve them, and resources required in the process. 
  5. It boosts employee mobility and allows the unfulfilled employees to transition into higher roles, thereby creating a talented workforce. 


So if your employees are underperforming and this unproductivity is beginning to affect other tasks, let’s find a balance between the right direction and growth in your workplace. But before that, we must assimilate...


The Gist of a Performance Improvement Plan 


A performance improvement plan is a concise document that presents an employee’s behavior and conduct using formal language and tone. Managers can include participants, dates, a summary of concerns, improvement goals, resources required, expectations, consequences, action plan, and signatures to make the PIP a success. 


And to help you achieve the desired outcome of improving an employee’s performance, we have shared a step-by-step PIP process with our 20 handpicked templates. These designs will help all the employers define expectations, deficits, and objectives practically to make strategic documentation. 

1. Document the issues

In the first step, you should observe and document the performance issues proactively over time. This examination will help the management have a comprehensive understanding of the particular employee’s inadequacies. To help you execute this process smoothly, we present these meticulous PowerPoint templates. 


Template 1: Performance Improvement Plan Presentation

You can pick this stunning template to document your employee’s PIP journey. The design illustrates observation, improvement of goals, support, expectations, progress checkpoints, and more. Therefore, download it and make the desired changes. 


Performance Improvement Plan Template


Download Performance Improvement Plan PowerPoint Presentation

Template 2: Performance Improvement Plan PowerPoint Presentation

What you document, you measure; and what you measure, you manage. Use this template to present your employee’s current performance and the loopholes. In fact, this toolkit will help your employees become informed and more productive. Download now! 


Performance Improvement Plan Measurements


Download Performance Improvement Plan Presentation

Template 3: Performance Improvement Plan Slide

You can highlight your employee’s dependencies with this well-structured PowerPoint template. You can also mention the expected improvements and measures to be taken. So download this design and use it multiple times. 


Performance Improvement Plan Presentation


Download PIP Measures Template

Template 4: Performance Improvement Plan Steps

You can use this template to implement a robust performance improvement plan. This design includes identifying underlying issues, employee involvement, setting new objectives, training, reporting, and reviewing. Therefore, grab it right away and captivate your audience. 


Steps for Effective Performance Improvement Plan


Download Performance Improvement Plan Steps Template

2. Design an action plan

Before setting a meeting with the employee and implementing PIP, we recommend crafting an efficient action plan. This blueprint will help you identify the employee’s performance issues and provide ample time to establish resources, coordinate schedules, and formulate an accurate timeline. Check out these amazing PowerPoint designs to begin the procedure. 

Template 1: Timeline for Performance Improvement Plan

Pick this invigorating six-step template to create a PIP action plan. This presentation is crafted by our team of expert designers. So grab it instantly without any second thoughts. Click the link below!


Performance Improvement Plan Steps


Download 6 Steps To Establish A Performance Improvement Plan

Template 2: Employee Performance Improvement Plan

You can enhance your company process by creating a team performance improvement plan with this creative template. It will help you get to the bottom of the situation and find why a particular team member is not performing. Therefore, grab it right now!


Employee Performance Improvement Plan


Download Employee Performance Improvement Plan Template

Template 3: Performance Improvement Plan PPT Template

You can include this template in your PIP action plan for implementing training programs. Also, the text boxes given in the design can be easily edited. So download it and help your employees work as per the required standards. 


Performance Improvement Plan Training


Download Performance Improvement Plan Training Template 

Template 4: Performance Improvement Plan Slide

This is another amazing template that you can put in your performance improvement action plan. With this design, you can share the actionable objectives and promote a sense of accountability. Also, you can use it for employees who look forward to a promotion. 


PIP PPT Template


Download Performance Improvement Plan Objectives Template 

3. Ask for a feedback

After creating an action plan, review your PIP’s first draft. You can also enquire for feedback from your superiors or other managers before submitting it to HR for approval. However, if it’s your first time creating a performance improvement plan, worry not! Explore these well-researched template designs. 


Template 1: Performance Improvement Plan with Outcome

You can use this slide to illustrate the outcome of a PIP and store the employee database. Besides, you can conduct activities and stay on top of your budget to streamline internal planning and coordination. Download right now!


Performance Improvement Plan with Outcome and Meeting


Download Performance Improvement Plan Outcome Template

Template 2: Organizational Performance Improvement Plan

Choose this design to provide a clear idea to your employees on where they are failing and the expected changes. If you frame this template with the correct “why”, it will encourage the employees to try harder. So download it and eliminate the low-quality outcomes. 


Methods for Creating Organizational PIP


Download Methods For Creating Organizational PIP Template

Template 3: Performance Measurement Plan Improvement Support

Choose this performance improvement plan template and share it with your colleagues to get the final approval. You can also include the possible outcomes on the failure of mentioned performance parameters. So download it right away and get insightful reassurance. 


Performance Improvement Plan Measurement Support


Download PIP Support And Dependencies Template

Template 4: Performance Improvement Plan KPI

Add this template to your PIP presentation for setting critical key performance indicators for your employees. The design demonstrates improvement areas, KPIs, employee duties, superior duties, deadlines, and the next review date. So download and use it to your advantage. 


