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Top 10 Procurement Dashboards Templates with Samples and Examples

Top 10 Procurement Dashboards Templates with Samples and Examples

Sapna Singh

Sapna Singh

October 4 2022

Procurement has been a crucial, transactional aspect of business operations since time immemorial. The practice of selecting and paying for goods and services needed for daily business operations, after significant research of the marketplace, remains as important as ever. Procurement considers the entire transaction, not just the price, in contrast to purchasing (immediate daily price transactions between sellers and buyers).


Most companies spend between 40% and 70% of revenue on purchases from outside vendors and procurement can reduce costs anywhere between 5% and 11%. A company that finds the best deals on supplies, most of the time, will see an improved bottom line within months.


We’ve come a long way from the days when scribes wrote down purchases on papyrus scrolls. Today’s processes for procurement planning are intelligent, strategic, streamlined, and automated. PROCUREMENT DASHBOARD is one such tool.


What is a Procurement Dashboard?


A procurement dashboard makes it possible for purchasing managers of businesses to monitor, assess, and optimize every acquisition process with unparalleled efficiency.


This blog delves into procurement, a function that has the status of a division in the majority of businesses. Procurement is a business unit for service providers as well as manufacturers of goods and products, collaborating with independent contractors, agencies, etc.


Learn the strategic value of creating a purchase order cycle time dashboard by gathering relevant data under one interactive umbrella with the aid of SlideTeam’s best-in-class PPT Presentation Templates. With the help of these Top 10 Procurement Dashboards Templates, you get a breakdown of your department’s spending in intelligent ways. This will help you save time and arrive at impactful, incisive insights.


These handpicked PPTs act as a crucial business tool for obtaining an overview and summary of procurement cost data in a visual format. With the help of these dashboard templates, you will be able to evaluate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that affect you and base your decisions on facts.


Drill-down and explore detail-oriented information to get a quick overview of your management performance.



Template 1: Procurement Dashboard PPT Template

An effective technique, structured methods, and means are necessary to streamline an organization’s procurement process and achieve results. The use of this one-of-a-kind procurement dashboard PPT Template is guaranteed to help you get better business results. Professionals can assess and improve a company’s procedures using these data dashboards for procurement.  Use KPIs enumerated in this presentation template for purchasing such as costing, defect rates and compliance rates. With the right graphics, images, and structure as a statistical summary, comparisons will be simpler. Use this template to share your opinion during expert discussion meetings.


Procurement Dashboard Template


Download now!


Template 2: Cost Savings Dashboard in Procurement Planning

It is never an easy process to save some money in procurement. Get an overview of savings performance in procurement management using our well-researched PPT Template. This presentation template provides a clear picture of organization’s procurement costs, its historical trends, the performance of each supplier, and costs of specific items. It will be useful in managing these costs and the associated supply chain. Install this pre-built dashboard to provide your purchasing department with an overview of products whose price might have changed. Use this cost-savings presentation template to deliver a credible and persuasive presentation. Use our graphics, images, icons, and other presentation elements. It can be used to research and present data in the form of stats, figures, data charts, and other formats. To get complete, granular visibility as you manage each project from planning to realization, download this template now!


Cost Savings Dashboard


Download now!


Template 3: Procurement KPI Dashboard for Tracking Supplier PPT

You can optimize every acquisition procedure within your company with the help of these slides on procurement KPIs. A summary of the metrics that any procurement department uses is the USP of this template, Invoice count, due dates, categorization of spends by supplier payment terms; by entity; by category, and by country are just a few of the KPIs. Working with this interactive dashboard will not only help manage the department but will also help build its brand. These dashboards are an asset for strategists and decision-makers in top management. Use this dashboard to improve your procurement process and improve profitability. This slide enables you to gain advantages; from automating your procurement reports to producing stunning interactive visuals, we have all bases covered. Download it now for a deep dive into procurement.


Procurement KPI Dashboard for Tracking Supplier Strategy Impact


Download now!


Template 4: Procurement KPI Dashboard Total Spend Analysis PPT

Spend analysis is the practise of examining purchasing expenses to reduce costs, increase productivity or fortify supplier relationships. During the procurement process, use this expert dashboard template to improve performance. The analysis of money spent it offers helps you save cost, improve contract compliance. This editable diagram will act as a yardstick for assessing advancements and a reliable source for choosing strategies (both short-term and long-term). This PowerPoint Presentation Template is simple to edit. Download it now to analyze costs!


Procurement KPI Dashboard Total Spend Analysis


Download now!


Template 5: Procurement Contracts Status Dashboard PPT

When managing multiple contracts and dealing with multiple vendors, effective mapping is required to expedite contract approval and improve vendor relations. Use our risk assessment dashboard that displays the status of procurement contracts to determine which vendors deliver the best results and prioritize contracts. This presentation template is simple to customize and does away with the need for manual contract evaluation. Lower the risk of below par use of resources with their allocation to unprofitable deals with the download of this presentation template now!


Risk Assessment Dashboard showing Procurement Contracts Status


Download now!


