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Top 10 Market Trend Analysis Templates For Crafting A Successful Business Strategy

Top 10 Market Trend Analysis Templates For Crafting A Successful Business Strategy

Malvika Varma

June 9, 2021

With the evolution of technologies, a massive amount of data is generated, which can be used judiciously to craft a power-packed business strategy. To nail the business targets and ensure continuous improvement, data analysis for predicting the upcoming events can be the key to success.


But how do you figure out the next big craze in your industry? How do you exploit the opportunity to outsmart your competitors?


Market trend analysis can help you out. Let us dig a little deeper.


What is a market trend analysis?


A trend is a factor that influences the market where the business operates. It is a pattern that displays an assumed overall flow of the market. A market trend analysis is a technique of gathering insights by studying the statistical data and past market behavior over a stipulated time to predict business plans. It involves identifying the trend or dominant trait of the market and consumers.


Smart marketers are clear about which approach they must adopt to achieve the desired outcomes and alter the strategies accordingly to boost the business. They recognize the fall or rise in consumer engagement so that the company can react accordingly, take advantage of the upcoming opportunity, or prepare for the threat to mitigate damages. 


Market trend analysis criteria


Being a subcategory of PESTEL Analysis which includes the Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental, and Legal aspects of the market, trend analysis identifies the following traits:


  • Industry evolution: Professionals can track innovation in the industry to stay competitive and change project objectives accordingly.
  • Industry cost drivers: A thorough market trend analysis constantly helps determine inexpensive alternatives which prove beneficial for the business.
  • Customer behavior and need: For higher likeability by consumers and higher return of interest, behavior shifts and changes in demand can be critically monitored by marketers using trend analysis. 
  • Perception value of a customer: The perceived value of a product or service by a customer can change due to factors such as similar services offered by competitors, which can be analyzed by investigating market trends.


Top 10 templates to download


Keeping up with the market trends helps the company grow with the momentum of change in technology, consumer demands, or other such factors. To help you in this process, SlideTeam has curated the top 10 market trend analysis templates which enable you to showcase your findings and build a promising business plan. Marketers can download these customizable templates to understand the market curve and take key decisions like launching a product accordingly. So grab these contemporary market trend analysis templates now!

Template 1

Market Trend Analysis


Download Market Trend Analysis Template


Have a comparative study of different brands and provide meaningful insights by downloading this market trend analysis template. Using this complete deck, marketers can suggest ways to tap the customers’ needs and alter the business plan accordingly.

Template 2

Market Trends Analysis Template


Download Market Trends Analysis Template


Managers can discuss the market landscape in detail by incorporating this attention-grabbing template. With the help of this template, marketing professionals can showcase the brand strategies which have shown remarkable results and improve on the existing marketing plan.

Template 3

Market Analysis


Download Market Analysis Template


Discuss the market waves, customer perspective, and other critical business factors by introducing this content-ready market analysis template. As this complete deck is customizable, you can modify it as per the business requirement.

Template 4

Market Analysis For New Product


Download Market Analysis For New Product Template


Elucidate the market landscape interestingly by employing this complete deck. Using this market analysis template, managers can highlight the proposed marketing strategies for a productive brainstorming session. 

Template 5

Market Potential Analysis


Download Market Potential Analysis Template


Conduct an in-depth industry analysis by utilizing our comprehensively-researched market template. The team managers can also discuss important topics such as market segmentation with the help of this illustrative template.

Template 6

Market Trends


Download Market Trends Template


Highlight your research findings and impress your clients by downloading our contemporary market trend analysis template. Demonstrate how trends can influence your marketing strategies by incorporating our professionally-designed PowerPoint template.

Template 7

Driving Trends


Download Driving Trends Template


Trends are constantly evolving and have a significant impact on the business. Emphasize the need for trend analysis for increasing the revenue by downloading this pre-designed marketing template.

Template 8

Market Trends Analysis


Download Market Trends Analysis Template


Competitive analysis helps in figuring out the optimized strategies for a business to flourish. Download our market trend analysis template to elucidate the pattern or traits of customer demands in various countries in past years and formulate a business strategy like a pro.

Template 9

Industry Trends


Download Industry Trends Template


Industry trends play a key role in making or breaking a business. Conduct a comprehensive study of factors affecting a shift in market behavior by incorporating this eye-catching industry trend analysis template.

Template 10

End Consumer Trends


Download End Consumer Trends Template


Present the brand loyalty pyramid, its measurement behavior, and its impact on market trends with our pre-built template. Download this template to highlight the relation between the consumer and market trend and take your business to new heights.


Market trend analysis is a powerful strategic tool that can prove to be a game-changer for the business in the long term. These data analysis templates can help in estimating the overall status of the company in the market. So download these content-ready market trend analysis templates to understand the market maturity and prove your skills.

To reap the rewards of in-depth industry research, explore our market opportunity analysis templates in this blog.

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