You must have heard the term “lean management” and its exploded popularity in recent years. With more and more companies adopting lean management techniques to improve efficiency, customer satisfaction, and profitability, this doesn’t seem to be an obscure concept anymore. However, the lean management process and its application vary from one organization to another.


So what exactly is lean management or lean thinking and how does it translate to your particular workplace? How can it be a hands-on approach for all industries?


The concept of lean management is often associated with the Toyota Production System that led to catapulting a car-making organization into world prominence. It represents a management philosophy that focuses on reducing or eliminating waste in the production system in order to increase productivity. The ultimate aim of this methodology is to speed up the production process by eradicating quantifiable waste that has no added value to a product. 


In simplest of explanation, lean manufacturing directly identifies common workplace issues like defective machinery, overproduction, overhead cost, overstaffing, delivery problems, quality losses, etc, addresses and corrects them immediately for the definite purpose of reducing production cost, enhancing quality, reducing lead-times and achieving substantial results. 


Thanks to its holistic approach and positive impact, the lean concept seems to be a universally renowned management tool.  Hence, all types of businesses-service, manufacturing, health and education, non-service, etc. can benefit from getting “leaner” in their thinking. 


Companies like FedEx, Intel, Nike saving countless millions every year are undeniably the pioneers of a lean approach, setting examples for millions of businesses around the world. 


Keeping this in mind, we have covered 30 lean management templates in this guide that can benefit your workplace in adopting lean methodologies and implementing them proficiently. 


Lean Management Templates To Download and Use 


Lean Waste Management PowerPoint Template 1 


One of the heaviest potential drains on profitability is waste generation that can be kept under control by adopting lean waste management techniques. Since waste management techniques are not uniform among different organizations, you can make use of this template to formulate a suitable strategy for your organization. Toxic waste generation can have detrimental effects that can be remotely monitored with this professionally designed PPT template, that is fully responsive to your needs and requirements. Additionally, this complete deck can be used to explain various factors that dominate lead generation in industries like delivery, inventory, overproduction, and others. 


Lean Waste Management PowerPoint Template

Download Lean Waste Management PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Lean Manufacturing Template 2


Lean manufacturing is undeniably a very reliable and competent method that can help an organization in attaining the best of the results by eliminating waste production. This manufacturing technique also encourages vital decision making from the perspective of the services that do not add any value to the organization and hence minimize them whenever necessary. This is one such proficiently designed template that can help the presenter deliver information about the lean manufacturing concept in detail. Not only this it helps you present a thorough understanding of the concept right from its description to merits and demerits, thus making it a revolutionary tool to boost your knowledge. If your organization deals with high-quality products and services, then this template is a must-have for implementing lean thinking in the business process. 


Lean Manufacturing PowerPoint Presentation

Download Lean Manufacturing Sustain Standardize Shine Set In Order Sort


Lean Project Management PowerPoint Template 3


Apply lean principles and recognize the importance of waste management in your project by employing this pre-designed template. This template is extremely beneficial for project managers to avoid, mitigate, and control lean generation which might lead to the failure of their project. This template covers all the aspects of lean project management with high-resolution graphics and visuals making it an extremely useful tool. You can also make use of this tool to identify inefficiencies in your project and correct them to reap maximum benefits. 


Lean Project Management PPT

Download Lean Project Management PowerPoint Presentation Slide


Lean Waste PowerPoint Template 4


After the identification of various types of waste that is generated in an organization, several measures can be taken to control those. This content-ready template is a pre-designed layout that can help you identify deadly waste as well as explain various management techniques adopted by your organization. It can also be used to showcase successful practices and give an in-depth explanation of them. Since this layout is equipped with all the major slides of lean management, it will prove very beneficial for your organization, irrespective of your niche and operations. 


Lean Waste PowerPoint Presentation

Download Lean Waste PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Lean Waste Elimination PowerPoint Template 5


Elimination and eradication of wasteful activities is a prerequisite for building a successful business. It also helps in increasing the profitability of the organization. This is one such template that can help you in identifying as well as minimizing toxic waste generation to some extent in your organization. Draft an informative presentation on lean management using this template, that is fully customizable. Hence, feel free to edit all its components as it employs high-resolution graphics that lead to no pixelation issues. 