Template 6: Procurement Purchase Orders and Cost Reduction Dashboard

Use our best-in-class PPT Template to simplify purchase order process. Purchase orders between the department, its suppliers, and its vendors are the main focus of this dashboard for procurement analysis. With this presentation template, take the roomful of your audience through top-five suppliers, procurement ROI, etc. Download it now!


Procurement Purchase Orders and Cost Reduction


Download now!


Template 7: Supply Chain Management KPI Dashboard PPT

The foundation of any modern business is the supply chain, an ever-changing ecosystem that ensures that products or services are delivered from a supplier to a client or customer in the most efficient manner. Make use of this painstakingly crafted PPT Template to keep track of and improve relevant supply chain KPIs and metrics. You can establish trustworthy benchmarks as well with the keying-in of your own data. The right KPIs were used in the slide to increase your company’s productivity, intelligence, and profitability. Your stand on the three key phases of procurement operations can also be showcased. Explore the supply chain metrics to see what success looks like.


Supply Chain Management KPI Dashboard Showing Cost


Download now!


Template 8: Procurement Volumes and Purchasing Turnover Dashboard PPT

Maintain a record of business KPIs and use business intelligence to assist in making data-driven decisions. Use our Custom Dashboard Templates on procurement volumes, purchasing turnover, and supplier use to track your strategic suppliers. Use this presentation template to summarise your company’s flow of the procurement process. Download now!


Procurement Volumes and Purchasing Turnover Dashboard


Download now!


Template 9: Procurement Suppliers Compliance Dashboard

Tracking your suppliers’ defect rates and break these down into defect types to gain insights on which supplier needs to improve in which area. The download of this presentation template also offers you the capability to benchmark suppliers.


Procurement Suppliers Compliance Dashboard


Download now!


Template 10: Engineering Procurement and Construction KPI Dashboard

Use this PPT Template to comprehend phase-based cost and schedule KPIs, as well as suitable mitigating strategies, to enhance construction performance during Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Phases and conserve resources. This presentation template will give you identify your blind spots. Outsource the tedium to us with a download of this PPT Template, and focus on delivering that flawless, magical presentation. This KPI dashboard helps construction companies forecast costs and schedules for projects with far more precision and conviction. Download now.


Engineering, Procurement & Construction KPI Dashboard


Download now!


Data Speak! Streamline your Procurement Process Flow


Peter Drucker, the well-known and influential management theorists, once said, “What gets measured, gets managed,” so it is essential to track the right variables. Keeping track of all the data that is present during the procurement process is not easy. Use our customizable dashboards to track orders and expenses, carry out tasks, and make informed purchasing decisions. These procurement dashboards are becoming increased popular as the team keeps track of all crucial information from maintaining and recording each bill, contract, and/or invoice connected to the purchase of raw materials or services. Employ our exclusive SlideTeam Templates to condense large amounts of data into fact-based, useful information that supports decision-making wherever you are.


PS: Check out our collection of supplier performance dashboard to get better control over the market and competition.




What are the KPIs for procurement?


An organization’s procurement management efficiency is assessed and tracked using procurement KPIs, a type of performance measurement tool. It is true that, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” Therefore, it is crucial to gauge a procurement process’ effectiveness. Following are some crucial procurement KPIs:


a) Compliance rate: Compliance with contracts and policies are essential to ensuring legal security and efficient business operations. If compliance rates fall, confusion and chaos result and the entire procurement process is undermined. Check out this PPT to get more insight.


b) Supplier defect rate: Supplier quality is assessed using the supplier defect rate. Measuring supplier defect rates and segmenting the data on defect types provides data on a supplier’s reliability.


c) Cost per invoice and PO: You can determine whether your suppliers are delivering the right goods at the right time in accordance with the purchase orders by monitoring this metric across buyer segments and supply categories. Low purchase order accuracy can have an impact on operational costs.


d) Procurement ROI and benefits: This KPI is used for internal analysis to assess the performance of the procurement department. It evaluates how effective and economical your team’s investments are.


What is ROI in procurement?


Return On Investment (ROI) is calculated by contrasting department costs with the savings it produces for the organization, both financially and operationally. It’s critical to evaluate these in the correct manner because the benefits of proper procurement far exceed the results of the general equation. It is different from traditional ROI that is calculated based solely on revenue. Purchase managers can identify the situation and create a roadmap to improve performance with a calculation of the procurement ROI. Measurement of this leads to cost-cutting strategies and the redirection of procurement budgets.


What are the seven stages of procurement?


The last stage of a purchase is referred to as ‘procurement’, with seven major steps adding up to the process. Each of these procedures must be carried out well for achievement of procurement goals. The stages are:


i. Creating requisitions,


ii. Authorization request.


iii. Seeking out suppliers.


iv. Conclude the Purchase Order.


v. Invoice and payment receipt.


vi. Delivery and audit of the order.


vii. Keeping an exhaustive and accurate record of each and every invoice.


Bring your ideas to table. Get the stages of procurement process on your fingertips to step in the masters’ zone in managing procurement operations.

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