“The moment you make a mistake in pricing, you’re eating into your reputation or your profits.” — Katharine Paine, research consultant.  


Hence, any business that wants to get the pricing right needs to be very careful. Pricing can simply be defined as the value a customer is willing to sacrifice to benefit from a good or service. Pricing, when done correctly, can lead to revenue growth for organizations and help boost growth and brand value. 


Pricing is a strategic tool that always needs to be used perfectly to gain the desired results. It plays a key role in keeping an organization profitable, and having a well-defined pricing policy can help with that. 


A few common pricing objectives are:


  • Maximizing profits in the short and long run
  • Increasing the sales volumes considerably
  • It can also lead to the enhancement of market share for a company
  • You get a better return on investment or ROI
  • You can achieve sales targets faster and chase new ones


Price optimization, a key element of the pricing strategy, is also important to consider. It uses mathematical analysis to determine the response of target customers to varied prices of products and services. It can help determine the optimal prices, which are neither too high nor too low. 


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If you are focused on price optimization too and want to prepare a presentation, the decks that SlideTeam has prepared can help. 

Here, you can find the top 5 pricing dashboard templates with examples and samples that have experts have crafted. The focus is on content, visual appeal, and customization and these can be used for everything, be it price optimization, competitor analysis with respect to pricing, or even data analytics purposes. Have a look, and you will like their appeal, too. 


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The templates themselves are 100% editable and customizable.  These offer structure, a starting point and the capability to tailor each presentation to audience profile. Let’s explore!


Template 1 Price Optimization Dashboard

This creative deck focuses on price changes, revenue goals, and targets. It also shows whether the quarterly revenue goal has been achieved or not. It depicts the percent of the goal achieved and what percent is left. This deck also shows a forecast, price application, portfolio under management, and average shelf price. There is also room for additional metrics like sales items. Download it today!


Price Optimization Dashboard 3


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Template 2 Price Optimization Dashboard 

Keeping an eye on price changes is critical for organizations. This creative deck lets you do that. It also allows you to see the distribution of articles, while categorizing them as per price range. There is also room for price benchmarks, and you can know which products or services are price leaders. Get it now!


Price Optimization Dashboard


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Template 3 Price Optimization Dashboard 

Revenue goals are vital for the success of any organization. This deck helps you to see whether you have met the quarterly revenue goal. It also has a creative graph with a focus on factors like the price of appliances, average shelf prices, etc. It also has room for basic and additional metrics that make an impact. Get it instantly by clicking the link below!


Price Optimization Dashboard 3


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Template 4 Price Optimization Dashboard 

Tracking the performance of a website is critical to devising a price optimization strategy. If you agree with that, then this deck could be very helpful for you. It helps you focus on the number of visitors your website has and track how many of them became new customers or were already customers. You can also track the revenue. The deck also lets you check the performance of each device and help you plan better. You can do the tracking for a specific month or year, depending on specific requirements. Download quickly. 

Price Optimization Dashboard 1


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Template 5 Market Competitor Pricing Analysis Dashboard 5 

Getting ahead of the competitors is not easy. You need to plan and strategize a lot to ensure that you get an edge. This market competitor pricing analysis dashboard can help with it. When you have this deck, you can see which products are low priced, which are equally priced, and which are high priced. You can also compare with competitor pricing and see which products are overpriced or not rightly priced. If a product is highly-priced, you can always reduce the price to gain a competitive edge. You can also see the price differentiation. Get it today!


Market competitor pricing analysis dashboard


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Whether you are preparing a simple presentation for price optimization to show which products might need a price adjustment or want to make the most of pricing data analytics, the content-rich decks prepared by SlideTeam are always valuable. 


You can choose one or more of these decks and impress the audience in the next presentation without spending too much time on customization. All these decks are 100% editable, and even a novice can edit these in a few minutes. You can try one and then move on to download others. 


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