Lean Waste Elimination PowerPoint Presentation

Download Lean Waste Elimination PowerPoint Presentation Slides


8 Lean Wastes PowerPoint Template 6 


Ample amount of waste is generated time and again in an organization, which can be monitored and kept under check by employing a thoroughly researched Lean Management template. Keeping this in mind we have designed this content-ready waste management PPT template that can help you dispose of the toxic waste in a way that does not have adverse effects on health, environment, and aesthetics. It will also assist you in taking timely action to minimize or eradicate the waste generated in your organization. Not only this, since this template is fully editable it becomes quite easy to alter it as per your needs and requirements. 


8 Lean Wastes PowerPoint Presentation

8 Lean Wastes PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Jidoka Lean Manufacturing PowerPoint Template 7


Introduce the autonomation concept in lean management using this pre-designed complete deck. Showcase the various parameters of lean production like quality, time, delivery, cost, etc. at a paramount level with this thoroughly researched template, that is fit for every industry. From company owners to managers everyone can use this design to meet their requirements. Since it covers a vast concept it is also an apt set for educators and subject matter experts to present their view on lean management and its concept, giving a holistic view to the audience. 


Jidoka Lean Manufacturing PowerPoint Presentation

Jidoka Lean Manufacturing PowerPoint Presentation Slide


Eight Deadly Lean Wastes PowerPoint Template 8


This template can be used to explain the various types of deadly waste produced in your organization and how to minimize those. You can also explain the various factors responsible for waste generation be it overproduction, inventory, transportation, delivery, and others by employing this PPT template into your business structure. Not only this, but it is also a powerful tool for researchers, instructors, educators, and executives to design a comprehensive presentation explaining the concept of lean waste and its management. 


Eight Deadly Lean Wastes PowerPoint Presentation

Download Eight Deadly Lean Wastes PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Agile Portfolio Management Planning Template 9


Project managers are expected to deliver quality work in the stipulated time period, with requirements that are never constant. Since traditional forms of project management are too tasking and hold you back from achieving suitable results, this Agile portfolio PPT template can be of assistance. This is a pre-designed template hence it is apt to align with the modern needs of project managers. Not only that, but it also helps the project managers stay up-to-date, make better and smarter decisions, and well as add more value to your organization. 


Agile Portfolio Management

Download Agile Portfolio Management Planning Strategic Business Plan


Agile Delivery PowerPoint Template 10


This content-ready agile delivery template can be used to discuss the schedule of your project as well as its requirements in detail. Also, discuss the principles of agile and how they align well with your project portfolio with this content-ready template, that can be altered as per your needs and requirements. Not, only that you can work on any slide of your preference, alter and change its elements to make it fit for your project management. 


Agile Delivery PowerPoint Presentation

Download Agile Delivery PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Agile Sales PowerPoint Template 11


Give a thorough understanding of the key pieces of agile marketing methodology with this content-ready template. Make your developing process more flexible by taking the assistance of this agile delivery template. This PPT is aimed at reducing the time of executing tasks and quickly adapting the changes more easily and conveniently. Not only that, it’s versatility gives the user the opportunity to apply it to any area or domain as per his or her requirement. All you have to do is click on the download button and edit its components as per your field of interest.  


Agile Sales PowerPoint Presentation

Download Agile Sales PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Agile Marketing PowerPoint Template 12


Implement agile marketing principles into your workflow by utilizing this well-crafted PPT template. Overcomes the chaos without sacrificing speed with this professional design. This layout also makes it possible to get more work done in less time and that too in an organized manner, thus avoiding any unnecessary hitch. Additionally, it will make your day-to-day activities more productive, all thanks to its vastly researched content that can be altered as per the liking of the user. 


Agile Marketing PowerPoint Presentation

Download Agile Marketing PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Agile Marketing Methodology PowerPoint Template 13


Marketing teams are often overburdened to meet their deadlines and achieve their targets. This happens mainly because of lack of efficient process formulation and deficiency of proper tools to support a better way of working. Implementing agile methodologies is the answer to this problem, which can be easily done using this pre-designed template. Agile principles and workflows implemented using this template can go a long way in solving various marketing issues. It can also help marketing departments across various verticals depending upon their needs and requirements. 


