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Top 10 Templates to Articulate an Effective Digital Customer Journey Map

Top 10 Templates to Articulate an Effective Digital Customer Journey Map

Anmol Thakur

Anmol Thakur

May 24 2022

Picture it: You discover a new supermarket and find everything you need without searching every nook and cranny. Will you ever go back to your old convenience store again? Definitely not! 


Analyzing the digital journey of your customer provides you with similar ease and comfort. So will you adopt the old and trodden methods of reeling in your customers?  


The new age media makes it easier for your customer to move to the next brand and business if they get anything that is less than perfect. Thus, understanding the needs and expectations of the customers who scroll through your website is crucial. And this is where a digital customer journey map comes into play. It is used to track the path of the customers from the stage of awareness to purchase detailing the interactions they have with the company through online pathways (social media, website, forums, blogs, etc). 




The importance of mapping the digital customer journey is therefore unmatchable for retaining a client. But creating a structured map by yourself can be very time consuming. For your ease, we have curated a list of templates that will help you in capturing your customer journey with ease. These PPT designs are full-editable to meet your specific needs.  


Let’s explore these 10 templates to solve your marketing pain-points now!


Template 1: Digital Marketing Customer Brand Journey PPT


Identify the stage the customer is in with the help of this digital user pathway PPT template. This template will help you discuss the steps of advocacy and purchase decision made by your customer. Set aside this efficient digital user PowerPoint design to work and capture the attention of your audience. Get it now!


Digital marketing customer brand journey management


Download this template


Template 2: Customer Digital Brand Journey Process PPT Template


This unique ecommerce customer journey PowerPoint layout helps you focus on the overall engagement on your website. Recognize the actions of your customer with bounce rate, purchase, interaction with the website, and more. Download now to avail its benefits!


Customer digital brand journey process


Download this template


Template 3: Digital Customer Journey Mapping with Key Touchpoints PPT Design


Map your purchase proceedings and analyze the needs of your customer with the help of this online digital user mapping PPT theme. This PowerPoint template guides you through the process of client awareness, consideration, purchase, experience, and advocacy. Choose this template to deliver a statement presentation!


Digital customer journey mapping with key touchpoints


Download this template


Template 4: Six Phases of Digital Customer Journey Map PowerPoint Template


Every digital user wants a personalized experience tailored to their needs. Deploy this hexa digital customer journey PowerPoint theme to understand the requirements and interests of your customer. This PPT is efficiently made to attend to the key areas such as brand awareness, consideration, loyalty, etc. Download it now!



Six phases of digital customer journey map


Download this template


Template 5: Digital Customer Review Journey Map PPT Theme


The high expectations of a user can only be met with the help of systematic research and high-end delivery of services. Assimilate this well-made online user journey PowerPoint theme in your presentation to figure out the registration and the churn rate percentage. Get it now!


Review customer journey map step by step process creating digital marketing strategy ppt grid


Download this template


Template 6: Digital Touchpoints in Customer Journey PPT Template


Use this online customer PPT template to map the decisions, connections, and interactions of the customer with your brand. Acknowledge the importance of various channels, ratings, and reviews in rectifying your user’s pain points. Download it now!


Digital touchpoints in customer journey 2 2 reviews ppt powerpoint presentation show clipart images


Download this Template


Template 7: Customer Engagement Journey Roadmap PPT Theme


Smoothen up the rough edges in your marketing strategy with this customer brand interest journey PowerPoint design. Focus on customer interests and target market. Also explain various physical touchpoints using this PPT design. Download it now to taste the perfection it offers.


Customer journey roadmap digital customer engagement ppt elements


Download this Template


Template 8: Digital Customer Journey Map with Infographics PPT Template 


Tap the journey of your customer with the help of this virtual user pathway PPT template. Do not struggle to arrange the five supreme stages of awareness, consideration, fulfillment, experience, and loyalty in the path of establishing an efficient digital journey map. This PPT adapts to your needs, so give it a go now.


Journey map for digital customer infographic template


Download this Template


Template 9: Key Digital Marketing Techniques for Different Customer Journey Stages PPT


Communicate with your customer in a language that you both understand. Use this online user pathway PowerPoint slide to get a systematic and definite outlook of your business. Understand the lead generation, sales, and other factors that govern a customer’s journey. Download this key to excellence now!


Key digital marketing techniques for different customer journey stages


Download this Template


Template 10: Digital Customer Journey Marketing Opportunity PowerPoint Design


Reach your potential customer by marketing in real-time with this digital customer journey PPT template. It will help you with the conversion of your visitors into leads by providing you with a roadmap addressing the interest, research, purchase, and experience. Download this PPT to walk hand-in-hand with your customer now!


Digital marketing opportunities across customer journey how to create a strong e marketing strategy


Download this Template


Customers are fickle-minded and well-established businesses know how to tap into their consciousness to grow their company. The digital customer journey map templates given above are an excellent way to do this and become an expert marketer. Also, these PowerPoint templates are customizable and easy to use which means that you will be saving a lot of your valuable time and energy. 


Grab them now! 


If you are looking for some custom template designs, then make use of our expert services by clicking here! 


P.S: Still confused as to how to build a flawless mapping structure for your organization? Go through our comprehensible guide, replete with editable customer journey mapping templates!


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