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Top 5 App Development Proposal Templates To Get Funding

Top 5 App Development Proposal Templates To Get Funding

Siranjeev Santhanam

Siranjeev Santhanam

February 6 2023

The app market has bloomed into one of the largest, most lucrative arenas of the broader tech ecosystem. Mobile applications have largely transformed the net landscape, revolutionising media, communication, commerce and other consumption avenues. For those seeking to partake of this rapidly-growing space, attracting clients and securing funding for projects are a significant part of the big picture. 


As an upcoming business, one of the tried and tested ways of getting clients and investors to notice you is the use of a clean, professional presentation. Dashboards and PPT Presentations are noteworthy tools that, when done right, can make right statements in the corporate world.


Interested in delving further into our app development templates? Click here to check out our five app development timeline templates that are sure to go along with your current needs.  


In this blog, we will explore five pre-designed app development proposal templates. Each of these templates is fully customisable, easy-to-use, and can be tailored to suit your specific needs.


Template 1: Proposal for Mobile App Development PPT Presentation Slides

Dazzle clients with this PPT Presentation, which has been curated with an air of authority and professionalism. The opening slides of the presentation includes a cover letter through which you can bridge honest connections with your prospective clients. Lay out the goals of the project, and the means through which you hope to achieve solutions. Expand on the scope of the development by discussing the project setup, sitemap, use-case scenarios and more. The PPT also explores technical aspects of the development by covering technologies used for the app, the programming languages, and the subtler elements of production. 


Proposal for Mobile App Development


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Template 2: Mobile App Development Proposal Template PPT Presentation Slides

This pre-designed template comes with thirty seven slides and is fashioned to woo both clients and investors. Map out the overriding goals of your project in one of the initial slides, followed by your proposed solution and results. The presentation also covers a range of areas vital to the mobile app market, including visual design, launch in the app store and app promotion consultation. Present the timeframe of development to grant credibility to your operations and expand on the company’s vision, mission, background and focus to top it all off towards the end.


Mobile App Development Proposal Template


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Template 3: Mobile App Development Proposal PPT Presentation Slides

This finely-rendered PPT has a stylized appearance and focuses on essentials. Draw out core tenets of the project and lay context to the development in one of the slides, and then underscore the objectives of the project with a clear vision. Get you clients to trust and be confident of your abilities with an exposition of your capabilities in detail, including services incorporated into your business systems and your prior experience. Deploy this template now and gain clients’ favor with a bold display of your place in the market.


Mobile App Development Proposal


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Template 4: Android App Development Proposal PowerPoint Presentation Slides

The android app market has become a critical and dynamic site in the tech ecosystem. Claim your place in this market with the aid of this PPT, diligently crafted to display the best in you to clients. Layered elegantly with green and white shades, the presentation is soothing to the eye. It accommodates key features, starting with project overview with context and objectives, details of the internal processes and a timeframe to boost investor trust. Also present near the end of the presentation are client testimonies, fully-customizable to cultivate the brand image that you seek.




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Template 5:  Android Mobile App Development Proposal PPT Presentation Slides

Dive into your App development options and display your best features with this visually-rich template. The presentation comes fully armed with a proposal page, a page for objectives, service capabilities, and for outlining the process. Also covered in this presentation are investment details that discuss the financial mechanics of the proposal. Use this presentation to make your mark in the corporate dominion and assuage the needs of the client.


Android Mobile App Development Proposal


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Template 6: IOS Mobile App Development Proposal PPT Presentation Slides

Captivate audiences with the aid of a wholesome, well-integrated PPT that covers the basics of the IOS market. This template has a light blue color palette, helping you to evoke the right ambience to go alongside a striking presentation. It lists the vision and the objectives of the development across many slides, integrating crucial details like features, limitations, timeframe and more. Use the company overview section to craft a methodical image to gain credibility and trust from the investor. Further broaden the scope of the initiative by detailing the past experience of the business, as well as details of the team and management.


IOS Mobile App Development Proposal


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Having the right technical skills for the job gets you only halfway there. Sending across the right signal, mastering the art of branding, and standing out from the crowd, are just as important. Leverage the use of our pre-designed PowerPoint presentations to clients and investors to notice you as you carve out your spot in the app development space.



FAQs on App Development



How do you write a proposal for an app?


Here are the principal stages to cover when writing a proposal for an app:


  • Executive summary: This is where you give the investors a summation of your organization, the product and service that you hope to secure funding for, as well as the details of the project. 
  • Company information: Next, you would need to present an overview of your management, your inner corporate hierarchy and the core teams involved with the project. 
  • Project summary: This is where you discuss the intricacies of your project, laying out the essentials of the service and giving the client whatever information they deemed necessary.
  • Project scope requirements: Here, you hone into the technical requirements of the project, laying out the project lifecycle as well as the platforms where you plan to stage development. 
  • Project timeline: Here, you underline the schedule for development, the due date and situations where they could be affected.


What are the four development stages of building an app?


  • Pre-launch: This is the phase where you narrow down the central concept of the app, as well as the goals that it serves. Armed with a vision of the app and its objectives, teams undergo research and preparation. 
  • Frontend development: This phase of the process is where the vision and strategy laid out prior to the launch are carried over to code, and developers ensure that excellent, likeable and convenient interface elements are put in place.
  • Backend development: This is the last stage of coding, where databases, security, and many other background processes are handled. 
  • Post-launch: Despite being overlooked, the post-launch phase is just as critical as the others and comprises tracking and maintaining the app to ensure that it functions efficiently.

What are the 5 phases of the app development process?


  • Strategy: This is the initial stage of development, where you outline a strategy to ascertain how an app could elevate your business. 
  • Analysis and planning: This is the phase where you take ideation elements and begin creating functionality out of it. Defining the features of the project and capturing the specifics of the app is done here.
  • Coding and development: This is where you deploy your engineers to write the code and lay out the technical requirements needed for creating the app.
  • Testing: Enforcing quality is just as crucial to the overall process, and the testing stage ensures that the app, which is under development is sustainable and safe to use.
  • Deployment/support: The app is launched into the market and the wheels of the corporate machine turn to ensure smooth functioning for users. Resources are allocated to provide support to users, ensuring their satisfaction with the end-product. 

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