We are all well aware of Toyota, a major automotive company. Toyota’s procurement process is a well-oiled machine that is a pillar of its up-and-running manufacturing process. Its engineering team identifies the specific parts and raw materials required for its upcoming vehicle models. These requirements are communicated to their specific procurement department, which analyzes the company’s needs and initiates the process of sourcing. This is done by issuing Requests for Quotations or Requests for Proposals to multiple vendors and potential suppliers. 


Lastly, they select the most suitable suppliers based on the cost, delivery timelines and their capabilities. Based on this procurement cycle, Toyota maintains a stable and balanced production of high-quality vehicles.


This is a fine example that highlights the essence of a robust procurement process. 


Identifying the need for the product and making the final payment all fall under a procurement process. To get in-depth information about it, explore our blog on the top 10 procurement process flow chart templates.


A procurement process is a sequence of activities and steps involved in acquiring goods and services from external sources. This ensures that the company obtains the required goods at the best possible price and quality. It isn’t just about purchasing; rather, it includes everything from sourcing to negotiating terms, receiving and checking goods, etc. Smaller companies may require no more than one to two people for this process. On the other hand, larger companies may require specific teams responsible for different tasks and suppliers. 


A well-mapped procurement management plan acts like a roadmap assisting businesses in sourcing, acquiring and managing resources. Click here to learn more!


Keeping tabs on each activity, the team's functioning and the process's status can be daunting. But with the right tools, you can simplify and align all tasks. For that reason, SlideTeam has put together these top 10 procurement process presentation templates. These pre-designed slides are 100% editable and customizable, providing you with a much-needed head start. 


Let’s explore!


Template 1: Different Value Levers in Procurement Management Process

This PowerPoint Slide showcases the adjustments of procurement outsourcing on different value levers. The tabular layout of the template includes describing the changes that are required in procuring such stretched signup targets, adopting technology, transforming existing processes, etc. In addition to that it includes savings, alignment with business, risk management, operating costs, and more key metrics. The layout of the template offers an easy display of complex information helping the stakeholder to identify and prioritize activities that increase value and efficiency in the procurement process.


Different Value Levers in Procurement Management Process




Template 2: Procurement Process Plan Manage Source Analyze Strategy

A procurement plan involves a well-defined plan to analyze, source and manage the acquisition of goods that are required for operations. This PowerPoint slide highlights the procurement process in the form of a pyramid. Each corner depicts the stages of the plan like the Planning stage, sourcing and managing. The planning stage includes analyzing the business needs, analyzing and engaging the market, and finalizing the procurement strategy. This stage is followed by sourcing which includes approaching the market, selecting and negotiating. The last stage highlights management which includes implementation of the arrangement, managing the arrangement and lastly renewing. With the use of graphics like icons, it facilitates better comprehension of the process.


Procurement Process Plan Manage Source Analyse Strategy




Template 3: Model of Procurement Process Service Map

This PPT framework outlines the key stages involved in the procurement lifecycle. These include identifying business needs, selecting potential vendors for best value, approval from the department to control finances, placing the order, receiving invoice and order details, and more. It highlights the steps and decision points and fosters transparency and efficiency. This helps organizations optimize resource allocation and drive cost savings. Get this now!


Model of Procurement Process Service Map




Template 4: Procurement Process Overview Flow Chart Based on Relevant Roles

Each department related to the procurement process has a separate role to deal with. These roles include requisitioner, cost centre buyer, and accounts payable specialist. This PPT Slide highlights the procurement process with a flowchart for better comprehension, from establishing the need for the goods or service to its completion. Get this template now!


Procurement Process Overview Flow Chart Based on Relevant Roles




Template 5: Key Steps for Purchase Order Procurement Processing

The following PowerPoint Template outlines the stages involved in the procurement process related to purchase orders.  Each stage is essential to ensure accurate and timely delivery of goods, cost control and payment release. The five steps included in this PPT slide are creating the purchase request, issuing the PO, the supplier’s approval of the PO, recording and filing of the PO by the purchaser, and lastly, approval and payment. Get this now!


Key Steps for Purchase Order Procurements Processing




Template 6: Procurement Risk Analysis and Mitigation Process for Managing Supply Chain Channels

When the purchasing source or resource becomes unreliable, it leads to procurement risks. This PowerPoint Template determines the risks associated with assessed, mitigated, and monitored goods or services and highlights their impact on the procurement process. These risks include poor supply selection, inadequate requirement analysis, supply chain disruption, etc. This PowerPoint bundle of 67 slides showcases a timeline for employing an e-procurement solution and the KPIs to measure procurement process performance.


Procurement Risk Analysis and Mitigation Process for Managing Supply Chain Channels




Template 7: Risk Management Process in Procurement and Supply Chain

This PPT template is a complete deck with 63 slides. It highlights the risks involved in the procurement process and its management process. Slides included in this bundle are on the agenda for the risk management process, current business scenario analysis, identifying the risks involved in the procurement process, mitigating key risks, optimizing supply chain disruptions, employee performance review, and more. Impact analysis and dashboards for risk monitoring, control, procurement orders, etc. are also highlighted in this informative, content-ready bundle. 


Risk Management Process In Procurement and Supply Chain




Template 8: Evaluating Key Risks in Procurement Process for Supply Chain Distribution

It is vital to evaluate the risks in the supply chain distribution in the procurement process to ensure efficient and uninterrupted operations. It depends on the financial stability, delivery performance and quality control in the process. The given PPT Template deck in 58 slides highlights slides on the current scenario analysis, identifying the risks, mitigating key risks in the procurement process, impact analysis, etc. By actively addressing and identifying the potential risks, companies can enhance the ensure a stable supply chain distribution network. Get this Bundle today!


Evaluating Key Risks in Procurement Process for Supply Chain Distribution




Template 9: Procurement Management Process

As discussed earlier, procurement is the structured approach that businesses follow in order to acquire goods or services from multiple suppliers. The procurement process involves stages like planning, sourcing, solicitation, evaluation, contract management and the final closure of the contract. An efficient procurement management process assists businesses in achieving monetary savings, maintaining quality, mitigating risks, and more. This PowerPoint Template deck in 45 slides highlights these aspects and more. It showcases information with the help of graphics like tables, charts and icons which makes it comprehensive. Steps in the procurement management process, vendor management flow, SIPOC analysis in the procurement management process, etc are all included in this informative PPT bundle.


Procurement Management Process




Template 10: Steps of Strategic Procurement Process

This PPT template, a complete deck in 36 slides, illustrates the steps involved in the strategic procurement process. It helps businesses showcase their distribution networks. The aspects highlighted in this bundle are requests for proposals, channel partner selection, a SaaS implementation roadmap, and more. By employing this PowerPoint template bundle, organizations can align their procurement activities with the business's overall objectives and goals. Get this now!


Steps Of Strategic Procurement Process




To Conclude


The Procurement Process is vital for the growth and success of any business. It has a direct impact on profit, saving and spending. Employing these Custom ready PowerPoint templates provides you with consistency and professionalism. With the use of graphics like icons, tables, charts and graphs the retention rate and comprehension of the important data increase. 


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