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Strategic Thinking
Top 17 Strategic Planning PowerPoint Templates For Your Business

Top 17 Strategic Planning PowerPoint Templates For Your Business

Deepali Khatri

Deepali Khatri

November 30 2022

Strategic thinking, strategic planning and strategic execution are the three different steps a company makes when trying to reach its goal in an effective and efficient manner.


Planning is a way that ensures that the company reaches its goal.


You can't skip a step in the plan and expect everything to work out. Good strategic plan enables various tasks to have minimized failures.


In the business world, a strategic plan helps you reach your goals and objectives. Also, it will help you determine how to grow your business and how to scale it accordingly.


There are plenty of businesses that struggle to stay afloat and need new ideas for ways to succeed.


Strategic planning is something that many companies can use in order to establish their goals and outline a strategy for reaching them.


And, businesses need direction and goals to work towards, and our strategic planning templates will pave the way for achieving success.


Strategic planning begins with strategic thinking.


So, let’s first understand what is strategic thinking.


Think of the time when you participated in organizing any activity, let’s suppose any event.


Do you remember any contribution that you made while planning the things?


Any idea or suggestion you gave or you found it difficult to think strategically, if you were an active participant.


All this required strategic thinking skills.


Strategic thinking is basically a process of thinking that an individual applies for achieving set goals or targets.


At the same time, it is very important topic for organizations as new trends keep on emerging and it is crucial to take advantages.


So, by incorporating strategic thinking skills into your work life, you will be able to better anticipate and forecast opportunities.


SlideTeam makes it easy for you by providing you a complete set of strategic planning templates utilizing which you can assess company’s competitive advantage.


Strategic Thinking


Cover Slide of Strategic Plan Deck

Click Here to Download


Initiate your presentation with a stunning cover slide that will help you put a strong case in front of your audience. Additionally, it exhibits the name of your presentation and you can also jot down your company’s name.


Moreover, this slide deck incorporates competent and efficient design that will leave your audience awe-inspiring.


In addition, this easy-to-use slide deck is designed to help you quickly and easily create a slide deck that showcases your business strategic plan and its procedure.


Furthermore, our editable strategic thinking templates help you conduct a comparative analysis on the basis of unique products, unique ownership structure and gaining access to new technologies.


There are various parameters on the basis of which you can compare your company with your competitors. Such parameters are –

  • Value elements identified
  • Strategic contribution
  • Valuable
  • Imperfection imitable, etc.

Strategic Thinking                Competitive Advantage Template of Strategic Plan Deck

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Key Tools for Strategic Thinking


Our complete set of template also focuses on the major tools that are required for strategic thinking.


One of the key tools are – PEST Analysis for retail business that studies all the factors impacting a business organization. It includes political, economical, social and technological factors impacting the functioning of a business organization.


Some of the key success factors that helps in global business transformation are fixing business model, clarifying mission, establishing end to end mind-set, defining clear collaboration directives, and ensuring integrated program- wide planning and tracking.


PEST Analysis for Retail Business from Strategic Plan Deck               Key Success Factors in Global Business Transformation

                              Click Here to Download                                                                            Click Here to Download


Elevate Thinking to a Strategic Level


Now to elevate your thinking to a strategic level, you must be aware of the threat prevailing in the market, which can be easily showcased using our templates.


Our strategic planning PowerPoint presentation gives you access to a slide that covers market entry threat factors for new brand.


In addition, it talks about the 5 forces that depicts that the competition extends beyond the current competitors.


Using the porter’s five forces model with SWOT analysis will help you understand where your company stands in the industry landscape.


It majorly talks about –

  • Threat of new entrance – Customers can easily switch to a new company due to low customer loyalty for non-established business.
  • Negotiating power of suppliers – The entire industry relies on two suppliers and there is low competition among them.
  • Threat of substitute – Some of the substitutes available in the market are relatively cheaper.
  • Negotiating power of buyer – Buyers are not willing to spend much and they compare different products before they make a purchase.
  • Rivalry against existing competitors – There is already a very high competition between the online and offline companies.


We also bring you a 7 step strategic analysis framework which includes –

  • Tools and technology
  • Measures and motivators
  • Culture
  • Governance interactions
  • Processes
  • People and organization
  • Differentiating capabilities


Furthermore, this model will arm you depict how effectiveness can be achieved in an organization through the interaction of these 7 elements.