Performance Improvement Plan KPIs Deadlines & Review


Download Performance Improvement Plan KPIs Template

4. Hold a meeting

You need to schedule a PIP meeting with each employee to handle their questions and share feedback. At this time, we suggest turning off distractions and avoiding interruptions, thereby protecting the employees’ privacy. You can pick from these pre-designed templates to share the expectations. 

Template 1: Performance Improvement Plan Outline

You can select this PIP template and arrange a meeting with your employee. It will help you walk them through the performance issues and objectives. Therefore, download it and ask them for the required support. 


Performance Improvement Plan Outline


Download Performance Improvement Plan Outline 

Template 2: PIP Template

You can share this PIP template with your management to display the “plan, build, and run” structure. The design focuses on pointers like relationship management, product management, deployment, product engineering, end-user service desk, and more. Therefore, grab it and enlighten your team members about their duties and responsibilities. 


Performance Improvement Plan Build Run Structure


Download Performance Improvement Plan Build Run Structure Template

Template 3: PIP with Gap Analysis

Use this template for conducting a one-on-one communication session with the employees. With the gap analysis, this design will help them understand the inconsistency between expected and actual performance. So download it and share the improvement measures. 


PIP GAP Analysis & Improvement Plan


Download Performance Improvement Plan PPT

Template 4: Performance Improvement Plan Steps

Pick this visually appealing PowerPoint template to create a performance and result-focused PIP report. Besides, the design encourages you to include your employee, identify the issues, set objectives, provide training solutions, and review regularly. Therefore, pick and customize it as per your requirement. 


PIP Template


Download Effective Performance Improvement Plan PPT

5. Review employee progress

This is the most critical step where you have to schedule follow-up meetings and the final review. Here, you can spare time for a progress report and add the results in the PIP timeline. Choose from these stunning designs to share the decision by either terminating or retaining the employee. 

Template 1: Performance Improvement Plan Timeline

You can create a 13-week performance improvement plan timeline with this graphic design. So download it and display the feedback meeting dates and midpoint check-ins to keep a systematic record. 


PIP Timeline


Download Timeline Of Performance Improvement Plan Template

Template 2: PIP with Mission,Review, Recycle

HR and managers can use this template to have a strategic discussion with the employee concerned. Besides, you can include the evaluation process, cycle time, and review results. So download it and implement a PIP critically!


PIP Review


Download PIP PowerPoint Template

Template 3: PIP Actions, Support, and Review

With this design, you can represent your employee’s actions, support, and review in the PIP period. Therefore, download it immediately and share the process conclusion with them. Besides, you can easily deliver it using Google Slides or keep it in your records. 


PIP Actions Support & Review


Download Performance Improvement Plan Support And Review

Template 4: Employee Performance Improvement Plan

Choose this well-crafted template to depict a comparison between the employee’s performance before and after getting into the PIP. The design includes a creative chart diagram that will make communication easier. So download it without any hassle.


Current PIP Plan


Download PIP Current And Expected Performance Template


It’s worth noting that a PIP document is like a two-way street involving the employer and the employee. The latter might worry initially about being on a PIP, but you can clarify the situation by providing a realistic overview. Our exclusive templates will open the lines of communication for you, ensuring that the execution phase goes hassle-free. 


P.S: For a better evaluation process in your company, try out our actionable performance review templates featured in this guide. 


FAQs on the Performance Improvement Plan


What is a Performance Improvement Plan


A performance improvement plan (PIP) is a structured document that outlines specific steps an employer and employee will take to help the employee improve their job performance. The PIP is typically used when an employee is not meeting the required standards of performance or when the employer wants to help the employee address a particular area of weakness.


The PIP usually includes a clear definition of the performance issue, the expected standard of performance, and a timeline for improvement. It may also include specific actions that the employee needs to take, such as attending training sessions or meeting with a supervisor for coaching.


The purpose of a PIP is to help employees identify areas where they need to improve and to provide them with the support and resources they need to make those improvements. It also helps employers document the steps they have taken to support the employee's improvement and provides a clear framework for assessing whether the employee's performance has improved to an acceptable level.


How to create a performance improvement plan?


Here are some steps to create a performance improvement plan (PIP):


Define the performance issue

Set goals and expectations

Develop a timeline

Identify action steps

Provide support and resources

Monitor progress

Evaluate success


What should be included in a performance improvement plan?


A performance improvement plan (PIP) should include the following elements:


Performance issue: A clear and specific description of the performance issue that the employee needs to address.


Expected standard of performance: A clear and specific definition of the expected performance standard that the employee needs to meet.


Goals and expectations: Specific, measurable, and realistic goals and expectations for the employee to achieve within a defined timeframe.

Action steps: Specific action steps that the employee needs to take to achieve the goals set out in the PIP, including any training, coaching, or additional support required.


Resources and support: Identification of any resources and support the employee needs to achieve the goals set out in the PIP, including training, coaching, tools, and additional support.


Timeline: A defined timeline for achieving each goal and completing the PIP.


Monitoring and review: A system for monitoring and reviewing the employee's progress, including checkpoints for review and assessment.


Consequences: A clear statement of the consequences if the employee fails to meet the expectations and goals set out in the PIP.


Signatures: Signatures from both the employee and the manager, acknowledging their agreement to the PIP and the expectations set out within it.


A well-written PIP should be clear, specific, measurable, and achievable, with a defined timeline and specific action steps for the employee to take. It should also be designed to help the employee improve their performance, rather than to discipline or punish them for their shortcomings.







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