Brand – includes developing a promise, making the promise and maintaining that promise.


Your brand is a promise to your customers. It is the sum total of the experience and knowledge they get from your product. Your brand is a living identity that helps your business flourish.


Creating a brand is not enough. As your business grows, succeeds and changes, your brand must be capable of adapting to these changes. This is why, we have created the below-shown branding and brand management PowerPoint Slides so that you develop a powerful strategy to make your brand relevant in the market.


These professionally designed PowerPoint slides will let you influence your target market and build relations with customers and partners.


So, to assist you with the basic tools of brand management, we equip you with these predeveloped branding and brand management PowerPoint templates to manage and maintain your brand.


Brand Management PowerPoint Presentation Slides-1


Brand Management PowerPoint Slide

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The above-shown PowerPoint slide is a perfect tool to represent your brand, plan and its strategy. This is a complete deck including 63 slides in it which can be used by the marketing team to explain the details of brand management. Showcase the techniques to increase the perceived value of a product. Develop a long term plan for the successful development of the brand. One can incorporate these slides to improve the performance of your brand.


Brand Management PPT Summary-2


Brand Management PPT Summary

Incorporate this Readymade Brand Management PowerPoint Slide


This brand management PowerPoint slide will help you maintain the brand value of your product. To convert prospects into your consumers, you must increase your brand value and this can be easily done using this professionally designed PowerPoint slide. Demonstrate the four major factors or elements that will attract customers towards your brand and will generate high revenue.


Strategic Brand Development Marketing And Management Process PowerPoint Presentation With Slides-3


Strategic Brand Development PPT Template

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This predeveloped 58 slides strategic brand development PowerPoint deck will help you in strengthening your brand. This is a complete deck that has all the essential slides beginning from what is brand, brand equity, branding approach, target market, market size, market trends, competitive analysis. This amazingly designed PowerPoint template will let you make plans for maintaining the quality and consumer trust of a brand. The entire process of brand development can also be showcased using this readymade PowerPoint template.


Brand Management Strategy PowerPoint Slide-4


Brand Management Strategy PPT Template

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This readily available brand management strategy PowerPoint template has been designed by our professionals to showcase the strategies framed for brand management. Devise various tactics and strategies including the marketing program investment, customer mindset, market performance and shareholders value. This template will enable you to throw light on the importance of framing a perfect strategy for product promotion.


Branding PowerPoint Presentation Slides-5


Branding PowerPoint Template

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Highlight various aspects of branding easily using this readily available branding PowerPoint slide. This is a complete deck consisting of 75 slides and templates that can be used to showcase your business focus, need for the new product, strategic brand positioning, brand development, brand positioning, brand communication, etc. If you are planning to deliver a presentation on company branding, brand awareness, and other branding topics, then this template will serve all such purposes.


Brand Emotion PowerPoint Shapes-6


Brand Emotion PowerPoint Slide

Download this Professionally Curated Brand Emotion PowerPoint Layout


This brand emotion PowerPoint template can be used to build a relationship between a consumer and a product. This amazingly designed PowerPoint slide can be used to create content that appeals to the consumer emotional needs and feelings. These days people make decisions based on their emotional feelings. Evoke their emotions taking the advantage of this brand emotion PowerPoint Layout.


Branding Vision The Touch PPT Icons Graphics-7


Branding Vision PowerPoint Template

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Showcase the ideas behind your brand and your vision for the future. Highlighting the brand vision using this amazingly designed PowerPoint slide will support your business strategy and will differentiate your brand from competitors. Present the 4 major components of your brand vision using this predesigned brand vision PowerPoint slide.


Brand Communication PowerPoint Presentation Slides-8


Brand Communication PowerPoint Template

Incorporate this Brand Communication PowerPoint Slide


Brand communication is an important part and tool of brand management. This predeveloped PowerPoint template will help you inform and persuade the stakeholders about the brand and its fundamentals. This PPT slide will also help you elucidate your brand communication strategy. Add your company’s name in the text place holder and remind the consumers of your brand using this predeveloped PowerPoint slide show.


