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Top 10 Timeline Google Slides Templates To Organize And Prioritize

Top 10 Timeline Google Slides Templates To Organize And Prioritize

Gunjan Gupta

June 9, 2020

Think back to memorizing tedious dates in your history class (we apologize for the painful memories that might have resurfaced during this exercise). Rather than staring at jumbled dates and figures, you likely found or created a timeline neatly presenting dates in chronological order. Isn’t it?


A timeline is a very useful tool for organizing, scheduling, tracking events, visualizing the milestones, and due dates of a project. It makes it easy to identify stages, deadlines, and outcomes- whether you are planning an event, creating a marketing plan, or just prioritizing a to-do list. It also helps keep your team on the same page for which it needs to live in an application that is easily accessible throughout the project lifecycle. 


However high-impact, engaging timelines aren’t easy to create especially for non-designers. Enter Google Slides to the rescue! An application- easily accessible and far more efficient. 


To help you save your precious time and boost efficiency, we have included 10 Timeline Google Slides Templates in this guide that can be saved to Google Drive and other cloud storage services. Share these with your colleagues, team members, and executives as per your needs and requirements.


Let us begin!


Timeline Google Slides Templates To Download and Use 


Timeline Template 1


Any office employee, entrepreneur, project manager, and similar other people, who don’t want to lose track of time can utilize this Project Timeline template. Along with a number of peculiarities, this is a multipurpose template that can help visualize the important elements of a project very efficiently. Besides this, this tool can be used in a variety of fields like natural sciences, business, history, or any other relevant field as it helps in presenting the data in chronological order, thus making it easy to interpret. With its modern layout, this template will help your project management work and make it simpler, faster, and more convenient. Moreover, this slide will help you in visualizing even the most boring topics so that you don’t lose your audience in the middle of your presentation. Thus guaranteeing a successful speech and a good reputation altogether. 


Project Timeline Milestone PPT PowerPoint Presentation

Download Project Timeline Milestone PPT PowerPoint Presentation


Timeline Template 2


Plot your milestones and important dates whether they are related to delivery, status, achievements, or any other with this template. Stay on top of each project date and share it among your team members for better visibility into the project handling. This template is designed in such a way that it will help kickstart the creative and strategic planning process in your organization. This creative and high-quality template will help you present a breakdown of everything important related to your team, project, or other relevant concepts. It also comes in handy when you want to highlight a particular aspect and want your team to focus on it as it acts as a great visualization tool. 


Team Development Model Timeline

Download Team Development Model Timeline


Timeline Template 3


This type of timeline template is best used to state your yearly deliverables. By following a straight path in a creative way, each of your milestones can be described providing enough details to the onlooker. You can use various icons to show different milestones making it easier to retain as well as understand the information presented. Setting goals and presenting them also becomes a breeze by downloading this fully editable timeline template that can be altered as per your business demands.


Chevron Milestones Timeline

Download Chevron Milestones Timeline


Timeline Template 4


This timeline graphic enables you to plot your data discreetly and present it in an engaging way. Use it to depict your goals, achievements, create an action plan, and other relevant concepts. Since this is an editable layout, you can control the colors, edit any component, accentuate any topic, and promote your actions proficiently.  


Key Timelines And Deadline PPT Background Graphics

Download Key Timelines And Deadline PPT Background Graphics


Timeline Template 5


This template is designed to simplify the work of businessmen, employees, marketing experts, and others looking for a content-ready template that is fully editable and customizable. Use it to plan everything proficiently. This template will also help your team to identify new opportunities for growth. Besides this, it will give a jumpstart to your creative and strategic planning process. 


Timeline PPT Styles Deck

Download Timeline PPT Styles Deck


Timeline Template 6


If you require a professional timeline template that ticks all the right boxes, then this template is apt for you. It can be used by consultants, departmental heads, project managers, team leaders, analysts, and other professionals as per their needs and requirements. Since this template is fully editable you can add your illustrations and customize this design as per your liking. In this way, you can discuss all your project specifications in an interesting manner. 


Timeline PPT Infographic Template

Download Timeline PPT Infographic Template


Timeline Template 7


This set is designed to help project planners, managers, and team members to visualize all the critical information that needs to be taken care of. These include project events, due dates or deadlines, actions, milestones, etc. It helps in creating a project summary that can be easily interpreted with a single glance. It also acts as a great communication tool that can be used in documents, scoreboards, status reports, etc. Therefore, download this multipurpose slide that helps you in giving your best shot in managing and presenting. 


Timeline Presentation Layouts

Download Timeline Presentation Layouts


Timeline Template 8


Whether you want to present your organization’s historical moments, step-by-step instructions, workflow or any other factor this template will help you present everything proficiently. This template also helps in showcasing major facets of a project as they prove the nearest way of presentation. Besides major facets this template also helps in communicating other variables like the time duration, delays, lead times, and several others, thus making it a multipurpose visualization tool. 


Company Timeline Presentation Outline

Download Company Timeline Presentation Outline


Timeline Template 9


Communicate effectively with your employees by making use of this timeline template. Set aims to outline your major deliverables, achievements, or any other essential element with this professionally designed template that comes with customizable layout. This template helps the stakeholders, employees, business entrepreneurs, managers, and several others to visualize what deliverables are to be accomplished. It also helps you portray your company’s achievements, in the long run, thus helping grab the immediate attention of the viewer. 


Timeline PowerPoint Slide Rules

Download Timeline PowerPoint Slide Rules


Timeline Template 10


No project has the same features. Every project requires a different layout to share its important information like milestones, due dates, deliverables, etc. This template is one such design that can be used for any project regardless of the number of team members, complexity, and industry. Use it to present important events in a chronological order which ensures that it is completed within the stipulated time period. It also comes in handy to judge the progress of a project or of an event. 


Timeline PPT Summary Design Templates

Download Timeline PPT Summary Design Templates


If you still need a primer on what a timeline is and how to design one for yourself, go through our timeline guide (it includes a step-by-step procedure of designing a timeline and also contains templates to ease your work).

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