“The business changes. Technology changes. The team changes. The team members change. The problem isn't change, per se, because change is going to happen; the problem, rather, is the inability to cope with change when it comes.”

-Kent Beck


Change is inevitable and more so for a business! Competition, organizational shifts, and operational failures are some factors that keep influencing and changing the shape of your venture. A business, thus, to move forward requires a robust transition plan. 




It is crucial to handle this “transition crisis” head-on to achieve a smooth and steady transition. This will also ensure that you can get past any management switches, company takeovers and mergers, protocol changes, and so on. 


Streamlining the transition process, however, is never easy; it requires internal knowledge of the company and a considerable amount of research. The organization of these “steps to cope” can be tiresome, but we are here to help. In this blog, we have gathered the top steps of transition planning PPT templates for tackling change systematically. Help sustain your business dynamics with our transition planning PPT layouts. 


Save your transition period from turning into a ship-wreck; read further!


Template 1: Business Phase Transition Plan PPT Slide


This transition stage PPT template helps differentiate between varying stages of change. Use this circular business transition PowerPoint layout to check mark the three phases of the current, transition, and future state. Acquire coordination and bring positive change in your business operations with this PPT template. Download now!


Phases of business transition plan sample of ppt presentation


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Template 2: Stepwise Planning PowerPoint Theme


With this step planning PPT diagram, streamline transition from a stage of chaos to a stage with order. This PowerPoint template grabs the attention of the audience with its sharp infographics. Display phases in a sequence; get this template now!


Transition plan steps diagram powerpoint slide clipart


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Template 3: Steps of Transition Planning PPT Template


Planning for a transition can’t take place in a single day; one needs proper optimization beforehand. On number 3, we have a transition adjustment PowerPoint template! With this PPT layout, understand, plan, prepare, and review such a plan that supports productivity. Get this PPT slide from the link given below.


Transition plan steps and phases powerpoint slide background


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Template 4: Key Steps for Business Transition PowerPoint Slide


Use this business transition PPT template to administer new changes in an effective manner. This PPT slide lets you discuss the process of creating a full-proof transition plan. Initiate, plan, execute, and launch your defenses against any external or internal changes which can take place in an organization. Get it now!


Transition plan key steps for business process transition


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Template 5: Steps for Transition PPT Slide


A presentation is bland without visual appeal. This transitioning step PPT template gives you an edge over your content and helps represent the transition phases in a simplified and visually accessible method. Download this PPT template this instant. 


Steps for transition to desired future from current state


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Template 6: Transition Methodology Process PowerPoint Template


Are you looking for a PPT template to help you navigate change in your organization? Grab this PPT layout to go through the steps of transitioning and improvement. Look into your requirements and use this PowerPoint layout for a smooth transformation. Get it now!


Four steps of transition methodology process


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Template 7: Successful System Integration PPT Theme


Never let transition alter the dynamics of your business. Make use of this PowerPoint Template to build an organized structure listing the activities, areas of control, and progress reviews crucial to trouble-free transition. Download it from the link below!


Plan For Successful System Integration Key Steps For Business Process Transition


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Template 8: Project Lifecycle PowerPoint Layout


With the help of this project lifecycle PPT template, have a detailed discussion on procedural improvements. Look for solutions, considering the new variables involved. Make a mind-map of the project lifecycle; download this template now. 


Transition process steps including project lifecycle


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Template 9: Steps of Transition Organization PPT Slide


Acquisitions and mergers are common in the corporate world and though beneficial, bring in many organizational changes to a company. This PowerPoint template holds your hand from developing a strategy to its implementation. Looking for PPT layouts on mergers and acquisitions? Click here to learn more and download this expert template from the link given below.  


Transition process steps for business success


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Template 10: Transition Implementation Plan PowerPoint Template


Transition doesn’t have to be chaotic! Make adaptation easy with our transition process template. This steps of transition planning PPT slide is 100% editable, making it possible to make changes to suit the rest of your presentation. Get it now!


Transition process steps


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With these best steps of transition planning PPT templates, don’t let transitioning become a hindrance to your workflow. Streamline your tasks by following apt transition planning steps.


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P.S. Planning to create a futuristic roadmap? Take a look at our top intuitive transition plan PPT templates in this expert blog! 


Frequently Asked Questions: 


1. What is a project transition plan?


A project transition plan is a document that lays out tasks and activities to be performed to achieve an efficient transition of a project from one phase or stage to another. It is a list of objectives, assignments, and itineraries needed to fulfill the smooth delivery of a project. Transition plans require a lot of preparation and research before they are executed.


2. What is a transition checklist?


Project transition plans help companies efficiently transition from the implementation phase to the maintenance phase. The transition checklist helps the team understand the tasks according to priority. This is a critical step to ensuring that there is not the slimmest of chances that something will be left behind. As transitions never come back, the cost of doing anything wrong at this stage is just prohibitive. 


3. What should a project transition plan include?


The transition plan identifies actions required for a successful transition. It aligns tools, techniques, and methodologies that will effectively help with the smooth functioning of departments and companies during a transition. For instance, a media company going through a software change has to make allowance for training people on it, the chance that people will make mistakes and that, in the short-term, productivity will suffer.


4. What skills are essential for a transition manager?


A transition manager must have interpersonal, communication, and organizational skills. They should be able to work in a team and possess knowledge of service transition methodology, tools, and templates. Without a transition manager, there is a real danger that things will start going downhill and will slide further if due care is not taken. There needs to be a clear understanding that the transition phase will not go even an hour beyond the originally planned time frame or deadline.