Agile Marketing Methodology PowerPoint Presentation

Download Agile Marketing Methodology PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Agile Marketing Approach PowerPoint Template 14


Use this template to create a professional presentation on agile marketing and its benefits. Compare and contrast the traditional marketing techniques with agile marketing and present a thorough understanding of the concept with this content-ready template. The template consists of a number of slides showing all the major facets of agile marketing. Feel free to model them as per your liking as the design is completely editable and customizable. Hence, you will face no difficulty in crafting a comprehensive presentation on the topic by employing this PPT layout. 


Agile Marketing Approach PowerPoint Presentation

Download Agile Marketing Approach PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Agile Development Model PowerPoint Template 15


This template is suitable for software development projects that are susceptible to continuous changes. The editable nature of this template gives the user the flexibility to alter its elements and adapt it to one’s needs and requirements. Further, you can use this template to showcase the various steps of the agile development model right from its inception, thus making it an ideal project management tool not only for project managers but also educators looking to provide an in-depth explanation of the concept. 


Agile Development Model

Download Agile Development Model Phases PowerPoint Slide Show


Design Thinking Lean Agile Model PowerPoint Template 16


This design thinking lean agile model PPT template is an extremely useful layout for your project methodologies as it provides a visual diagram to drive digital innovation. You can use this particular design to give a thorough understanding of various concepts be it concrete, problem-solving, abstract, execution, customer issues, and solutions, etc. This model will assist you in developing technology-driven products that grab the immediate attention of your customers. Not only that it is a highly flexible model that can be adjusted as per your liking. 


Design Thinking Lean Startup Agile Model

Download Design Thinking Lean Startup Agile Model


Agile Innovation Framework PowerPoint Template 17


A well constructed and executed innovation process helps in establishing innovation capability in an organization. It lays the basic framework for innovation. Our agile innovation framework PPT template is one such design that can help you in value creation. It also helps in driving new products and services and achieve market success. Hence, companies seeking a ready-made innovation model can make use of this template. They can also adjust it as per their liking as this comes in a fully editable format. 


Agile Innovation Framework

Download Agile Innovation Framework In Organisation


Agile Waterfall PowerPoint Template 18


Plan build, test, and release in a sequential manner by employing this well-constructed Agile waterfall PPT template. Using this content-ready slide you can determine the important details of your project like what you build, construct a plan, work-out a proper schedule, decide and obtain resources, solve problems, and several others. Apart from this, the editable format of this layout gives you enough flexibility to make your necessary alterations.  


Agile Waterfall Showing Method

Download Agile Waterfall Showing Method With Different Sizes Projects


Agile Testing Scrum Approach PowerPoint Template 19


This is a complete set for your project framework designed using high-quality graphics and visuals. Use this agile testing scrum approach PPT template for comprehensive planning and to execute your project efficiently. It also enables your project team to keep a tab on the daily scrum deliverables, thus delivering tasks on time. Apart from sprint planning and daily scrum activities, this is also a resourceful tool for learning programs. One can easily learn and explain the basis of the concept using this full-customizable PPT. 


Agile Testing Scrum Approach PPT

Download Agile Testing Scrum Approach PPT Examples Slides


Agile Development And Scrum PowerPoint Template 20


There are several important details of the sprint meetings that need to be communicated as they form essential parts of a project. This resourceful PPT design can help you convey your messages across with ease. It will also help your team decide how they should process further, what things went in the wrong direction, and what things yielded positive results. Further, it helps in determining the priorities, steps needed to reduce the time-lag, and several other important aspects. 


Agile Development And Scrum

Download Agile Development And Scrum Example Of PPT


Agile Testing Scrum Backlog Framework PowerPoint Template 21


This full-edible and modifiable set comes in handy for your sprint meetings and other related activities that are an important part of the agile development process. As this PPT design consists of high-resolution components you can use it to showcase the entire scrum process including the role of PO, team, scrum masters, meeting plans, and so on and so forth. 


Agile Testing Scrum Backlog Framework PPT

Download Agile Testing Scrum Backlog Framework PPT Icon


Scrum Process PowerPoint Template 22


This Scrum process PPT template will assist you in managing tasks proficiently within a team-based development environment. Empower the development team and advocates that work in small teams using this content-ready template. This PPT design also acts as an effective framework to make your team work more creatively and collaboratively thus leveraging more productivity. 