Brand Positioning PowerPoint Presentation Slides-9


Brand Positioning PPT Template

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One of the most important parts of the marketing plan is brand positioning. Devise strategies to create a memorable impression of your brand in the minds of your customers and present the developed strategies taking the assistance of this brand positioning PowerPoint slide. This is a complete deck consisting of 36 slides including the positioning strategy, brand positioning framework, brand worksheet, segmentation and targeting, and other slides related to brand positioning that can be used to make a distinct place of your brand in the minds of the customers.


Company Branding PowerPoint Presentation Slides-10


Company Branding PowerPoint Slide

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Create a positive perception of your company’s brand and showcase the unique identity of your product with this company branding PowerPoint template. Our designers at SlideTeam have curated this set of layouts like positioning strategy, brand positioning, brand positioning framework and model. Building a brand helps you create trust with your target consumers and this can be done using this creative PowerPoint slide design. Create an impressive presentation that can streamline your branding process by incorporating the above-shown template.


Strategic Brand Development Plan PowerPoint Presentation Slides-11


Strategic Brand Development PPT Template

Download this Strategic Brand Development PowerPoint Template


Increase your company’s growth by boosting up your brand using this strategic brand development plan PowerPoint slide design. This is a complete deck consisting of 80 slides that will assist you in creating a strategic plan for developing your brand. The slide can be incorporated to present the entire experience your prospects will have with your company. This will help you define what you stand for, what promises you make, and the personality you convey. It can be used for brand licensing, brand awareness, brand promotion, and brand selling.


Brand Development Process PowerPoint Presentation Slides-12


Brand Development Process PPT Template

Download this Brand Development Process PowerPoint Slide


Talk about the steps involved in the branding process using this brand development process PowerPoint template. The above shown PowerPoint template will help in building brand equity in the consumer’s mind. This template will help you in creating brand awareness amongst the people you want. This is a complete deck consisting of 80 slides which will assist you in showing everything related to your brand including what a brand is, branding approach, understanding the target market, different segmentation, success factors, etc.


Brand Essence Pyramid PowerPoint Guide-13


Brand Essence Pyramid PPT Slide

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Highlight the intangible attributes of your brand with this brand essence pyramid PowerPoint template. The above-shown slide showcases a pyramid that focuses on the different characteristics of a brand. Guide your staff members how they can take the assistance of this readymade PPT template to showcase the rational and the emotional appeal for popularizing their brand. This slide can be used by the managers, marketers and sales personnel for creating a long-lasting impression in the minds of the customers.


Brand Essence Circle Sample Of PPT-14


Brand Essence Sample PPT Layout

Incorporate this Brand Essence Circle PPT Slide


Incorporate the slide to highlight the core characteristics of your brand. The PowerPoint template will help you make a distinctive position in the competitive market. Depict various approaches that can help in maximizing the brand’s value. Consultants, marketers and managers can take the assistance of this readymade PowerPoint template to make the audience aware about the basic elements of brand essence and brand positioning. Help people in identifying the unique components of the brand using this template.


Brand Essence Chart Example Of PPT-15


Brand Essence Chart PPT Template

Download this Brand Essence Chart PowerPoint Slide


Talk about the benefits, values and experience that customers will get by making use of your brand. Showcase how the attributes of your brand are different from that of your competitors. Discuss the components of brand positioning matrix and develop a strong relationship between the brand promise and brand experience. Employ this PPT layout to educate the colleagues about the essential methodologies of product positioning.


