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Top 10 Agile Google Slides Templates For A Winning Business Team

Top 10 Agile Google Slides Templates For A Winning Business Team

Malvika Varma

July 2, 2020

In the highly volatile corporate environment, industries are compelled to embrace the constant changes. Businesses have to continuously adapt to emerging technologies or be left behind to stay relevant in the competitive market. The real-life constraints of the conventional waterfall approach in the software development lifecycle lead the IT companies to adopt a more productive Agile approach. 


“Agility is the ability to adapt and respond to change … agile organizations view change as an opportunity, not a threat.”- Jim Highsmith


Due to numerous benefits such as flexibility, transparency, and increased productivity, Agile methodology is no longer restricted just to the IT industry. Instead, the agile approach is adapted in different spheres of business. An agile business is an iterative and incremental approach of running an organization with a continuous delivery approach. By using agile methodologies in business, the client’s needs are taken care of during the whole cycle so that the business results are provided right from the launch of the project.


“Agile methods derive much of their agility by relying on the tacit knowledge embodied in the team, rather than writing the knowledge down in plans.” - Barry Boehm


The constant planning and feedback process integration in the Agile project management process results in low risk, high return of investment, and better quality. Reap the benefits of successful projects by downloading our ready-made Top 10 Agile Google Slides Templates For A Winning Business Team. SlideTeam professionals have designed these editable complete decks that are Google slides compatible to ease your work. 


Let’s get started!


Top 10 Agile Google Slides Templates To Download


Template 1


Agile Portfolio ManagementDownload Agile Portfolio Google Slides Template


Explain the strategic planning and assessment process with the help of this pre-designed Agile PowerPoint complete deck. By incorporating this editable Google slides compatible template, you can effectively illustrate the agile portfolio framework. Comprising 11 slides of comprehensively researched templates, you can easily discuss the project roadmap to be adopted for achieving desired results.


Template 2


Agile Marketing ApproachDownload Agile Marketing Approach Google Slides Template


Highlight the marketing techniques of the agile approach by incorporating our stunning ready-made agile PowerPoint template. Download this Google slides compatible, complete deck to showcase the marketing value and the role of the marketing team effectively. You can employ this visually appealing template to illustrate the marketing process using agile methodology to your teammates.


Template 3


Agile Market ManagementDownload Agile Market Management Google Slides Template


Illustrate the tactical marketing approach for achieving new heights by incorporating our professionally designed agile PowerPoint template. By utilizing this editable Google slides adaptable template, professionals can elucidate the value proposition and the various factors related to it. 


Template 4


Agile MarketingDownload Agile Marketing Google Slides Template


Provide a quick, agile marketing outline most impressively by introducing our pre-designed agile PowerPoint complete deck. You can efficiently showcase the marketing strategies to attract more clients by downloading our Google Slides adaptable template. Illustrate the entire agile marketing process with the help of our amazingly designed complete deck.


Template 5


Agile Marketing ProcessDownload Agile Marketing Process Google Slides Template


Give an overview of the marketing techniques by downloading our customizable agile PowerPoint complete deck. You can effectively illustrate the role of the marketing team by utilizing our stunning Google slides adaptable template. You can also elucidate the meeting schedules by downloading our pre-built PowerPoint template.


Template 6


Agile Marketing MethodologyDownload Agile Marketing Methodology Google Slides Template


Elucidate the agile marketing values with the help of our ready-made PowerPoint template. You can discuss the role of the marketing team by employing our Google slides adaptable template. Communicating the roadmap and tasks to employees can be effectively done by introducing our customizable PowerPoint template.


Template 7


Agile SalesDownload Agile Sales Google Slides Template


Showcase the outline of agile sales by employing our editable PowerPoint template. You can effectively illustrate the complete process of agile sales methods by downloading our Google slides compatible template. 


Template 8


Agile MethodologyDownload Agile Methodology Google Slides Template


Agile methodology can be explained in detail by downloading this attention-grabbing agile Powerpoint template. The different phases can be discussed effectively with the help of this editable Google slides compatible template.


Template 9


Agile DeliveryDownload Agile Delivery Google Slides Template


Take advantage of our pre-designed agile PowerPoint template to explain the agile delivery process to your colleagues. Discuss the challenges and the solution using our Google slides adaptable templates. Give insight into the research by displaying the survey and prove your expertise in the niche.


Template 10


Agile PlanningDownload Agile Planning Google Slides Template


Show the comparative study of the agile and waterfall model by incorporating our professionally designed agile PowerPoint complete deck. You can also elucidate the agile team structure by utilizing our customizable agile Google slides PowerPoint template.


Make your enterprise agile compatible and amplify your chances of increasing revenue by downloading our editable Top 10 Agile Google Slides Templates. Using these professionally designed PowerPoint templates, you can improve your productivity to leaps and bounds. 

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