5 Forces Analysis for Industry Landscape               7 Step Strategic Analysis Framework

                              Click Here to Download                                                                              Click Here to Download


Analyze Your Company’s Activities


Next comes, analyzing your company’s activities that can be done with –


  • Value chain analysis and
  • SWOT Analysis


Value chain analysis template will help you analyze each activity in the company’s value chain to identify opportunities for improvement.


On the other hand, our thoughtfully designed value chain PowerPoint template includes firm support activities such as firm’s infrastructure, human resource management, technology development and procurement.


And, primary activities include inbound logistics, outbound logistics, operations, marketing sales, service, etc.


Therefore, to talk about the SWOT analysis we provide you with a well-researched slide that covers company’s strategic SWOT analysis that arms to identify company’s competitive position and develop strategic planning.


It majorly highlights company’s-


Strength – This includes good use of competencies of your organization

Opportunities – It includes external areas to gain advantage of

Weakness – This includes poor use of competencies and results in the market

Threats – It includes assessing external forces that may prevent company from accomplishing its objectives.


Company's Value Chain Activities Analysis from Strategic Plan Deck                SWOT Analysis from Strategic Plan Deck

                               Click Here to Download                                                                               Click Here to Download


A Business Model that Empowers You to Think Strategically


Next comes, building a business model that empowers you to think and act strategically.


So, we can take example of the business model of the most popular brand Zara.


A good business model will provide you a competitive edge over your competitors, which will also give you a unique reputation in the market place.


Therefore, the given business model of Zara provides insights into the key partners, key activities, value propositions, customer relationship, customer segments, cost structure and revenue streams.


Example of ZARA from Strategic Plan Deck

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Strategic Planning


The second and the most important step is Strategic Planning where you identify and develop the corporate vision/mission/goals and strategies.


At the same time, our competently designed strategic planning slide gives you liberty to make changes in it as per your company’s specifics.


Showcase your company’s mission, vision, purpose, strategic objectives, and strategic results utilizing our template. Nevertheless, you can talk about

the KPIs related to different projects by having your hands on this complete set.


However, all these elements when joined together and showcased with this template will help you communicate the direction of the organization and remain focused.


Let’s have some look at the key tools for framing strategy


It highlights customer/product matrix. Therefore, this matrix is a way of describing customer types and product types/attribute. So, it can improve managers understanding on what company’s products actually are, who are the customers and which product customer segments the company is currently in.


Also, we have included templates that talk about the strategic decision making methods.


It includes a decision matrix for selecting the best alternative from various options, taking defined criteria into account. Additionally, the slide incorporates a table that arranges different decision possibilities or alternatives in columns and measures or properties in rows.


Product Process and Customer Relationship Matrix                Strategic Decision Making Methods

                                Click Here to Download                                                                              Click Here to Download


Furthermore, we also give you access to option led approach and playing to win approach for decision making strategy framework.


Strategic Decision Making Methods              Strategic Decision Making Methods

                               Click Here to Download                                                                             Click Here to Download


Strategic Execution


The third and the final step in this process is Strategic Execution.


With our templates at your assistance you can showcase the application of 4 fundamental building blocks of execution such as-

  • Decision rights
  • Information flows
  • Aligning motivators, and
  • Structural changes


Therefore, this depicts that these elements can be combined into a design that matches each organization’s strategy and purposes.


Also, one can acquaint their audience with the appropriate key performance areas and KPIs for strategic execution.


Some of the performance areas that you can monitor are –

  • Financial
  • Customer/Market
  • Internal Process
  • Learning and Growth


The 4 Building Blocks to Effective Execution               Developing KPIs Slide from Strategic Plan Deck

                                Click Here to Download                                                                          Click Here to Download


Lastly, we include slides that can help you portray how to get the things done. It covers establishment of strategic ecosystem after strategy planning. In addition, this includes company purpose, culture, values, decision making speed, organization structure, talent management, creating learning platforms, etc.


How to Get Things Done

Click Here to Download


Wrapping Up   


So, utilizing this well-research complete deck you can systematically think, plan and execute your strategy. Therefore, without wasting much time grab this set of strategic plan templates and buckle up to frame outstanding strategies to take your business go to heights in no time.


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