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Top 15 Presentation Templates to Showcase Your Management Consulting Services

Top 15 Presentation Templates to Showcase Your Management Consulting Services

Lakshya Khurana

Lakshya Khurana

October 27 2021

For business owners, it is natural to get so involved with work that they might not see the forest for the trees. You are looking at a number of problems that are slowing down the operations in different departments of your company, but their root causes seem impossible to find.


So what do you do about it?


This is where management consultants come in. For the uninitiated, management consulting is the use of an objective third party to identify, analyze, and solve complex business problems for your company. Also known as business advisory, it covers 50-55% of the consulting market, with experts in the US making a cumulative $2 billion for their services each year.





Notably, these experts recommend strategic improvements to business owners or the management. Implementation of these recommendations enhances the quality of the company’s operation in several departments or the business as a whole. Their modus operandi encompasses the following:


  1. Analyzing the workings of the company in all areas of operation such as human resources, marketing, finance, etc.
  2. Collecting data from these areas of the company as well as feedback from the employees
  3. Identifying the issues obstructing the potential of the company and making a diagnosis
  4. Proposing ideas and recommendations based on the diagnosis
  5. Assisting in the implementation of the proposed solutions


A management consulting presentation enables a firm to strategize a way out of their current problems and make better plans for the future to achieve greater profits, employee engagement, etc. And to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks, they can deploy...


Templates to shine the spotlight on your management consulting firm


A company might seek the help of business advisors for any number of reasons. Some of these reasons include increasing productivity and profitability, reducing costs, budget control, etc.


At first glance, it might not be imminently clear to your clients what good these services can do for their company and its people. So here we present 15 visually stunning and detailed PPT templates that let your clients understand that you can help them see that big picture.


If you are a firm that provides such services, these are the management consulting presentation layouts you need to smoothen the challenging task of a business consultant. These templates are fully editable and created by our seasoned designers. Scroll down to check them out!

Template 1

We start this list with this thorough PPT template. With a color-coded design that brings attention to the relevant details, this PPT layout has all the right elements such as the challenges and solutions, the services offered, the cost structure, etc. Get this template here to express yourself categorically.


Business Consulting And Advisory Services Powerpoint Presentation Slides


Download this template

Template 2

Do you yearn for your company presentation to be a bit more memorable? If yes, then this template is nothing short of an open letter to your clients that details your services and also expresses why you are the most suited firm for the job. The template features the cover letter for your management consulting presentation, your approach to solving problems, and the timeline. Download this template now to persuade your clientele.


Business Consulting Templates Powerpoint Presentation Slides


Grab this template

Template 3

With this sleek PPT design, you can draw instant attention to your proposal during any client meeting. This content-ready preset breaks down your presentation into simple steps that are sure to impress your clients. The template includes the problem statement, the solution, the finances, and more. Download this elegant PPT layout now and leave the audience in awe!


Consulting Pitch Deck PPT Template


Download this template

Template 4

This is the go-to template for an undemanding and clean proposal for your management consultancy. Use this PPT template to address your clients and make them realize how essential you can be to them. It has every bit of information that the client may possibly require such as the services offered, client testimonials, activities, etc. So get this management consulting presentation here and convince the audience of your expertise.


Consulting Proposal Template Powerpoint Presentation Slides


Grab this template

Template 5

This exquisite PPT layout allows you to present your information systematically. This graphical template also helps the audience visually follow your presentation without losing a beat. It contains the data collected, the solutions offered, the timeline, etc, to be filled with your firm’s details. Download this template and start answering the what, when, where, why, and how of your work.


Consulting Proposal Powerpoint Presentation Slides


Download this template

Template 6

This PPT layout presents a specific niche of a business, namely B2B sales. This template takes your audience through the process and includes the company overview, services offered, sales consulting plan, etc. It has a design based on the goal of disseminating information with minimum words. Get this template and present a plan to augment the B2B sales for your clientele.


B2B Sales Process Consulting Powerpoint Presentation Slides


Grab this template

Template 7

Many firms specialize in consultation for specific departments in the business. This management consulting presentation includes aspects relevant to human resources, such as the source, tracking, budget, vacancies, etc. Download this PPT template and get right down to business to evaluate the HR department.


Human Resource Consulting Powerpoint Presentation Slides


Download this template

Template 8

This template is directed at those firms that specialize in advising HR departments specifically. With a soothing green color palette, each slide in this template contains a facet crucial to HR consulting such as the services, products and solutions, agreement terms, etc. Click on the link below and make it yours!


Human Resource Consulting Services Proposal Powerpoint Presentation Slides


Grab this template

Template 9

This offbeat PPT template contains the process details including analysis of the industry, the company, the competition, etc. This PPT layout also provides the resources to display a comprehensive analysis of the effects that the recommendations will have on the company. Download this PPT design and tailor it to your specifications.


Inefficient Business Model Of A Guiding Company Powerpoint Presentation Slides


Download this template

Template 10

This is another unconventional  PPT template covering a detailed process with the relevant tools that leave nothing to chance during a client meeting. Though meant for a case study competition, this PPT design can help you execute an exhaustive analysis of any company, industry, and competition. So use this template to do a thorough job and showcase the results in the dashboard slides. Check it out right now!


Inefficient Business System Of A Management Consultancy Firm Case Competition Complete Deck


Grab this template

Template 11

Sales is a quintessential department in any company with multiple verticals of its own. So if the sales department isn’t performing at the optimum level, then it is essential to correct it. This graphical template kicks things off with the company overview, services offered, implementation plan, etc. Get this template and start churning out effective business solutions!


Sales Management Consulting Firm Powerpoint Presentation Slides


Download this template

Template 12

The numerous steps in the sales process make it quite difficult to pinpoint the root cause of a problem that is lowering productivity. Use this PPT template to collect the data for the sales performance, revenue, opportunities, etc. Get this template now and you will be able to repair the cogs in the sales process instantly!


Sales Process Improvement Consulting PowerPoint Presentation With Slides


Grab this template

Template 13

Social media consultants can utilize this PPT template to prepare an action plan for their clients. Present your expertise in the digital media arena with this PowerPoint layout that gives room to display your past experiences and what you can do for your clients today. Download this PPT template and make your mark!


Digital Media Consulting Proposal Powerpoint Presentation Slides


Download this template

Template 14

This PPT template is a graphical tool for you to analyze the financial data and present the results to your clients. The slides contain the pie charts, tables, and other diagrammatical graphics to display the process, investments, past experiences, etc. Click on the template and make it yours!


Equity Consulting Report Powerpoint Presentation Slides


Grab this template

Template 15

With this template, you can properly present your ability to analyze data and help make the intricacies of the consulting process much easier for the clients to understand. It encompasses the contract, the fee structure, the service description, etc. Download the template now to convert raw data into beautiful visuals.


Financial Management Services Proposal Powerpoint Presentation Slides


Download this template




Management consulting is one of the most challenging professions today, but there’s no point shying away from it. The amount of data that one has to process is definitely a tough mountain to climb and it would make your work far easier to have a set of premade toolkits in your possession. This way you don’t have to spend time on anything else but your key task.


Well, there you have it!  Here are the PowerPoint templates you always needed to make consultation activities more streamlined. Over to you!


P.S: To learn how to write amazing consulting proposals, check out our guide featuring handy templates here.

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