Brand Essence Model PowerPoint Graphics-16


Brand Essence Model PowerPoint Graphic

Download this Brand Essence Model PowerPoint Template


Incorporate this brand essence wheel PowerPoint template to showcase the rational and the emotional benefits that one can avail from your product or brand. Emphasize on the core brand strategy using this predeveloped PowerPoint slide show. Depict the core characteristics that defines your brand and separates your brand from that of your competitors. Present five unique features of your product or brand using this creatively designed brand essence PowerPoint slide design.


Brand Elements PowerPoint Slide-17


Brand Elements PowerPoint Template

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Every brand has various elements that include its brand name, logo, slogan, tagline, colour pattern, characters, etc. You can use this predeveloped template to showcase all such elements of your brand. This will help you in creating a strong brand identity and create brand awareness. This template can be customized as per the requirements of your brand.


Brand Promotion PowerPoint Presentation Slides-18


Brand Promotion PowerPoint Slide

Download this Brand Promotion PowerPoint Template


The above-shown template is a complete deck of 26 slides to assist you in increasing the brand awareness, creating interest, and for generating sales and revenue from your brand. The template consists of various internal and external promotion channels that can be used to increase the reach of your brand. Make marketing professionals aware of promotion channels such as earned media, owned media, paid media, etc.


Business Plan For Branding PowerPoint Presentation Slides-19


Business Plan for Branding PPT Template

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An effective business plan will help you position your brand with ease. Communicate your brand mission statement, brand identity, brand vision, and many more things to the stakeholders. Create an accurate budget plan for branding and for promoting your brand using this PowerPoint slide show. Conduct a comparative analysis of your brand and its attributes with your competitors brand with a predeveloped side in this deck. This complete deck consists of 75 slides and includes almost all the topics that will assist you in formulating plans for your brand.


Effective Brand Communication PowerPoint Templates-20


Effective Brand Communication PPT Template

Download this Effective Brand Communication PowerPoint Template


This engaging content ready PowerPoint template makes consumer aware of your offer. The slide can be used for showcasing the importance and objectives of brand communication. The value of the brand increases or decreases by its communication and this slide is a perfect tool for communicating the effectiveness of your brand.


Business Branding PowerPoint Presentation Slides-21


Business Branding PowerPoint Template

Incorporate this Business Branding PowerPoint Slide


This beautifully designed PowerPoint slide design will help you create a long term plan for the development of successful product. We have curated a complete deck consisting of 32 slides for your brand promotion. Acquaint your team members with the promotional tools and channels that will help you reach your customers. Create a report on the overall cost of customer acquisition using this predesigned PowerPoint slide design.


Brand Evolution Presentation Outline-22


Brand Evolution PowerPoint Slide

Incorporate this Brand Evolution PowerPoint Slide Show


This brand evolution PowerPoint presentation slide consists of 6 stages including existing brand, extension brand promotion, product launch, product development, etc. This PowerPoint layout is a perfect tool to give proper descriptions of your product and will help you in boosting your marketing strategies, brand equity and the quality of the product.


Brand Value PPT Infographics-23


Brand Value PPT Template

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This PPT slide is a perfect tool to depict the value of your brand that is perceived by the customers. You can also showcase various factors that affects your brand value like advertising message, market research, market share, competitiveness. Talk about how much people are aware of your brand and are associated with the product.


Brand Quality PowerPoint Show-24


Brand Quality PowerPoint Slide

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Determine the quality of your brand and compute the difference between the perceived and actual brand quality. This slide design can be used by the top managers, decision-makers, and quality managers who are responsible for maintaining the quality standards of your brand. Specify some reasons why the consumers should buy your brand. Mention your product price and showcase how your brand is different from others.


Brand Awareness Presentation Visuals-25


Brand Awareness PPT Graphic

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Help customers recall your brand taking the assistance of this readymade brand awareness PowerPoint slide show. Present the five stages of brand awareness and showcase to which extent the consumers are aware of your brand. This pyramid is a framework to answer all the questions related to the brand.


So, choose from the above-shown branding and brand management PowerPoint templates and create a unique identity of your brand.