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Top 10 Sales Campaign Templates To Boost Revenue

Top 10 Sales Campaign Templates To Boost Revenue

Malvika Varma

Malvika Varma

June 17 2021

Are you looking for ways to boost your sales to meet your quarterly targets? Do you want to enhance the brand awareness of your company or be the number one choice for your customers? “Yes, certainly yes.” The upward sales graph is all that is desired after the efforts of the sales and marketing teams in a company.




Launching a sales campaign can help you the best in achieving the targets. It also gives the needed push to the existing sales volume. A sales campaign is one of the most successful tools in the armor of the marketing industry. So without any further ado, let us explore it.


So, what is a sales campaign?


Also known as sales promotion, a sales campaign is a series of planned activities or strategies to convert leads into customers by one or more channels for a limited period of time. It is a valuable technique to increase brand awareness and its visibility to persuade the target audience using enticing offers. 


One of the most popular and sought-after sales campaigns is the ‘Black Friday’ sales promotion. Seasonal holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas generate so much revenue that all the major brands play all their advertising cards to attract customers on these days. Be it making phone calls, sending emails, using paid social media advertisements or billboards; sales campaigns can include all the platforms to reach potential customers. 


Steps to execute a successful sales campaign


Successful marketers understand the importance of boosting sales using campaigning. Listed are the steps which ensure that your company achieves the targets flawlessly.

Step 1 - Define the objectives and time frame 

It gives the framework of the whole sales campaign. The goals, such as creating brand awareness or boosting sales, are set along with the campaign duration. This layout helps you stay on track and achieve result-oriented milestones.

Step 2 - Choose the target audience 

This may include new customers or existing ones. Both require different sets of strategies. For instance, a company must introduce various products at competitive prices to a new customer, whereas an existing customer would like to get information about loyalty benefits.

Step 3 - Audience segmentation 

An untargeted audience can make the sales campaign futile. Segregate the audience based on demographics as it helps provide personalized offers that gather attention and increase the chances of conversion.

Step 4 - Set the activities

List down the platforms to be used for the campaign. It can be a mix of different online and offline media. Then, curate the promotion plan for each of them to get the best results. A/B testing can help you figure out the effectiveness of different advertising plans.

Step 5 - Monitor and improvise the sales campaign

It is one of the most crucial steps of the promotional campaign. Marketers must draw insights into the data collected over the past few days or weeks and analyze what works the best for them in the real environment. At this time, the sails of the marketing campaign can be adjusted to meet the desired objectives. This step helps in measuring success.


Top 10 sales campaign templates to download


Sales campaigns are an expensive affair and require a lot of effort. A well-planned sales campaign involves research or market trends which can be time-consuming. To lessen the pressure of crafting an on-point sales campaign, SlideTeam has designed contemporary templates. Download our top 10 sales campaign templates to hit the bull’s eye and boost your revenue.  

Template 1

Sales Campaign


Download Sales Campaign Template


Compare the different sales campaigns and their success rate with your colleagues by introducing this template. Marketing managers can incorporate this attention-grabbing sales campaign template to discuss the resources required and activities involved for its successful execution.

Template 2

Sales Promotion


Download Sales Promotion Template


The details of a promotional campaign, such as budget and time frame, can be showcased in a lucid manner by incorporating our complete deck. Using this professionally designed sales campaign template, the growth strategy and promotion calendar can also be discussed with the team members.

Template 3

Sales Promotion Template


Download Sales Promotion Template


Showcase your expertise in brand promotion by employing this sales campaign template. Give a snapshot of the launch plan, the target audience, and the buyer’s journey to produce rewarding sales revenue by downloading this complete deck.

Template 4

Sales Campaign Pipeline Management Dashboard


Download Sales Campaign Pipeline Management Dashboard Template


Sales dashboards can help meet the objectives of the campaign. Elucidate the essential metrics and information in a lucid manner with the help of this striking sales campaign template.

Template 5

Sales Promotion Campaign


Download Sales Promotion Campaign Template


Highlight the steps of curating a sales promotion plan by downloading this content-ready template. The high-quality illustrations used in this template instantly grab the attention of its target audience. 

Template 6

Sales Campaign Framework With Goals And Budget


Download Sales Campaign Framework With Goals And Budget Template


A sales campaign framework is essential to obtain desired objectives. Introduce this sales campaign template to document all the crucial information and improvise the existing plan for better results. As this template is editable, you can modify the content as the campaign requires.

Template 7

Sales Marketing Campaign Model


Download Sales Marketing Campaign Model Template


Create a sales campaign focused on customer acquisition with the help of this contemporary PPT template. Mention the brand strategy and tools used for easy collaboration among the team with the help of this versatile sales campaign template.

Template 8

Online Product Sales Lead Generation Campaign


Download Online Product Sales Lead Generation Campaign Template


Converting leads into customers is the primary objective of a sales campaign which can be demonstrated by utilizing our pre-built template. In addition, the marketing funnel illustration in the template helps in understanding the concept and, hence, can be used by students in conferences and seminars. 

Template 9

Sales Marketing Campaign Tracker Sheet


Download Sales Marketing Campaign Tracker Sheet Template


Track your marketing efforts by documenting them in our professionally designed sales campaign template. List the campaign name, task duration, and other relevant details using our customizable PowerPoint template.

Template 10

Marketing Campaigns To Accelerate Sales


Download Marketing Campaigns To Accelerate Sales Templates


Elucidate the sales campaign details to accelerate sales with the help of our contemporary template. Give details of each promotional activity, marketing initiative, and budget component with the use of this customizable template.


When it comes to nailing the revenue targets, a sales campaign can be your best bet. A company can acquire new customers and bolster its market share using sales campaigns. Our top 10 sales campaign templates can make it easy-peasy, so download them now!


If you are looking to upgrade your marketing tactics, check out our top 10 trends analysis templates in this blog.

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