The first and the last interaction of an employee with the organization speaks volumes about the core values and beliefs of the company. The human resource (HR) department is the medium for these interactions, bringing employees and business success together. 


Factor in the pandemic effect, the responsibilities of HR personnel in an organization have taken center stage. With the transition from traditional to remote working setup amid economic and job uncertainty, HR executives are swamped with work. 


So to lessen their workload, here are some PowerPoint templates out of SlideTeam’s cherry-picked collection that will ensure that the HR department addresses crucial activities impeccably. 


Let us walk you through.


  • Recruitment and onboarding process of employees


From finding and connecting with a suitable candidate to conducting an interview, HR executives assist the employees in the complete selection process. After the appointment, HR is responsible for a hassle-free onboarding process so that the new employee adapts to the company culture. A smooth recruitment process enables employee retention.

Template 1

HR Induction


Download HR Induction Template


HR professionals can incorporate this well-researched template to present highlights of the company to the employees. The high-quality illustrations instantly grab the attention of the viewers. So, explore our content-ready Hr Induction ppt to showcase the company’s policies & procedures to new employees.

Template 2

Recruiting Process


Download Recruiting Process Template


Give a brief introduction about the company, key management, and services your enterprise offers using this content-ready HR recruitment complete deck. Explain the job role and responsibilities to the employees by downloading this high-quality template. 

Template 3

Recruitment Planning


Download Recruitment Planning Template


Illustrate the recruitment process, current vacancies, and job descriptions in detail by incorporating this well-researched HR template. You can also mention the recruitment sources using this versatile template. 

Template 4

Recruitment And Onboarding Process


Download Recruitment And Onboarding Template


Discuss the complete onboarding process along with document verification steps by incorporating this attention-grabbing PowerPoint template. HR managers can also illustrate the employee lifecycle process using this complete deck.


  • Employee training and development


Performance management is a crucial role played by the HR department. Training and development programs help employees fill in their skill gaps and promote career development. Conducting team-building activities also boosts their confidence, releases work-related stress, and increases productivity.

Template 1

Employee Training Roadmap


Download Employee Training Roadmap Template


Explain the interactive learning roadmap and its phases by introducing this HR template. This contemporary complete deck can be useful in apprising the employee of the various knowledge programs the company offers.

Template 2

3 Stage Training


Download 3 Stage Training Template


Highlight the training and development program for the new employees with the help of this interactive HR template. You can conduct training on topics such as root cause analysis, sales, and communication skills efficiently by employing this complete deck. 

Template 3

Enterprise Cyber Security Awareness Employees Training


Download Enterprise Cyber Security Awareness Employees Training Template


Present the current cybersecurity challenges faced by the organization and the measures taken to tackle them in an elaborate manner by introducing this template. HR professionals can utilize this template to educate employees and help them in developing the required skillset.

Template 4

Employee Development


Download Employee Development Template


Discuss the benefits of your company’s employee development programs by incorporating this striking PPT template. HR professionals can showcase the employee development methods and their suitability by utilizing this complete deck.


  • Workforce management


HR professionals deal with all the concerns of the employees within the organization. All the documentation related to the company’s finance and policies is in the ambit of the HR department, ensuring no data discrepancy. Other duties under workforce management include compensation and benefits to which an employee is entitled.

Template 1

Workforce Management


Download Workforce Management Template


Illustrate the process of workforce management to the employees of an organization by introducing this pre-designed HR template. Highlight the desired characteristics of the human capital and the current workforce gap analysis in detail by downloading this complete deck.

Template 2

Workforce Management Plan


Download Workforce Management Plan Template


Emphasize the key elements of the workforce management plan and the steps for its smooth execution with the help of this comprehensively researched HR template. Using this PowerPoint complete deck, the workforce plan framework can be showcased in the board meetings and conferences.

Template 3

Organisation Workforce Planning


Download Organisation Workforce Planning Template


Develop a comprehensive human resource management plan for your organization by introducing this well-researched PowerPoint complete deck. Comprising 27 editable slides, this HR template covers various topics and is a must to showcase your expertise.

Template 4
Workforce Trends In Human Resource Management

Download Workforce Trends In Human Resource Management Template


You can elucidate the types of workforce planning and their key features using this pre-designed HR template. Additionally, the steps of gap-closing strategies can also be showcased by introducing this PowerPoint complete deck.


  • Conflict resolution and legal compliance


Addressing employee conflict is one of the key challenges for those managing a company’s human capital. Ensuring a peaceful resolution promotes a healthy work culture. Besides, legal and regulatory compliance is also under the purview of the HR department.

Template 1
Conflict Resolution At Workplace

Download Conflict Resolution At Workplace Template


Give a brief of the current workplace conflicts and their statistics in the organization using this stunning template. Address the issues, impact, and possible solutions with the parties concerned using this pre-built complete deck.

Template 2

Conflict And Resolution


Download Conflict And Resolution Template


Highlight the challenges faced by the employees and their possible resolutions to maintain a productive environment at the workplace using this HR template. As this PPT complete deck is completely editable, you can modify the content as per the requirements.

Template 3

Effective Conflict Management At Workplace


Download Effective Conflict Management At Workplace Template


Present a department-wise report of conflicts and their solutions by employing this HR template. You can also use this complete deck for a better understanding of the grievance redressal process.


  • Smooth business communication


HR executives help in smooth communication between the different departments and teams so that the business functions correctly. Good communication minimizes the risk of conflicts, encourages better collaboration, and enhances employee engagement.

Template 1

Role Of HR In Organizational Design


Download Role Of HR In Organizational Design Template


Give a brief overview of the company and roles and responsibilities with the help of our pre-built HR template. The HR department can utilize this complete deck to explain the onboarding process to the new employees and facilitate smooth communication between different teams. 

Template 2

The Role Of HR


Download The Role Of HR Template


Highlight the roles and responsibilities of HR by employing this PowerPoint complete deck. Download this HR template to elucidate the step-wise process of curating a successful employee engagement strategy so that the possibility of miscommunication is avoided.

Template 3

HR Strategies


Download HR Strategies Templates


Discuss the employee journey with new joiners using this HR template. Comprising 34 pre-designed PPT slides, this complete deck is customizable and can be modified as per the business needs.

Template 4
Communication And Collaboration

Download Communication And Collaboration Template


HR executives can effectively demonstrate the elements of successful team collaboration and communication by employing this professionally designed complete deck. Moreover, they can showcase the various strategies which can be implemented for smooth collaboration using our pre-designed HR templates.

Template 5

Communication Strategy Plan


Download Communication Strategy Plan Template


Showcase the importance of a strong communication plan within the organization by downloading our content-ready HR templates. The communication strategy to achieve the company's goals and objectives can also be discussed by downloading this PPT complete deck.


Given how documentation and visual content are an ever-growing necessity for HR executives and managers, it makes sense to have flexible tools of communication at their disposal. Our collection of content-ready HR templates is the one-stop solution for optimizing the tricky process of personnel management. So just download these templates, tweak the desired information, and you are all set to highlight your management skills. 

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