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The Superfast Guide to Timeline (With Editable Templates)

The Superfast Guide to Timeline (With Editable Templates)

Nawsheen Muzamil

Nawsheen Muzamil

January 21 2022

The PR will narrate a brand story for you, but how do you convince the investors that you have come a long way since your brand’s inception? Is there a method to keep your milestones in sight and professionally preserve them for your clients, stakeholders, and the new joiners to see — acquainting them with the prowess that you have achieved so far?




Yes, there is – Timeline!


A timeline helps you record and present your feats professionally. And what comprises one? Basically, it is a graphical notation to list your milestones like a roadmap, or a staircase, which can be linear, spiral, or of any other orientation.


You start right from stepping into this business to mapping your growth progressively. You can even go a step further in determining and evaluating your future courses of action. 


A timeline will serve as a reminder of your progress and keep the team motivated on the broad company visions. It will also serve to limelight your position in front of the prospects that are looking to engage with you, acting as your handy document in bringing more focus and allure to the brand.


Although timelines are generally defined for the overall journey of a brand, you can also use them to track individual campaigns and map their progress as well. In the next section, we will learn how to design a timeline template from scratch.


How to Create an Inspiring Timeline Template?


Start by defining the objective of the timeline i.e. whether you are targeting the brand’s journey or a campaign. Next, you need to determine the scope of the timeline template, especially if you have a bucketful of milestones to showcase. Focus on the ones relevant to your audience to maintain their engagement level. Finally, you must be in possession of a canvas to serve these laurels in a professional yet creative way. 


And this is where SlideTeam drops in. 


We will quickly take you through the process of constructing a timeline template and then transcend into how you can download ready-made PPT templates from our collection of 2 million+ designs. So, strap yourself, it is time to unleash creativity!


Steps to Design a Timeline Template


1. Insert a building block to represent a step of the timeline. Add an icon of your choice to identify the type.

Step 4


2. Group and multiply it to represent the number of events involved in your timeline. Next, align them in a line.


Step 5


3. Resize the entire stretch to bring it to the centre of the slide. 


Step 7


4. Add arrows from the Insert drop-down menu corresponding to each step in this alternating fashion as shown.


Step 9


5. Recolor, or re-shape the entire timeline structure. Add headings and viola! Your timeline is ready.

Step 14


Clearly, this process took a fair share of time, and one might not always expend both efforts and time in creating such templates, especially when needed in urgency. Therefore, we present an upscaled, professionally designed set of timeline templates to save your efforts and time, helping you leave a long-lasting impression on your audiences. 

Template 1: Three Year Planning Timeline

Presenting a complete deck to prepare a holistic timeline for your three-year plan. Support your plan/process with roadmaps, explaining tasks/objectives for each year with this infographically rich 10-slide presentation. 


3 Year Planning Timeline Business Plan Achievement Innovation Development


Download this template

Template 2: Human Resource Timeline

This is another vivid, diagrammatically rich PPT presentation to represent your HR report over the years. From devising a successful onboarding plan to strategizing a roadmap/action plan, this 20 slide PPT graphic can provide a thorough insight to your audience about your growth and strategies over the years.


Human Resource Timeline PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Download this template

Template 3: 9-Step Timeline Template

Presenting another visually appealing timeline template collection to detail the nine program steps under consideration. This 12-slide complete deck presentation comprises a range of timeline templates that will add diversity to your demonstration.


9 Step Timeline Planning Location Resources Sequence Business Corporate


Download this template

Template 4: Planning Timeline PowerPoint Presentation

This is another complete deck presentation comprising various timeline templates, such as linear, staircase, alternate, and spiral to create appealing presentations. You can either use these singly or in combination to create a well-researched planning presentation. With this complete deck, you get a 12-slide variation of timeline templates that can be edited and handled easily.


Planning Timeline Product Process Timeline Analysis Strategy Success


Download this template

Template 5: Startup Timeline

This is another creative deck comprising 11 colorful timeline slides. Use the many variations of these timeline templates to showcase milestones, determine the historical fundraising timeline, key events, and the roadmap of the journey for your startup.


Startup Timeline Appropriate Historical Marketing Roadmap


Download this template

Template 6: Company History Timeline

Here is a template that serves the basic purpose of a timeline i.e. presenting the major historical events in the evolution of a company. Highlight the significant events from the founding year to its acquisition, with this PPT presentation's crisp and professional design.


One Page Company History Timeline With Founding Year To Acquisitions Template 347 PPT PDF Document


Download this template

Template 7: Company History Timeline

Here is another variant of the timeline slide to shower some light on the historical aspect of your company. Track its achievements, acquisitions, and incorporations during its course within this timeline flowchart. Download and present it before your audience.


Company History Timeline With Achievements Presentation Report Infographic PPT PDF Document


Download this template

Template 8: Milestone Timeline Strategic Action Template

This is a colorful graphic to track your strategic actions over the years in reaching milestones. Identify the winning strategies that helped your organization unlock success and present them in an alluring way with this unique timeline template. Download once and use it multiple times! 


Milestone Timeline Strategic Action PPT Template


Download this template

Template 9: Parallel Timeline Design

Use this graphical timeline design to demonstrate the various activities of your project during its lifecycle. Track the activities, their progress, and duration using this dynamic parallel timeline template. You can also compare performances, time-bound objectives, and help your team understand the critical nature/dependencies of all the tasks involved.


Parallel Timeline PPT Design


Download this template

Template 10: Six Months Project Timeline Roadmap

This is a roadmap timeline to showcase a  six-months project report. Help your stakeholders understand your operational and financial activities with this infographic template and point out your current state in this journey. Grab it right away! 


6 Months Project Timeline Roadmap


Download this template

Template 11: Project Management Timeline Gantt Chart

Project Management for businesses needs to run on a fixed schedule. Here is a template that will serve the purpose of tracking, planning, and allotting time frames to operations that are desired to run on time. Using this Gantt Chart template, your team can understand the deadlines and tasks that must be executed according to schedule. 


Project Management Timeline Gantt Chart


Download this template

Template 12: Timeline Template

Here is another simple timeline template to determine the course of your growth over the years. The additional icons given in this presentation will help in specifying the theme of that particular year, rendering visual impact.


Timeline PPT Summary Design Templates


Download this template

Template 13: Chronological Timeline of Fundraising events

Use this template to chronologically align the fundraising events for your startup that represent the crucial steps in powering your organization. You can use this to start with personal funding, followed by pre-seed, product crowdfunding, and more to accumulate a working budget for your startup.


Chronological Timeline Organization Leadership Partnership Business Expansion Acquisition


Download this template


Template 14: Calendar Timeline

Presenting a 12-slide calendar timeline that businesses can use in project or campaign management. Using this Gantt chart representation, schedule a timeframe for different events of your project. Allot daily, monthly, or annual tasks using the many calendar templates featured in this PowerPoint presentation.


Calendar Timeline Training Plan Milestone Planning Month Duration Completion


Download this template

Template 15: Trends Timeline

Record your annual achievements at intervals with this trends' timeline to analyze your position compared on a particular day to the same day over the previous years of monitoring. You can use it to add icons to denote the crucial objectives and create a timeline template for your stakeholders to stare in awe at. Download now!


Trends Timeline Presentation Slides


Download this template


Start utilizing these timeline templates today to streamline tasks, schedule events, and establish well-preparedness while handling mega projects or budding startups. Since setting a timeline is just the tip of the iceberg, we suggest the following read to get a know-how of all the steps involved in project management and find a suitable template for yourself to get a lead on!


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