Scrum Process PowerPoint Presentation

Download Scrum Process PowerPoint Presentation Slides DB


Scrum Market Management PowerPoint Template 23


Achieve your agile development goals using this framework. Enhance the knowledge of your viewers regarding Scrum and how it is useful for the marketing team as well. Showcase the important details of sprint meetings that are an important part of agile marketing using this fully-customizable template. Since this template is responsive to the individual needs and requirements, you can change all its elements. 


Scrum Market Management PowerPoint Presentation

Download Scrum Market Management PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Marketing Scrum PowerPoint Template 24


Take the assistance of this template for your agile development and marketing process. This template can be used to showcase various agile marketing approaches and its components without any difficulty. All you have to do is click on the download button, make necessary changes, and present it in front of your viewers with full confidence and agility. Apart from this, it is also a very resourceful tool for educators to present an in-depth understanding of the concept. 


Marketing Scrum PowerPoint Presentation

Download Marketing Scrum PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Scrum Marketing PowerPoint Template 25


Understand how much work can be completed by your team during a single sprint by employing this Scrum marketing PPT template.  Help your team plan better and more competently with this resourceful PPT. This template can be employed for all kinds of projects and disciplines, pertaining to marketing. However, it is not only limited to marketing, other departments can also make use of this template as it comes in an editable format. So, feel free to make as many customizations as you like in this design.  


Scrum Marketing PowerPoint Presentation

Download Scrum Marketing PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Agile Kanban Board PowerPoint Template 26


Enhance your viewers’ knowledge about Kanban board and its uses with this well-researched PPT slide. Determine risk responses and how they adhere well to the agile development process. This template is designed by professionals and so it will resonate with your teams’ needs and requirements well. All you have to do is download and make changes as per your liking.  


Agile Kanban Risk Identification Board

Download Agile Kanban Risk Identification Kanban Board And Risk Burn Down


Agile Kanban Analysis Development Board PowerPoint Template 27


Stay up to date with all the important information using this Kanban board PPT slide. See at a glance all the information that is needed without any interruption, blockages, or bottlenecks with this pre-designed template. This is an ideal slide for all the project managers as it acts as a powerful management tool that can be altered as per the needs and requirements of the user. Apart from this, it is designed using high-quality vectors, images, and other components, thus it can be presented in front of a large audience. 


Agile Kanban Showing Input Queue Analysis

Download Agile Kanban Showing Input Queue Analysis Development Test And Done


Agile Kanban To Do In Progress PowerPoint Template 28


Prioritize, visualize, and stay competitive with this Agile Kanban board template that is an ideal fit for teams and project managers. Harness the power and convenience of a well presented visual information using this kanban template. This PPT is designed using all the principles of a Kanban board and so it will help you manage your work optimally. It also correlates well with agile principles and so you can avoid any bottlenecks and focus on creating value for your customers. 


Agile Kanban Marketing Design

Download Agile Kanban To Do In Progress Marketing Design And Development


Agile Kanban Story Board PowerPoint Template 29


Stay organized and deliver consistent results as a team by using this visually equipped Agile Kanban board template. Optimize all your workflow with this professionally designed template which is great for project managers. It also adheres well to agile marketing concepts and techniques, which makes this template ideal for all project verticals. 


Agile Kanban Story To Do Work In Progress

Download Agile Kanban Story To Do Work In Progress Verify And Release Ready


Kaizen Planning PowerPoint Template 30


This Kaizen template is designed in such a way that it will help you master continuous improvement without any difficulty. You can easily present a list of different ideas of improvement using this template which will take you one step closer to your ideal self. It will also assist you in determining and setting self-improvement priorities that will make your work life as well as personal life much easier and convenient as well. Further, this is a 100% editable layout, so make as many changes as you like. 


Kaizen Planning PPT

Download Kaizen Planning Implementing And Controlling PowerPoint Presentation Slides


For many organizations whether small or big, adopting a lean manufacturing approach in their work requires a drastic change in their corporate culture. However, this transition becomes easier with these 30 pre-designed templates that can be implemented to avoid the long-term repercussions of waste generation. 


So, without any further ado, download and make use of these templates to adopt a leaner approach.